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Bad Company’s Live 1977 Featuring Houston ’77 Show On 2LP Vinyl In July

Bad Company Live LPIf you’re a Bad Company fan AND a vinyl enthusiast, then you can be happy at the upcoming 2LP set extraction of Live 1977 from the 2CD set released on April 29.

This set will feature ONLY the Houston, TX show at The Summit on May 23rd in 1977.

Live 1977 will be pressed on 180-weight black vinyl and is scheduled for release on July 24.

Live 1977 – Bad Company 

Side A
01 Burnin’ Sky
02 Too Bad
03 Ready For Love
04 Heartbeat

Side B
01 Morning Sun
02 Man Needs Woman
03 Leaving You
04 Shooting Star

Side A
01 Simple Man
02 Movin’ On
03 Like Water

Side B
01 Drum Solo
02 Live For The Music
03 Good Lovin’ Gone Bad
04 Feel Like Makin’ Love


R.E.M. Transitions To Concord Records With Re-Release of WB Years Catalog In July

REM GreenA few short R.E.M. notes today. With the recent sign-off of R.E.M.’s Warner Brothers years catalog to Universal-distributed Concord Records, the new label will be putting the affected titles into the marketplace with the Concord imprint. The titles start with Green and end with Up, with the years from 1988 through 2011.

The titles were released through Concord digitally back in April. On July 1, all of the titles (Green, Monster, Up, Reveal, New Adventures In Hi-Fi, Accelerate, Automatic for The People, Around the Sun, Collapse Into Now), will be re-released on CD.

On July 1, Green will be released as the 2013 2CD 25th Anniversary Edition, the single CD edition, and also as a vinyl LP set.

As hinted earlier, the titles will be getting Deluxe Editions with new remastering, bonus material, and other good things. There is no timeline for any of these as of yet.

Mott (Mott The Hoople) To Get Limited Edition Remastered Vinyl Reissue

Mott Mott The HoopleMany of us have those classic albums in our lives. Some of them are so important to us in many, many ways. They can be an incredible bookmark, an effective soundtrack to a point in our time-span. They can be perfect through and through, every song a masterpiece. They can be the best album in a favorite band’s body of work. Whatever they are, they’re perfect for us. Therefore, they never lose value. They never lose traction. They always seem to hang out in our minds somewhere. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

For me, one of those albums is Mott by Mott The Hoople. Released in 1973, Mott represented – in many ways – the end of Mott The Hoople. It was the last to feature Mick Ralphs before his departure to the brighter lights and bigger stages of Bad Company. Of course, The Hoople, which followed up Mott, was the swan song of the band. And it was good. But Mott was just classic, start to finish.

It’s with great delight that I can tell you that Mott is being reissued in vinyl form and featuring brand new remastering. And it’s not just a run of the mill re-release designed to capture a bit of the surging market of vinyl repurchases. It’s being lovingly reproduced for the serious fan of Mott by Drastic Plastic, a reissue label from Omaha, Nebraska. The label already have  200g (black) and 150g (opaque red color) vinyl reissues (with new remastering) of All The Young Dudes, currently available at their web store.

This vinyl LP edition of Mott will be limited in production. There will only be 1000 copies pressed. It will be a split run that will provide 500 LPs, pressed on 200g(!) weight black vinyl with another 500 copies being pressed on 150g-weight white vinyl.

The jackets for the black vinyl will be foil-numbered in silver, while the jackets for the white colored vinyl will be foil-numbered in gold. Both issues will feature the original artwork, just as it was originally released.

Currently, the hope is for a nearby release date for Mott. But there is a surge in vinyl pressing popularity that sometimes obscures even the most hopeful of dates. Bear in mind that a date is close and will soon be here. And remember, there will only be 1000 copies pressed.



New Paul Simon Album, Stranger To Stranger, Planned For June

Paul Simon - Stranger To StrangerSince 1965, when Paul Simon released his first solo album, we have been the beneficial recipients of his strong lyrics and musical prowess. That album showcased his “I Am A Rock”, which was later re-recorded to help heighten the impact of the duo of Simon & Garfunkel in their collection of generating hits. Although, the folk duo of Simon & Garfunkel lasted only until their final recorded studio album, Bridge Over Troubled Water (1970), Paul Simon ventured on as a solo artist, eventually releasing many classic sets with a wide range of hits.

Paul Simon’s lyrics have always been insightful, mournful, nostalgic, humorous, and deeply filled with disillusionment and uncertainty. They were poetically charged and timeless. Even today, many of those songs still hold a music-listening public in thrall. As proof of that, listen to the stunning and moving cover of “The Sound Of Silence” recently released by Disturbed (here).

From the release of his popular 1972 self-titled solo album, with three hits that included “Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard” and “Mother and Child Reunion” to the huge charting successes of Graceland (1986), and The Rhythm Of The Saints (1990), on through to his last album from 2011,  So Beautiful, So What, Paul Simon has challenged musical boundaries and lyrics with his own legacy of brilliance.

On June 3, Concord Records will release the next Paul Simon album, Stranger To Stranger. This new album will feature a continuation of his love for rhythmic styles, first enjoyed in Graceland. The new album will feature a strong three-song collaboration with popular Italian electronic dance artist, Clap! Clap!  The standard intended release of Strange To Stranger will be a CD with eleven New Paul Simon songs. There will be an expanded Deluxe Edition with five bonus tracks as well as the expected DD of the album. In addition, there will be a 180g-weight vinyl LP version of the eleven track set.

The album is preceded by a song from it called “Wristband” (enjoyed below).

Paul Simon will undertake a supportive tour for the album beginning April 29 in New Orleans, and finishing on July 1 at Forest Hills in New York (two nights).


TAPSheet: Vinyl LP Release Notes – 03/29/2016

There are a flurry of upcoming vinyl editions of not only new works but also old classics. With this edition of TAPSheet, I’ll run through a few of the upcoming vinyl editions that are being planned for the upcoming months. While not a complete list, it should help to surprise you on a few that you might have been unaware of that are being prepped for vinyl re-release.

Nonesuch Records plan the 2LP release of The Bright Mississippi, the 2009 release by Allen Toussaint. The vinyl is planned to be reissued on 140g-weight black vinyl. It’s scheduled for June 10. (Note: Rhino Records will be releasing a 2CD set featuring the works of Allen Toussaint called The Complete Warner Recordings. It’s on the calendar for May 13.)

Allen Toussaint The Bright Mississippi

As previously noted, the 6LP (180g-weight color vinyl) Box of The Elektra Years 1978-1987 featuring the classic albums of The Cars , is planned for June 7.

CARS The Elektra Years 1978-1987

The 2005 Regina Spektor set, Soviet Kitsch, is slated for vinyl reissue on May 6. It will contain thirteen tracks.

Regina Spektor Soviet Kitsch

Warner Brothers Music will reissue three Linkin Park titles on vinyl LP scheduling them for May 6. The titles include Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes (2008) on a 2LP set; Reanimation (2002), a remix that will fill 2LPs; and a single LP version of Living Things (2013).

The brand new Beth Orton album, Kidsticks, will be released not only on the expected CD and DD formats, but also vinyl LP scheduled for May 27.

Beth Orton Kidsticks

Warner Brothers will release vinyl LPs for Prince. The first is For You (1978), which is planned for April 26, with the second being Prince (1979), planned for May 24.

Prince For You

Eric Clapton‘s upcoming new album, I Still Do will be released on 2LP in 180g-weight vinyl, cut at 45RPM speed. The LP will offer DD rights via a download card with exclusive passcode. I Still Do is planned for May 20.

Eric Clapton I Still Do

JEMP Records will reissue Hoist, the 1994 classic Phish album, on 180g-weight black vinyl 2LP. It is being scheduled for May 20.

Phish Hoist

Elektra Records will re-release the 2013 remastered vinyl edition 2LP of Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me (1987) by The Cure that was exclusive to Record Store Day 2013. This version will differ in that it will be pressed on 180g-weight black vinyl and available without the long line hassles. It’s scheduled for May 13.

Cure Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Warner Brothers will revisit the 1988 Enya classic, Watermark, along with Shepherd Moons from 1991, and her 1995 set, The Memory Of Trees, with vinyl LP reissues of the best-selling titles.

Enya Watermark

Atlantic Records will release the new album by Adia Victoria on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The album is called Beyond The Bloodhounds.  The LP edition will include DD rights. It’s planned for May 13. Yes, she’s pretty good.

Adia Victoria Beyond The Bloodhounds

Real Gone Music will offer a remastered translucent green vinyl Limited Edition of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to The Return Of The Living Dead from 1985. This film was a hilarious send-up of zombies that continued on for multiple sequels. “Send More Cops”. But a word of warning to delayers: There will only be 750 available copies. It’s on the market on May 6.

Return Of The Living Dead OMPS

Also from Real Gone Music, a Limited Edition 180g-weight black vinyl press of Cactus, the 1970 debut from Cactus. It’s destined for May 6. There will only be 700 copies made.

Cactus Cactus

Justin Time Records will offer a repress of the 1993 classic debut from Diana Krall of Stepping Out. It’s planned as a 180g-weight 2LP Essentials Collection and will come with a DD download card. It’s planned for May 6.


And finally: For May 3, Elektra will reissue two 10,000 Maniacs titles on vinyl LPs. Those will be Our Time In Eden (1992), and In My Tribe (1987).

10000 Maniacs Our Time In Eden

U.K. To Get 16Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition Box

UK Ultimate Collectors EditionThis is somewhat “old news” by now, but in case you haven’t seen this yet, here is cool U.K. news:

If you were a U.K. (band) fan, then you’ll be pleased to read that the short-lived supergroup will get a HUGE multi-disc Box featuring not only the band’s studio releases in remastered form, but also a wealth of live recordings and other assortted goodies and enhancements.

U.K. was formed by John Wetton, Bill Bruford, Eddie Jobson, and Allan Holdsworth. Together, that line-up crafted the stunning self-titled debut, U.K. (1978). That album performed well on charts, on critics’ lists, and with fans. After differences, Holdsworth and Bruford left leaving Wetton and Jobson to recruit Terry Bozzio on drums to form the trio that created the brilliant second album, Danger Money (1979). After the album, further differences caused the dissolution of the band, and that was the last of U.K. as far as studio albums would go. There would be a reunion for nostalgia and monetary reasons later, but U.K. as we knew them was finished.

On April 15, the 16Disc Box called UK – Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be released with 12CDs and 4BDs to create a definitive look at the band that time forgot (but you didn’t).

Ultimate Collector’s Edition will provide the original two studio albums as well as the official live set released by EG Records, Night After Night (1979). That live set will be expanded to add in 50 extra minutes. (How I wish that we’d begin to see more and more popular Live sets from other bands get the expanded treatment to include full concerts instead of just the cherry-picked ones. Live Dates (Wishbone Ash) is one I want!) In addition, those classic albums will be featured on several BD-audio discs in high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz sound. But that’s not everything.

Other CDs and BDs will provide audio for Jobson/Wetton 2011 Reunion show in Tokyo, as well three original era concerts (Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia), and their last concert from Netherlands in 1979. Some of the CDs offer interviews and unreleased materials to make this set a truly important one for fans of the band.

Finally, a big 64-page booklet will contain scores of photos, liner notes, essays, and other minutiae related to the existence of U.K.

The entire Box was oversaw by Eddie Jobson.



Desirable Johnny Thunders Set For Record Store Day 2016

Johnny Thunders Real Times 1978With a long list of desirable vinyl becoming available ONLY on the Record Store Day holiday, this year scheduled for April 16, there are sure to be one or two worth your standing in a long line for. For me, this year, it’s a Johnny Thunders album that I have to share here, in case you’re a fan. A fan with a need.

While we all wait for a remaster/remix and expansion of Johnny Thunders  1978 classic, So Alone, there are these two vinyl sets that we should pay special attention to. Hopefully, your nearest record store is COOL enough to have these two titles stocked for the event.

Here it is:

Remarquable Records will issue a 10-track 10″ blue-colored EP pressed on 180g-weight vinyl. The disc will be called Real Times. It will feature four unreleased Steve Lillywhite-mixed Thunder tracks. In addition, the set will add in a 20″ x 10″ four page poster insert, as well as a download card for the songs. The album sleeve will contain previously unpublished photos from the 1978 sessions that went into So Alone.

Johnny Thunders 1978

The songs will include the following alternate mixes of songs you know:

Pipeline (alternate mix)
Dead Or Alive (alternate mix)
Great Big Kiss (alternate mix)
Leave Me Alone (alternate version)
So Alone (alternate version)
Daddy Rollin’ Stone (alternate version)
London Boys (alternate mix)
(She’s So) Untouchable (alternate mix)
Subway Train (alternate version)
The Wizard (full length version)

You can access information both here and here.


Volume Four: The Polydor Singles 1966 – The Who 45 RPM 7″ Singles Box For May

Currently, there are three vinyl 45 RPM Boxset volumes in the market for The Who. Those are The Brunswick Singles, The Reaction Singles, and The Track Singles. All of these provide 7″ 45RPM vinyl singles of The Who releases. The next volume will be The Polydor Singles. The wait is over.

On May 6, Geffen Records will release The Polydor Singles Box with fifteen 7″ 45s to complete the four volume collection. The actual tracklist and cover art offerings are not yet available.

When the actual track-list becomes available, I will update this short post.

Polydor Sleeve

New Glenn Mercer (The Feelies) Album, Incidental Hum, Is Here…And Should Be Heard

Incidental Hum - Glenn MercerIf you’ve held your ears close to the ground back in the latter ’70s, early ’80s, you likely heard of a new band by the name of The Feelies. Once dubbed by the great NYC paper, Village Voice, “the best underground band in New York”, The Feelies certainly could deliver an effective and heavy dose of pure NYC-flavored Rock, influenced a bit by early Talking Heads.

Over the years, The Feelies released four albums. And while none resonated more than their 1980 masterpiece, Crazy Rhythms, they were four great albums that did the job well. In fact, over the years, I find myself returning to them frequently. Crazy Rhythms was first released on Stiff Records (and all of you late ’70s, early ’80s music aficionados know about Stiff Records). With that, they captured the interest of a whole lot of us ‘close to the underground’ music lovers.

After Crazy Rhythms, two members left creating a seemingly unfillable hole. It was, however, ably filled by three more musicians who gave as much to The Feelies’ sound and legacy as the two that preceded them. This band released The Good Earth in 1986, Only Life in 1988, and Time For A Witness in 1991. They went on a long hiatus before reassembling for the excellent Here Before in 2011.

It should now be known or, at least, remembered, that Glenn Mercer, and Bill Million have been in The Feelies since the beginning. Therefore, it’s refreshing news to discover that Glenn Mercer is releasing his second solo album, Incidental Hum. His first, Wheels In Motion, was released back in 2007. It should be known here that it was a great album. If you haven’t heard it, now’s the time to get to it.

Glenn Mercer has released a new set, Incidental Hum on October 9 via Bar/None Records (we cover this back in September in a TAPSheet installment). But because of how freakin’ good it is, I felt that I should bring it to your attention in a more frontal way. Incidental Hum issues on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Incidental Hum is comprised largely of original instrumentals. Over the decades, Mercer (along with Bill Million) has shown his classic influence of instrumentals with a love toward Eno, Bowie’s Low, Philip Glass, and others. In fact, on this new album, Mercer covers Brian Eno’s “Here Come the Warm Jets”.  (In addition to that cover track, Mercer also covers “Over The Rainbow”, and creates a chaotic but enjoyable cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Third Stone From The Sun”.) The music heard on Incidental Hum is of the variety that reverbs around inside your cranial casing for a long time after hearing it. (I have the same effect with James Brooks’ engaging Land Observations instrumental efforts, The Grand Tour, and Roman Roads. They just keep playing…!)

I recommend Incidental Hum. But more importantly, I just wanted to let you know that it’s out, and that it’s a fine work.

Glenn Mercer