TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/16/2012 – US Report

7Brothers Records plan the release of Last Parade by Call Me No One scheduling the new album for June 12.  I like the band a bit.  I’m adding a YouTube link for you to check them out and see if they fit your rock and roll mode.

From the COOL department, Real Gone Music plan the re-release of Terry Knight and the Pack/Reflections, both 1966 titles, on May 22.  (For those that may not know, The Pack yielded Mark Farner and Don Brewer, who later hooked up with Mel Schacher to form the loved Grand Funk Railroad (Grand Funk).)  I’m anxious for this.

If you’re a The Smiths fan, AND you like vinyl LP, then the 2011 remaster of Hatful Of Hollow (1984) is scheduled to be re-released on June 12 in vinyl LP format.  As always, remember that these LPs are usually released in limited numbers.  If you want one, hesitate not.

Warner Music Nashville hThe anticipated new Rush album, coming from Roadrunner Records, is called Clockwork Angels, and is planned for June 12.

Savoy Records have Delayed Reaction from Soul Asylum planned for July 17.

Fat Possum/Columbia Records will release Infinite Arms from Band of Horses on vinyl LP scheduled for June 5.

ave the debut from Jama Kramer planned for June 5 in both standard CD issue and a Deluxe Edition set.

Flashback Records will re-release a barebones Flashback With Rose Royce on May 29.

Universal Music plans the re-release of several essential Frank Zappa titles on June 26.  Those titles included are Freak Out! (1966), Absolutely Free (1967), Cruising With Ruben & The Jets (1968), Hot Rats (1969), Lumpy Gravy (1967), and We’re Only In It For The Money (1968).  All titles are slated for release on June 26.

On June 12, Universal Music will release a 3CD/1DVD career-defining set called Dean Martin – Collected Cool with a selected 58 tracks from his Reprise years and his Capitol Years, as well as a CD filled with Live material from Lake Tahoe.  The included DVD features rare footage from London entitled Live In London.  The track listing is as follows:

Capitol Records Years (CD-1):

1. Dean’s Spoken Word Introductions

2. My Own, My Only, My All

3. Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!)

4. I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine

5. That’s Amore

6. If I Could Sing Like Bing

7. Sway

8. Long, Long Ago

9. Memories Are Made Of This

10. Pardners (with Jerry Lewis)

11. Volare

12. Rio Bravo

13. On An Evening In Roma

14. Sleep Warm

15. Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

16. Just In Time

17. Arrivederci Roma

18. Return To Me

19. A Hundred Years From Today

Reprise Records Years (CD-2):

1. Tik-A-Tee, Tik-A-Tay

2. Senza Fine

3. Who’s Got The Action

4. Guys And Dolls

5. Everybody Loves Somebody

6. The Door Is Still Open To My Heart

7. You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You

8. In The Misty Moonlight

9. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On

10. In The Chapel In The Moonlight

11. Welcome To My World

12. I Will

13. Somewhere There’s A Someone

14. My First Country Song (featuring Conway Twitty)

15. LA Is My Home


1. Drink To Me Only With Thine

1. Eyes

2. Almost Like Being In Love

3. I Love Tahoe (Paris)

4. Show Banter #1

5. My Kind Of Girl

6. Show Banter #2

7. Show Banter #3

8. June In January

9. Show Banter #4

10. Break It To Me Gently

11. Show Banter #5

12. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody

13. Instrumental

14. Show Banter #6

15. Primrose Lane/You Are Too Beautiful/Carolina In The Morning/Love Walked In/I Love Being A Girl

16. Beautiful Dreamer

17. You Made Me Love You

18. It Had To Be You/Nevertheless

19. I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter

20. Volare

21. On An Evening In Roma

22. Show Banter #7

23. I Love Paris (Tahoe)

24. Outro


1. Everybody Loves Somebody

2. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes

3. When You’re Smiling

4. Pennies From Heaven

5. L-O-V-E

6. Everybody Loves Somebody (reprise)

7. Where Or When

8. Welcome To My World

9. Drinking Champagne

10. That’s Amore

11. Love Walked In

12. Please Be Kind

13. It’s Magic

14. Ken’s Noodle

15. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

16. For The Good Times

17. Here Comes My Baby Back Again

18. Little Ole Wine Drinker Me

19. Bumming Around

20. One Hour With You

21. Bumming Around

22. One Hour With You

Black Oak Arkansas

Early last week, I began to remember a female vocalist from the ’70s by the name of Ruby Starr.  That got me to thinking about Ellen Foley, Maggie Bell, and a host of others as well but that’s another story for later.

Thinking of Ruby Starr (who died of lung cancer back in 1995) got me to thinking of her band, Grey Ghost, which, finally, got me to remembering Black Oak Arkansas.  Now, black Oak Arkansas was immensely popular back in the ’70s.  But when their star began to burn out, they faded so fast it made my head spin.  But remembering that band brought many wonderful moments back.

Jim ‘Dandy’ Mangrum was a great frontman with plenty of swagger.  In fact, you might be able to say that “Diamond Dave” Lee Roth of Van Halen fame completely stole that whole game that Mangrum created as vocalist for BOA.  Hell, it’s almost identical.  And I still remember his washboard playing.

Then there is Tommy Aldridge, an unsung, but well-traveled drummer, who pounded the skins for not only Black Oak Arkansas, but also Pat Travers, Ozzy Osbourne, and Whitesnake.

I won’t ignore the other fine musicians in Black Oak Arkansas who made the band a joy to listen to.  But the band itself was a strong part of the ’70s Rock and Roll dream that never seems to get much recognition these days.

I’m sure there are a whole lot of other bands that were very popular back ‘in the day’ who enjoyed a meteoric career only to suddenly disappear from site.  BOA never really disappeared though.  Mangrum kept the band going but who really knew about them after their fall.  Not I.

Still, Black Oak Arkansas was a great band with some very excellent albums to their credit.  I played a lot of their videos on YouTube over the week.  Enjoyed them all.

Oddly enough, I really mourn the loss of Ruby Starr, a sexy southern girl with a ton of hot charm, all of which she used liberally in her promotion of Grey Ghost, as well as her appearances with BOA.  (Ruby is the female vocal part of the single “Jim Dandy”!)

I often wonder what happened with the machine known as Black Oak Arkansas, how they fell so suddenly.  They were there for a long period, then they weren’t.

Do yourself a favor, especially if you were ever a fan of the band.  Check out some of their vintage videos on YouTube and regain a little of your youth back.

Review: Live Dates II – Wishbone Ash

One of the great Live moments in Rock and Roll history is the release of Live Dates, the double LP issued back in 1973 from UK band, Wishbone Ash.  That album is not only a great collection of songs in a live setting by one of Rock’s most overlooked bands, it is also proof of the consummate musicianship capably played by these four men (Martin, Andy, Steve, Ted).  Live Dates impressively (and warmly) stands the test of time with its generous selection of Wishbone Ash classics.  But while it is the most impressive live document of the band, it was not the only well-received one.

The band followed up Live Dates with Live Dates II.  Originally released in the UK as a Limited Edition, twelve track set with only 25,000 copies made, the album, once sold through, pared down to a truncated eight-track collection.  In the US, that release was named Hot Ash.  Like the legendary status of the band’s promo live set, Live In Memphis, Live Dates II in its full glory is also legendary, and, until now, largely unattainable.

Live Dates II showcases the band’s music released after Argus, and with the Mark II lineup that included Laurie Wisefield (Home) on guitar.  The Live selections found on this revered set include “Doctor”, and “No Easy Road” from their unheralded Wishbone Four; “Lorelei”, “Runaway”, “(In All My Dreams) You Rescue Me” from New England; “Living Proof”, and “Helpless” from Just Testing; “F.U.B.B.”, and “Persephone” from There’s The Rub; “The Way Of The World” from No Smoke Without Fire; “Goodbye Baby, Hello Friend” from Front Page News; and a cherry-picked blessing from Argus in “Time Was”.  Without question, these songs well represent the band from the second line-up phase.

Real Gone Music, a varied reissue label, has saw fit to revisit the Live Dates II in its original release state.  And happy we are.  As a collector, the complete 2LP Limited Edition set eludes all but the most richest of collectors.  But with Real Gone on the fans’ side, April 4 brought a single-disc CD (in a digipak casing) into availability once again.  We couldn’t be happier as we can now slot another classic on the shelves.

The CD (with all that glorious Wishbone Ash music in a live setting) is joined by a folded six-page booklet that lists song credits, adds a photo of the band, and includes a new (2012) essay from Scott Schindler.  If you’re a fan of the band, then Live Dates II needs to be in your library, no questions asked.  Soon enough, it too, will be as rare as the original.

TAPSheet: Release News – 04/09/2012 – US Report

Fantasy Records will release a collected set featuring the music of Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia in a set called Keystone Companions: The Complete Fantasy Recordings of Merl Saunders.  It is expected on July 10.

Classic New Release has scheduled The Ravi Shankar Collection for May 22.

Polydor Records plan the release of The Visitors (1981) by ABBA.  The Deluxe Edition CD/DVD package is planned for May 29.

Concord Records will release an as-yet-untitled Live album featuring Al Jarreau on June 19.  Also on June 19, Concord has slated an as-yet-untitled album from Casey Abrams.

Big Machine Records will release the self-titled album from Edens Edge.  The album is scheduled for June 12.

Hip-O Select Records will release At The Copa: Expanded Edition featuring the music of The Supremes on May 29.

Vagrant Records will release Here by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetics Zeros on May 29 in both CD and LP forms.

Eagle Rock has Alive & Rockin’ featuring Foreigner, planning the album for May 29.  Eagle Rock Entertainment also have two Twisted Sisters albums scheduled for the same date.  Those are titled Club Daze 2, and Live at Hammersmith.

Verve Records will release The Absence by Melody Gardot on May 29.

Universal Republic Records will release Live & Inspired by Godsmack with a release date set for May 15.  The album is expected to be released in several CD forms.

Modular Records have We Keep The Beat by Jonathan Boulet on the calendar for June 26.

MCA Nashville will issue Punching Bag by Josh Turner with a scheduled release date of June 12.

Cooperative Music has scheduled Foe by Man Without Country for June 5.

Earache Records plan the release of Pressure And Time by growing favorites, Rival Sons, (If you haven’t heard them, classic rock fans, now’s the time to catch a listen somewhere).  This re-release is expected on May 8.  This CD/DVD Edition will add in two new bonus tracks (“Company Man”, “Life For This Road”), and a DVD that contains Live, promos, and studio videos.

Earache Records plan the release of Pressure And Time by growing favorites, Rival Sons, (If you haven’t heard them, classic rock fans, now’s the time to catch a listen somewhere).  This re-release is expected on May 8.  This CD/DVD Edition will add in two new bonus tracks (“Company Man”, “Life For This Road”), and a DVD that contains Live, promos, and studio videos.

Universal Republic has a currently as-yet-untitled album arriving from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs on June 12.

Rounder Records plan the release of Complete Government Recordings featuring Woody Guthrie, with a scheduled release date of June 26.

Eagle Rock plans the DVD and BD (Blu-ray) release of Alive In Windy City featuring Stone Temple Pilots.  These issues are expected on June 5.

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/06/2012 – UK Report

Island Records (UK) will release new Tom Jones with Spirit In The Room planned on May 21.  In addition to the standard CD release, there will also be a Limited Edition set with bonus tracks included.

Parlophone Records will release Valtari from Sigur Rós with a planned date of May 28 for CD and LP.

Major League Productions will release a Live set featuring Climax Blues Band called World Tour 1976 on May 7.

Music On Vinyl will re-release Various Positions (1984) by Leonard Cohen on vinyl LP, planning its release for April 30.

Paul Buchanan (Blue Nile) will release new music with Mid Air, scheduled for May 21.  The album is slated for CD, 180g vinyl LP (1000 copies) with MP3 download rights, DD (MP3/FLAC/Apple Lossless), and a Limited Edition 2CD Box with 10 extra tracks.  The box will offer a 20-page booklet with photos, lyrics, and packed in a 7″ box.  From Newsroom Records UK.  You can download a free track (for the cost of an email address) from the album at his website.

Esoteric Records UK will release a newly remastered edition of Le Parc (1985) by Tangerine Dream on April 30.  The new reissue will feature a new booklet with a new essay.

Decca Records UK will release the new Melody Gardot album, The Absence, which is planned for the UK market on May 28.

Harmless Records UK will release a Limited Edition, 10-disc Box celebrating the 40th Anniversary of music from the vaults of Philadelphia International.  This newly remastered,  expansive Various Artists Box: Philadelphia International – 40th Anniversary, is set for UK release on May 14.

Roadrunner Records UK will release Storm Corrosion, the self-titled collaborative debut from Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), and Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth).  Storm Corrosion is slated for May 7.

EMI UK is planning the release of a 3CD Box collection for Can called The Lost Tapes on June 18.

Polydor Records will release Magic Hour by Scissor Sisters on May 28.

Sanctuary Records UK will release a 3CD Box of a classic Small Faces title, Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake in a Deluxe Edition (With the expected release of two previous titles in the US, I think that it’s safe to assume that this title will be released there as well).  This set is scheduled for May 7.  It will contain alternate versions and outtakes and pack in a cool booklet with lots of goodies for the fan.  Ian MacLagan and Kenney Jones oversaw the remastering of this great album.  From The Beginning will be released in a Deluxe Edition on the same date in a 2CD set.

Warner Brothers UK will release What We Saw From The Cheap Seats by Regina Spektor with a planned date of May 28.

DGM Records will release The Wine Of Silence by Robert Fripp/Andrew Keeling/David Singleton in a performance orchestrated by The Metropole Orkest, conducted by Jan Stulen.  The Wine of Silence is pegged for an April 30 release date.

The Vinyl Countdown (UK) will release Hot ‘N’ Nasty – Rockin’ The Winterland featuring the great Humble Pie on a vinyl 2LP edition planned for May 7.

Island Records UK will release a 2CD Deluxe Edition of Rendezvous (1977), and Like An Old Fashioned Waltz (1974) by the talented but tragic Sandy Denny.  They are scheduled for May 21.

In Our Heads by Hot Chip is slated for release on June 19.

EMI UK will release a 4CD Box, The EMI Years (1985-1988) featuring the music of Saxon.  It is scheduled for June 4.

The Enemy will release their next album, Streets In The Sky, on May 21 via Cooking Vinyl Records.

7ts Records (UK) plan the reissue of Aggro-Phobia (1976), and Your Mama Won’t Like Me (1975) from Suzi Quatro in remastered sets that include extra tracks.  Both albums are planned for May 14.

Esoteric Records UK plan the reissue of All Together Now (1972) by Argent.  The newly remastered album will contain a new booklet (with new essay), and a bonus track.  This album yielded “Hold Your Head Up”.  In addition, Esoteric Records will reissue Heart To Heart (1979) from the always great Pete Bardens (Camel).  Both remastered reissues are scheduled for April 30.

Nettwerk Records plan to release New Wild Everywhere by Great Lake Swimmers on May 28.

Fiction Records will release Souvenir by The Kaiser Chiefs on June 4.

Cocteau Discs UK will reissue the 1995 classic by Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe), Practically Wired (Or How I Became Guitar Boy), on April 30.

Warner Brothers UK plan a 2CD, 21-track, Deluxe Edition of Electric Warrior by T. Rex planned for April 23.

Poll: Which Wishbone Ash Album Is Best?

I’ve been listening to the recently released Live Dates II featuring Wishbone Ash.  It’s been quite a while since this title has been available in its complete state.  In fact, the full set was available only in the UK and as a limited edition, after which, it became a truncated issue (don’t know why).  In the States, it was called Hot Ash and contained only eight tracks from the UK limited edition release, which contained twelve.

That album got me to pull out all of my Wishbone Ash albums, and listen to each one of them, most of which I love.  I have my favorites.  If you’re a Wishbone Ash fan, you have yours as well.

Wishbone Ash was one of those bands that had a large following, but never broke wide open.  They certainly were good enough for it.  They constantly reworked their sound from album to album in an effort to find the audience they coveted.  I’m pleased I was a fan from the beginning.

Since we’re here, let’s have us a poll for their “best” album.  I’m not too sure how may people will select one, but what the hell.  I’ve been surprised by greater things so an underattended Wishbone Ash poll won;t break my spirit.  HOWEVER…if you haven’t heard them or heard OF them, now is an awesome time to investigate.  Having released their first album, the self-titled Wishbone Ash debut in 1970, the band has gone through several personnel changes and have released many albums.

I miss the Mark I band the most.

My favorite Ash album?  Wishbone Four.  Why?  Because this album has everything in it.  Wishbone Ash never had such a varied album prior to it, nor after it.

Currently, there are two iterations of Wishbone Ash in existence, the Andy Powell led Wishbone Ash, and the Martin Turner formed Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash (MTWA).  Most importantly, the band left behind some excellent music.

Hoping for a BIG turn-out.

Patti Smith Returns With New Album, Banga

On June 5, Patti Smith will break her creative silence with a new album, Banga.  Banga is an enticing and long-awaited 12-track effort that will have long-time Patti Smith fans in anticipation of what new music she adds to her enduring legacy.  Being slated for release on Columbia Records, Banga will feature Lenny Kaye, Tony Shanahan, and Jay Dee Daugherty.  In addition, the band welcomes Tom Verlaine (Television) as a featured guest.

The lead-off track, “April Fool” is currently out.  Having heard it I have to say that I’m refreshingly intrigued by the sound of the song.  It’s a song with a more Pop feel yet with classic Smith undercurrents running through it especially with the guitars heard near the end.  “April Fool” doesn’t take long at all to become entrenched in your mind, where it replays constantly.  It is classic, even with its light-hearted lyrical fare from the girl who stormed our hearts’ walls with Horses way back in the ’70s.

I wasn’t endeared by Twelve, her last album filled with notable covers.  But I’m ready for her re-entrance now.  It’s been eight long years.

Welcome back, Patti.  I’m already in line for this album.

“Come, be my April Fool…Come, we’ll break all the rules”

1. Amerigo
2. Fuji-san
3. April Fool
4. This is the Girl
5. Banga
6. Maria
7. Tarkovsky (The Second Stop is Jupiter)
8. Mosaic
9. Nine
10. Seneca
11. Constantine’s Dream
12. After the Gold Rush

Climax Blues Band’s Fine Sense Of Direction

A band that never gets real mention in too many quarters is the UK gem, The Climax Blues Band (early known as The Climax Chicago Blues Band, with a brilliant first album).  I remember first hearing them on FM radio (WXRT – Chicago), and falling in love with them immediately.  After Rich Man (1972), they released their FM Live (1973) album.  I have to say that there were not too many nights that I didn’t close my night out with FM Live.

With the release of Sense Of Direction (1974), I was sure that this band would become great beyond great.  There was not a bad song on the album.  It was clear that the band was actually finding its true unique voice.  The name given could not be any truer.  Sense of Direction started with “Amerita”, a track with brilliant jazz/blues infusion.  (Underrated) Pete Haycock’s guitars were extraordinary, mesmerizing me day and night.  “Losin’ The Humbles”, with its slide guitars, pushed all of the right buttons.  “Nogales”, the incredible, guitar-rich “Reaching Out” soul and funk, the bluesy “Right Now”, were anchors to a perfect album.

Sense of Direction performed well on the charts for the band leading into their Stamp Album (1975), and Gold Plated, which generated the hit everyone remembers, “Couldn’t Get It Right”, as well as “I Love You” from their Flying The Flag (1980) (yes, you know both of these songs) album.  For me, while I enjoy the songs, they are a departure from their earlier experimental fusions.

As a result, their Sense of Direction still stands as their definitive album.  While this may be an arguable point (and I would love to hear them), Sense of Direction is an album I effortless return to time and time again, years and decades later.  It’s still as fresh as the days I used to lull myself to sleep listening to it.

If you haven’t heard Sense of Direction, or, for that matter, anything by Climax Blues Band, now is a great time to remedy that oversight.  I suspect that you’ll be pleasantly surprised, especially if you have never heard of the band (even thought you may remember the hits mentioned above).  Personally, I recommend back tracking from Sense of Direction for the best results.  Others may recommend a forward movement.  Either way, I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

(I have to say that I really dig the US cover (seen above) over the UK cover (seen below) of Sense of Direction.)


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 04/02/2012

Sire Records plan the release of What We Saw From the Cheap Seats by Regina Spektor, which is being planned for issue on May 29.

Abkco Records will release ‘best of’ sets for Bobby Rydell, and Chubby Checker called The Very Best Of Bobby Rydell, and The Very Best of Chubby Checker on CD, both scheduled for May 29.  Abkco Records will precede these ‘best of’ sets with The Very Best of Herman’s Hermits, and The Very Best Of The Animals, both planned for May 1.

Warner Brothers has scheduled a 180g vinyl LP reissue of The Nightfly for May 8.  The Nightfly is the first solo album from Steely Dan member, Donald Fagen, which was originally released in 1982.  If you’re a vinyl addict like myself, you have this on your checklist now.

Universal Republic plans to release the US issue of The Lateness Of The Hour by UK singer, Alex Clare.  This rocker’s album was originally released by Island Records in the UK last summer.  Check out a string of Clare tunes via his official Soundcloud uploads.

Rounder Records will release Across The Imaginary Divide by Bela Fleck and The Marcus Roberts Trio scheduling the album for release on June 5.  Rounder Records also plans Ashes And Roses by Mary Chapin Carpenter for June 12.

Time/Life Recordings will release a 3DVD set called Dean Martin Uncut, which is scheduled for May 22.

Warner Brothers plan the US release of Vows by Kimbra, an interesting pop vocalist.  Kimbra is one of several new Pop phenomenon pampered by record labels in the wake of successes by Adele, and other talented female vocalists.  Vows was originally released in 2011 in New Zealand and Australia, where it unleashed three singles.  Success?  Oh, that means a release in the US.  This US issue is expected on May 22.  Kimbra is heard on her official SoundCloud page.

Bigger Picture Records will release Back In The Saddle by country star, Chris Cagle, on May 22.

Decca Records will release Legacy from David Garrett on June 5.

Fuel Records will release Surf’s Up featuring Jan & Dean, scheduling the CD for May 15.

Fuel Records also plan the release of One Tin Soldier: Expanded Edition (1970) from The Original Caste.  This should make you happy if you remember the original version of the song popularized by Coven (who recorded a cover version of the song for the Billy Jack film).  It’s scheduled for expanded reissue on May 15.

Waterfront Records have Remember from Mickey Dolenz, and Cadillac Jack from Mighty Mo Rogers on their current release plan.  Remember is on the calendar for May 29, while Cadillac Jack is set for June 12.

TourDForce Records will release A Night Out With Friends featuring Richard Marx on June 12.