ChangesTwoBowie To Be Reissued On CD and Color LP

In 1981, RCA released the second collection featuring Bowie pieces to be an extension to the popular issue, ChangesOneBowie. The companion set, called ChangesTwoBowie would collect ten classics and gain a marketable progression for the David Bowie train. As an album, it sold well.

On April 13, Rhino and Parlophone will reissue the set using various remasters (see below).

This David Bowie reissue will be offered on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The vinyl LP will be released on both black and a separate blue vinyl edition.

ChangestwobowieDavid Bowie

01 – Aladdin Sane (2013 Remaster)
02 – Oh! You Pretty Things (2015 Remaster)
03 – Starman (2012 Remaster)
04 – 1984 (2016 Remaster)
05 – Ashes to Ashes (Single Version) [2017 Remaster]
06 – Sound and Vision (2017 Remaster)
07 – Fashion (Single Version) [2017 Remaster]
08 – Wild Is The Wind (2016 Remaster)
09 – John, I’m Only Dancing (Again) [2016 Remaster]
10 – D.J. (Single Version) [2017 Remaster]

YES Album, Fly From Here Remixed With New Vocals

Ever quick to erase a past, it would appear that the Howe-led version of YES (now that there’s two legitimate claims as YES), have remixed their 2011 album, Fly From Here. Fly From Here featured the vocals of then member, Benoit David. David has since left the band.

The announcement arrives that Fly From Here has been newly remixed with the purpose of replacing Benoit David’s vocals with new vocals from Trevor Horn, who performed with YES during the Drama period.

The newly remixed album will be made available to buyers (whomever they may be) on March 24 during the YES 50th Anniversary Fan Convention at the London Palladium. As a bonus, an additional track will be provided.

But color me surprised.


We Are Scientists To Deliver New Album, Megaplex

We Are Scientists, the quirky-named band with a rabid sense of humor but able to make a helluva song released their first album in 2002 as an independent issue, It was followed by three self-released EPs, all of which caught the attention of Virgin Records. That label issued Love & Squalor, which immediately endeared a legion of fans to the band. This album sold at a rapid pace. In time, We Are Scientists released four more studio sets for a total of six albums, each with their own new issuing label.

On April 27, We Are Scientists will release their next new set via PledgeMusic, and 100% Records as the distributing arrangement. The new album is called Megaplex and will provide ten new songs. One of the tracks from this album is “One In, One Out” (heard below).

Megaplex is planned for CD, DD, Cassette (red case), and limited edition white vinyl LP

MegaplexWe Are Scientists

01 – One In, One Out
02 – Notes In A Bottle
03 – Heart Is A Weapon
04 – Your Light Has Changed
05 – KIT
06 – No Wait At Five Leaves
07 – Not Another Word
08 – Now or Never
09 – You Failed
10 – Properties of Perception

Discoveries: Trevor Sensor

While I recognize that my musical tastes are extreme and all over the map, I’m still lucky enough to enjoy many old (and new) classics that pass over to you easily enough. But I would be remiss if I didn’t pass along something that stays in my head some months after release, and to introduce the artist that creates that excitement. This particular song is “Andy Warhol’s Dream”. The artist is Trevor Sensor.

As in days and decades past, once a label produces consistent likable talent, you come to watch out for their releases if only to sample what they’re interested in at the moment. One such label these days is Jagjaguwar. Last year, they released a Trevor Sensor debut album, also called Andy Warhol’s Dream. This album is a dreamy folk-based collection of tunes that has been likened to Woody Guthrie (although more Arlo, to me), early Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Sufjan Stevens, and – I suppose – some Bon Iver, He was born in Sterling, Illinois, which gives a bit of a midwest intrigue with other places like NYC.

The song, “Andy Warhol’s Dream” (heard below) easily reveals a strong Dylanesque voice (No? Then listen to “Nothing Is Fair“), if not a tad more unique and reminiscent of another artist who’s name eludes me (Help?). His lyrics explore like the lyrics of the ’60s, in ways more intense and pleading than anything U2 or Springsteen could conjure up these days.

Needless to say, I can’t escape the “Andy Warhol’s Dream” gem. And it compels me to hear more of his music, of which there are this debut album, and two previously released EPs (Texas Girls and Jesus Christ – 2016, Starved Nights of Saturday Stars – 2016).

I can only introduce you to Trevor Sensor. What you do after this is up to you. But Jagjaguwar got this one completely right!

’90s Gem Poster Children To Release First Album In 14 Years – Grand Bargain!

I often wonder at the reality that produces hot-selling bands, leaving some highly talented bands (generally with more talent dripping from their pores than many of the popular ones) to all too often deep obscurity. One of those bands are Poster Children.

A few bands have come from the breeding grounds of Champaign, primarily from the U of I. When Poster Children arrived back in the late eighties, they released an indie album, Flower Power (later reissued). But it wasn’t until their Daisychain Reaction that I became aware of this band from back home ( I lived a significant part of my young life in Illinois). With the clever “If You See Kay” classic, they provided a strong argument for notice! With their next album, Tool of The Man (1993), they enjoyed further attention with Sire Records signing them for several titles, after which Warner Brothers issued their RTFM in 1997.

On May 18, this underappreciated band known as Poster Children will release their new album, their first since No More Songs About Sleep and Fire from 2004. It will be called Grand Bargain! and will contain eleven new songs, The album will be made available on CD, DD,  Cassette, and vinyl LP. Grand Bargain! is generated by PledgeMusic as well as being released by Lotuspool Records.

Enjoy the first track from the new album, “Grand Bargain!” They STILL have it!

Cellist Serena Jost (Rasputina) To Release Third Solo Set, Up To The Sky

Decades back, an avant-garde electric cello choir trio by the name of Rasputina garnered some attention, enough to get the unusual band a contract with Columbia Records. Rasputina is the band name for Melora Creager, who has remained the force within Rasputina from inception, even today. Since formation, Rasputina has had more than a few members within its eclectic ranks. For the two Columbia albums (Thanks For The Ether – 1996, How We Quit The Forest – 1998), there was Melora, and Julia Kent, while two additional cellists filled in for each album. One of the original members -pre-album period- was an accomplished cellist by the name of Serena Jost.

As an original member of Rasputina before any album recordings by the band, she performed for 4AD band, Ultra Vivid Scene (as Rasputina) along with Melora and Julia on their Rev (1992) album.

Serena Jost released an album back in 2013. The album was called A Bird Will Sing, a follow-up to her 2008 set, Closer Than Far.

On April 6, a new album by Serena Jost will be released. It is called Up To The Sky, and will offer ten new tracks. Up To The Sky will be released on CD and DD formats by Second Kiss Records. For recording info, the album was recorded live inside St. Peter’s Church in Chelsea, NYC under the rafters with a spaced placement of eight microphones.

One of the tracks is a cover of a song by Molly Drake (“Happiness”), who is Nick Drake’s mother.

This is posted for fans of cello music by worthy musicians who are evocative and fresh. I find Serena Jost quite good. But I have been a fan of Rasputina since their beginnings.

John Prine To Release New Studio Album, The Tree Of Forgiveness

The history of John Prine is a long one. His beginnings are in the late ’60s as a folk/rock artist priming his stuff at the cool locations in Chicago. With the exception of the well-received Common Sense (1975), and his 2005 classic, Fair and Square (for which he won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album, his second), much of Prine was largely restricted to the adherents of the folk/rock style, and of those, the US market. In 1984, he started his own label, where he released the rest of his albums after his 1980 Asylum set, Storm Windows.

On April 13, John Prine will release his next album (his 16th studio album, and his first recordings since Fair and Square) on Oh Boy Records. It is calmingly called The Tree of Forgiveness. This new set will feature ten new songs, all self-written or co-authored with Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys), Pat McLaughlin, Roger Cooke, and Keith Sykes.

The first single out by Prine is the gorgeous “Summer’s End” (embedded below). It’s what we have long come to expect from the accomplished singer/songwriter so there are no surprises there, only a luxuriant feel of peace that well-delivered songs like “Summer’s End” can effect.

The Tree of Forgiveness will be released on CD, DD, and Limited Edition 180g-weight Translucent Green vinyl LP (with DD card included).

I can think of no better way to begin a new train of thought than with a new John Prine album.

The Tree of ForgivenessJohn Prine

01 – Knockin’ On Your Screen Door (John Prine/Pat McLaughlin)
02 – I Have Met My Love Today, ft. Brandi Carlile (John Prine/ Roger Cook)
03 – Egg & Daughter Nite, Lincoln Nebraska, 1967 (Crazy Bone)” (John Prine/Pat McLaughlin)
04 – Summer’s End (John Prine/Pat McLaughlin)
05 – Caravan of Fools(John Prine/Dan Auerbach/Pat McLaughlin)
06 – The Lonesome Friends of Science (John Prine)
07 – No Ordinary Blue (John Prine/Keith Sykes)
08 – Boundless Love (John Prine/Dan Auerbach/Pat McLaughlin)
09 – God Only Knows (John Prine/Phil Spector)
10 – When I Get to Heaven (John Prine)

John Prine will engage in a 44-date world tour that begins on April 11 in Woodstock, NY (Levon’s Place), and is planned to end on December 15 in Tucson, AZ (Fox Theatre). If you can, I’d recommend seeing him.

Kreator To Get Four ’90s-Era Albums In Remastered Deluxe CD, LP Sets

The early ’80s was a stage for heavy metal in its various forms. It’s when many Metal bands rose to prominence despite having been around for some years previous. Metal began to splinter into many styles, Thrash Metal being one of them. Within the ranks are Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, Testament, Anthrax, and Kreator, to name a few. With a style that began with Thrash, then merged Black Metal with Thrash, and back to Thrash again, Kreator has carved out a solid fan base with a strong menu of songs.

On March 2 and March 9, a total of four classic Kreator albums will be reissued complete with a collection of bonus tracks, brand new 2018 remastering, and special deluxe packaging for both CD and vinyl LP reissues.

March 2

Coma Of Souls (1990) – Kreator (Deluxe 2CD Mediabook, 3LP Triple Gatefold – Transparent Red Vinyl)

Bonus Tracks (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990):
01 – When The Sun Burns Red
02 – Betrayer
03 – Terrible Certainty
04 – Extreme Aggression
05 – Coma Of Souls
06 – People Of The Lie
07 – Choir Of The Damned
08 – The Pestilence
09 – Toxic Trace
10 – Drum Solo
11 – Terror Zone
12 – Pleasure To Kill
13 – Flag Of Hate
14 – Agents Of Brutality
15 – Riot of Violence
16 – Tormentor

Renewal (1992) – Kreator (Deluxe CD Mediabook, 2LP Gatefold – Tranparent Green Vinyl)

Bonus Tracks
01 – Winter Martyrium (Rare Version)
02 – Trauma
03 – Europe After The Rain (Remix)

March 9

Cause For Conflict (1995) – Kreator (Deluxe CD Mediabook, 2LP Gatefold – Blue Vinyl)

Bonus Tracks
01 – Suicide In Swamps
02 – Limits Of Liberty
03 – State Oppression

Outcast (1997) – Kreator (Deluxe 2CD Mediabook, 2LP Gatefold – Transparent Orange Vinyl)

Bonus Tracks (Live a Dynamo Open Air 1998)
01 – Intro : Dr. Wagner, Part 3
02 – Terror Zone
03 – Lost
04 – Leave This World Behind
05 – Phobia
06 – Black Sunrise
07 – Choir Of The Damned
08 – Pleasure To Kill
09 – Whatever If May Take
10 – Extreme Aggression
11 – Renewal


Rhino UK To Reissue Seven Classic Stranglers Titles With Bonus Tracks

One of the great post-punk-era bands, The Stranglers, were not only quite successful in the UK, but in contrast, never gained one.single.ounce. of respect in the US. Their only US charting was a weak one (Dreamtime – 1986), but that’s not to say they did not have US fans, I am one of those proud and envious ones. Envious of the accessibility in the UK, I had virtually no one in this side of the pond to chat up The Stranglers with.

Their story is a good one and should be researched for the value. During their run, they released seventeen studio albums. Their first album, Rattus Norvegicus was released in 1977. It had two hit singles (“(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)”, and the memorable “Peaches”. It was considered one of the great UK Punk albums, and is still highly revered. Of course, there isn’t a bad Stranglers album. So, here’s great news:

On March 2, Rhino UK will reissue seven Stranglers classics in a Classic Collection series release. Those will be as follows:

  • Rattus Norvegicus (1977)
  • No More Heroes (1977)
  • Black and White (1978)
  • Live ( X Cert) [1979]
  • The Raven (1979)
  • The Gospel According To The Meninblack (1981)
  • La folie (1981)

Each of these reissues will bring alongside the original album, a collection of rarities, B-sides, and non-album singles. I have no word if these are remastered tracks. But I hope they are.  Some of the tracks were previously issued in previous reissues.

Bonus tracks will include:

Rattus Norvegicus:
10. Choosey Susie
11. Peasant In The Big Shitty – Live
12. Go Buddy Go – Other Side Of “Peaches”
13. Peaches – Airplay Version
14. Grip ’89 – (Get A) GRIP (On Yourself)
15. Grip ’89 – Grippin’ Stuff Mix 12”

No More Heroes:
12. Straighten Out – B-side of “Something Better Change” single
13. In The Shadows – B-side of “No More Heroes” single
14. 5 Minutes – Single
15. Rok It To The Moon – B-side of “5 Minutes” single
16. No More Heroes – Edit

Black And White:
13. Shut Up – B side of Nice ‘N’ Sleazy
14. Walk On By
15. Mean To Me
16. Tits – Live
17. Old Codger – B-side “Walk On By”
18. Svergie
19. Walk On By – Single Edit

Live (X Cert):
13. Down In The Sewer
14. Something Better Change
15. Bring On The Nubiles
16. Bitching
17. Peaches
18. Nice ‘n’ Sleazy
19. Ugly
20. London Lady

The Raven:
12. Fools Rush Out – B-side of Duchess
13. Yellowcakes UF6 – B-side of Nuclear Device (Wizard Of Aus)
14. In The Shadows – Live from Don’t Bring Harry EP
15. N’Emmenes Pas Harry – Single
16. Bear Cage – Single
17. Bear Cage – 12” Double A-Side

The Gospel According To The Meninblack:
11. Who Wants The World? – Single
12. The Meninblack (Waiting For ‘Em) – B-side of Who Wants The World?
13. Top Secret – B-side of Thrown Away
14. Maninwhite – B-side of Just Like Nothing On Earth
15. Vietnamerica – Non album track
16. Tomorrow Was The Hearafter – A-Side of Stranglers Information Service Single
17. G.m.b.H – Extended Version of Bear Cage which appeared on the US IRS album IV

La folie:
12. Vietnamerica – B side of Let Me Introduce You To The Family
13. Love 30 – B side of Golden Brown
14. Waltzinblack – B side of La Folie
15. Strange Little Girl – Single
16. Cruel Garden – B side of Strange Little Girl
17. You Hold The Key To My Love In Your Hands – From the La folie Sessions
18. La Folie – Edit


Review: Good Merlin – The Chaz Lipp Groove Tripp

To touch the heart of club jazz, one has to be immersed in the originality and flavor of the style. It’s not enough to simply appreciate the music and to then reinterpret it as a new thing, separate from its origins. In this day and age, you’ll be hard-pressed to find practitioners of the smoky, seductive magic of old school club jazz, much like it was played and recorded. But The Chaz Lipp Groove Tripp have expressed a genuine love.

On their latest album, Good Merlin, the band is primarily led by Chaz Lipp. For this 2017 recording of classics and originals, he is joined by able musicians and vocalists that include the pure voice of Sanjara Malakar (yes, that one!), Charlie Hiestand on piano and keyboards, with a shot at bass on two tracks, the essential applications of upright bass as played by Trevor Pelletier, and drums by Chris Patin. Of course, the sexy and communicative alto saxophone as played by Chaz Lipp rounds the entire set of tracks out with its commanding sounds.

Good Merlin reaches into the revered jazz songbooks with extraordinary renditions of “God Bless The Child” by Billie Holiday, the Duke Ellington classic, “Take The ‘A’ Train” that has great covers by Ella Fitzgerald, Dave Brubeck, and now Chaz Lipp (with his Groove Tripp), and others, Herbie Hancock’s more current “Watermelon Man”, and the ever popular and time-honored Carmichael/Gorrell tune, “Georgia On My Mind”. (I still get shivers listening to Richard Manual sing this track for The Band’s Islands album.)

Chaz Lipp shows a strong love for the classic genre with three original compositions (the hoppin’ “Good Merlin”, the funky (and my favorite) “Groovy Green Eyes”, and the too short soft chaotic touches of “Fly By Night” that could lead to anything.

Good Merlin is an excellent collection of music based on the love of original jazz. As such, it’s worth your time to seek out these tracks, and maybe pick up a copy of the album for yourself.