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New Neil Young Official Release Series 8.5-12 Coming In November

neil-young-official-release-series-8-12With massive vinyl LP boxed sets making the big splash rather than full catalog CD boxes these days, it’s fun to see what my turntable will benefit from should I be vastly interested.

On November 25, Reprise will gather several classic Neil Young titles in what will be another in the Neil Young Official Release series. The new LP box will be Discs 8.5-12. Those will include: Long May You Run (The Stills-Young Band) (1976), American Stars n Bars (1977), Comes A Time (1978), Rust Never Sleeps (1979), and Live Rust (1979).

All LPs will be pressed on 180g-weight black vinyl with a great slip box housing.

Historically, Neil Young Official Release Series 1-4 issued in 2012, and Series 5-8 was released in 2014.

New Flaming Lips Album, Oczy Mlody, Expected In January

flaming-lips-oczy-mlodyThe Flaming Lips are a band that is progressive in a strangely psychedelic way. And they’ve been around for a long, long time. Their last wildly successful album was Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (2002). It provided the hit song, “Do You Realize?”. The album was critically acclaimed and well worth the time spent listening to it, even on repeat. Since that album, The Flaming Lips has experimented heavily. Their last album, With A Little Help From My Fwends (2014), was a cover set for The Beatles’ Sgt Pepper.

On January 13, Warner Bros Records will release the fifteenth studio album set from the band. The new album is being called Oczy Mlody and is expected to be a return to the style of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots. It will provide twelve new songs including the now available fore-running track (hear below), “The Castle”.

Oczy Mlody will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The CDs will be made available in both Explicit (PA), and Edited versions. The LP will be a 2LP set, pressed on 180g-weight purple and orange vinyl. The LP will provide download rights.

Disturbed Releases Live Album, Live at Red Rocks, in November

disturbed-live-at-red-rocksSince Disturbed’s arrival, they have produced six studio sets, five of which have entered the charts. Their debut album, the Sickness, fell within the top 30 and sold over four million units buoyed by their hit song, “Down With The Sickness”. After the Chicago band released Asylum in 2010 (their fifth), they took a break that lasted until their regathering to record and release 2015’s Immortalized. That album generated a number one entry into the Billboard Top 200, and won praise for Best Rock Album of 2015. Since it’s release, Disturbed has regained the ears of fans, particularly with their latest entry, the million-selling viral cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound Of Silence”. With that song, they gained the ears and attention of an older audience thus broadening their fan base.

Disturbed toured the music of Immortalized over the course of 2015 with one show being recorded for a live release. That show was Red Rocks on August 15.

On November 18, Reprise Records will release that live set as Disturbed – Live at Red Rocks. This collection will contain fifteen live performance tracks that will include the recent “The Sound Of Silence” cover song (See list below).

Disturbed – Live at Red Rocks will be released on CD and in DD, with both Explicit and Edited versions being made available. There will be a vinyl 2LP set made available later in the year on December 16.

Disturbed – Live at Red Rocks

01 Introduction
02 Ten Thousand Fists
03 The Game
04 The Vengeful One
05 Prayer
06 Liberate
07 The Animal
08 Stupify
09 The Sound of Silence
10 Lost Soul
11 Inside the Fire
12 The Light
13 Stricken
14 Indestructible
15 Voices
16 Down With the Sickness


Two Stevie Nicks Expanded Remasters Include Bella Donna, and The Wild Heart

stevie-nicks-bella-donnaIf you’re a Stevie Nicks fan, then you should know that two of her clssic solo albums are on the calendar for expanded remasters reissues. That pretty good news to me. (Sadly, for now, Rock A Little isn’t on the calendar.)

Stevie Nicks has a unique voice that helped propel Fleetwood Mac to the highest reaches of Rock history with their 1975 release, Fleetwood Mac. And despite that the band has been around for years prior to that release, it was that reinvention that gained them incredible fame. But as the band waned in popularity, Stevie Nicks looked to build her solo career. And she did quite a job at it.

Her first album, Bella Donna, the home of “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” with Tom Petty, “Leather and Lace” with Don Henley, “Edge Of Seventeen”, and to a lesser hit extent “After The Glitter Fades”. The album hit big, selling multiple millions buoyed by hits that lasted for nearly a year. It was followed by The Wild Heart in 1983 (waiting for the debut to cool down in sales). It produced “Stand Back”, the album’s biggest hit.  That album would traffic like Bella Donna, but is still an essential from the honey-voiced singer.

stevie-nicks-wild-heartOn November 4, Rhino Records will assemble Deluxe Edition packages that will include remastered original album, as well as a CD of bonus tracks with early takes, alternate versions, demos, and other goodies, plus, in the case of Bella Donna, a 1982 live set on a separate CD. The booklets that accompany these two reissues will be filled with the usual expectations. In addition to the CD packages, Rhino will release the newly remastered original albums on DD, and vinyl LPs.

Please let Rock a Little be next.



Bella Donna – Stevie Nicks


CD1 (Original 1981 Album Remastered):
01. Bella Donna
02. Kind of Woman
03. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
04. Think About It
05. After The Glitter Fades
06. Edge of Seventeen
07. How Still My Love
08. Leather And Lace (with Don Henley)
09. Outside The Rain
10. The Highwayman

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01. Edge of Seventeen (Early Take)
02. Think About It (Alternate Version)
03. How Still My Love (Alternate Version)
04. Leather And Lace (Alternate Version)
05. Bella Donna (Demo)
06. Gold And Braid (Unreleased Version)
07. Sleeping Angel (Alternate Version)
08. If You Were My Love (Unreleased Version)
09. The Dealer (Unreleased Version)
10. Blue Lamp (From “Heavy Metal”) [Remastered]
11. Sleeping Angel (From “Fast Times At Ridgemont High”) [Remastered]

CD3 (Live 1982):
01. Gold Dust Woman (Live 1982) [Remastered]
02. Gold And Braid (Live 1982) [Remastered]
03. I Need To Know (Live 1982) [Remastered]
04. Outside The Rain (Live 1982) [Remastered]
05. Dreams (Live 1982) [Remastered]
06. Angel (Live 1982)
07. After The Glitter Fades (Live 1982) [Remastered]
08. Leather And Lace (Live 1982)
09. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Live 1982) [Remastered]
10. Bella Donna (Live 1982)
11. Sara (Live 1982) [Remastered]
12. How Still My Love (Live)
13. Edge Of Seventeen (Live 1982) [Remastered]
14. Rhiannon (Live 1982) [Remastered]

The Wild Heart – Stevie Nicks


CD1 (Original 1983 Album – Remastered):
01. Wild Heart
02. If Anyone Falls
03. Gate And Garden
04. Enchanted
05. Nightbird
06. Stand Back
07. I Will Run To You (Stevie Nicks & Tom Petty)
08. Nothing Ever Changes
09. Sable on Blond
10. Beauty And The Beast

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01. Violet And Blue (From “Against All Odds”) [Remastered]
02. I Sing For The Things (Unreleased Version)
03. Sable on Blond (Alternate Version)
04. All The Beautiful Worlds (Unreleased Version)
05. Sorcerer (Unreleased Version)
06. Dial the Number (Unreleased Version)
07. Garbo (B-Side) [Remastered] – side
08. Are You Mine (Demo)
09. Wild Heart (Session)


New Rolling Stones Album, Blue & Lonesome

rs-blue-lonesomeThe Rolling Stones have stood for the greatness of Rock and Roll for as long as many of us can remember. When they released The UK debut, The Rolling Stones (England’s Newest Hit Makers in the US), in 1964, and followed those classics up with 12×5 (US only) in the same year, as well as The Rolling Stones No. 2 (UK), and The Rolling Stones, Now! (US) in 1965. little were we aware that his band would remain at the pinnacle for as long as they have. The band is now pretty much the FACE of Rock and Roll.

Fast forward to 2005’s A Bigger Bang, it would not have been too much a stretch to realize that the band has gone as far as it was likely to go in creativity given a new era of Rock and Roll acceptance in music. Even though the band would dominate as a touring machine playing all the hits and deep cuts, they could not reach into the psyche of the young like they had in the past. When they decided that they would record a new album of originals, Stones fans were pleased at their willingness to pursue another set. As they gathered to record, they found themselves playing classic Blues tracks. The songs were so good that they could not be ignored and so it was decided that this collected set would be their next album.

On December 2, The Rolling Stones will release a 12-track set of great blues tracks that features originals by Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Memphis Slim, Little Walter, and more. The bonus of two tracks is that Eric Clapton joined to play guitar.  The new album will take its title – Blue & Lonesome – from the Memphis Slim tune of the same name.

Blue & Lonesome will be issued on CD, DD, a 2LP package, and a Deluxe Edition Box with a 72-page hardbound book stuffed with words, credits, and photos including lyrics.


Blue & Lonesome – The Rolling Stones
01 – Just Your Fool
02 – Commit A Crime
03 – Blue And Lonesome
04 – All Of Your Love
05 – I Gotta Go
06 – Everybody Knows About My Good Thing
07 – Ride ‘Em On Down
08 – Hate To See You Go
09 – Hoo Doo Blues
10 – Little Rain
11 – Just Like I Treat You
12 – I Can’t Quit You Baby


Neil Diamond With New Holiday Album, Acoustic Christmas

neil-diamond-acoustic-christmasWith the holidays not far from where we stand, it’s only natural that we begin to see XMas releases. I love the Holidays with a passion. And while I’m a specific period Neil Diamond fan, you can never go too far off the path with a Christmas set from Neil.

On October 28, Neil will release his next set of Christmas tunes called Acoustic Christmas. The album will be folk-flavored and will contain 10 songs with one of them an ND original (“Christmas Prayers”). Target will have an exclusive that includes two new songs, one another ND original.

A vinyl LP edition of Acoustic Christmas will follow the CD and DD releases on November 11.

Acoustic Christmas – Neil Diamond

01. O Holy Night
02. Do You Hear What I Hear
03. Christmas Prayers
04. Hark the Herald Angels Singing
05. Mary’s Boy Child
06. Silent Night
07. Go Tell It On the Mountain
08. Children Go Where I Send Thee
09. Christmas in Killarney
10. The Christmas Medley — “It’s Almost Day,” “Make a Happy Song,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”


The Ambient Series: Oxygéne 3 To Complete Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygéne Trilogy

jean-michel-jarre-oxygene-3Jean-Michel Jarre released his Oxygéne classic back in 1976. What set it apart from his previous two (both that I was completely unaware of until I heard his original Oxygéne) was his new involvement in the emerging minimalist style of the time (a style still in full swing). Over time, Oxygéne helped to establish Jean-Michel Jarre as a composer of note, and not to be ignored. Since Oxygéne, Jarre has released well over fifteen albums, including an Oxygéne II (titled Oxygéne 7-13). That 1997 set was meant as a true sequel to the original.

On December 2, Jean-Michel Jarre, completely inspired, will release the next step in the Oxygéne movement, Oxygéne 3. It was created while Jarre created his two Electronica albums between the period of 2015 and 2016. An idea led to the recording of what has since been titled “Oxygéne 19”. With that inspiration leading the charge, Jean-Michel Jarre recorded the other six tracks that provide a bridge to the previous two. With seven musical pieces (“Oxygéne 14 – Oxygéne 20), we will have access to what is considered the conclusion of the imagined Oxygéne trilogy (I hope for more even before I hear these tracks). A coffee table book featuring Oxygéne is also planned.

Oxygéne will celebrate its 40th Anniversary on December 12.

Oxygéne 3 will be issued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The three titles will also be offered as a complete boxed set with all three works on CD and vinyl LP.

(Thanks to Pat for the heads up!)


New David Bowie Single Collection, Bowie Legacy

david-bowie-bowie-legacyThere has been a wealth of David Bowie sets since his unfortunate passing early this year. As we wind this year down, Legacy Recordings will finish with a flourish with the release of Bowie Legacy.

Bowie Legacy is a strong – and complete – collection of Bowie singles that covers his entire career. That begins with the “Space Oddity” release in 1969 and finishes with two from his last issue, Blackstar, earlier this year. The collection set for the single edition feature 21 singles and include a previously unreleased “Life On Mar?” version as a bonus. Aside from the new remix of “Life On Mars?” for 2016, most of the songs are 2014 remasters. Some are, in fact, earlier remasters.

Of course, the booklet is expected to be  sweet affair as well

Bowie Legacy will be released on CD (with 21 songs), 2CD Deluxe (with 40 songs), and DD. A 2LP vinyl set will be released later in 2017, on January 6.

I HAVE to say, I LOVE the cover. Whoever designed it, my hat is off to you for a job well done!

Bowie Legacy (CD) – David Bowie

01. Let’s Dance (Single Version)
02. Ashes to Ashes (Single Version)
03. Under Pressure – Queen & David Bowie
04. Life On Mars? (2016 Mix)
05. Changes
06. The Man Who Sold the World
07. Space Oddity
08. Starman(4:12)
09. Ziggy Stardust
10. The Jean Genie (Original Single Mix)
11. Rebel Rebel
12. Young Americans (Original Single Edit)
13. Golden Years (Single Version)
14. Modern Love (Single Version)
15. China Girl (Single Version)
16. Fame
17. Sound and Vision
18. Heroes (Single Version)
19. Where Are We Now? (Album Version)
20. Lazarus (Radio Edit)

Bowie Legacy (2CD) — David Bowie

01. Space Oddity
02. The Man Who Sold the World
03. Changes
04. Oh! You Pretty Things
05. Life On Mars? (2016 Mix)
06. Starman (Original Single Mix)
07. Ziggy Stardust
08. Moonage Daydream
09. The Jean Genie (Original Single Mix)
10. All the Young Dudes
11. Drive-In Saturday
12. Sorrow
13. Rebel Rebel
14. Young Americans (Original Single Edit)
15. Fame
16. Golden Years (Single Version)
17. Sound and Vision
18. Heroes (Single Version)
19. Boys Keep Swinging
20. Fashion (Single Version)
21. Ashes to Ashes (Single Version)

01. Under Pressure Queen & David Bowie (2016 Remaster)
02. Let’s Dance (Single Version)
03. China Girl (Single Version)
04. Modern Love (Single Version)
05. Blue Jean
06. This Is Not America (David Bowie with Pat Metheny Group)
07. Dancing in the Street (David Bowie & Mick Jagger) 3:11 10/03/14
08. Absolute Beginners (Edit)
09. Jump They Say (Radio Edit)
10. Hallo Spaceboy (PSB Remix) (David Bowie with Pet Shop Boys)
11. Little Wonder (Edit)
12. I’m Afraid of Americans (V1) (Clean Edit)
13. Thursday’s Child (Edit)
14. Slow Burn (Edit)
15. Everyone Says ‘Hi’ (Radio Edit)
16. New Killer Star (Radio Edit)
17. Where Are We Now? (Album Version)
18. Lazarus (Radio Edit)
19. I Can’t Give Everything Away (Radio Edit)


Skydog: A Duane Allman Retrospective Gets 14LP Box Treatment With New Additions

skydog-the-duane-allman-retrospectiveBack in 2013, Rounder Records released an phenomenal statement on the life and influence of Duane Allman in a 129-track, 7CD Limited Edition Box. The content of those CDs included an extraordinary collection of many areas that Duane Allman was involved in including session work and his own band. The Box included a 72-page book that was filled to bursting with photos, notes and essays, and a myriad of other collectible parts. There likely aren’t many left of the box set of Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective. You can read my wrote-up of the Box here (with track-list).

But what about vinyl?

Well, that vinyl box set of Skydog is about to make its appearance as a highly collectible Limited Edition 180g-weight 14LPBox that will have a run of only 1000 sets. Each set will be numbered. But what makes this set even more special is that Rounder has teamed with Pledge Music to create several bundle opportunities. Of three bundles, two are selling out fast. There are:

Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective – Super Deluxe Edition Bundle (31 (of 50) left at writing)


  • 14 180g-weight LPs
  • Numbered 50 or lower
  • Shipped in a custom Skydog carton
  • a Leather embossed with the Skydog logo
  • 18″ x 24″ lithograph poster
  • 8-panel accordion postcard set
  • 8″ x 10″ black and white photo
  • A signed and numbered copy of Please Be With Me: A Song For My Father by Galadrielle Allman with number to correspond to number of Box

Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective – Deluxe Edition Bundle – (196 left at writing)


  • 14 180g-weight LPs
  • Random numbering
  • Shipped in a custom Skydog carton
  • 18″ x 24″ lithograph poster
  • 8-panel accordion postcard set
  • 8″ x 10″ black and white photo
  • A signed and non-corresponding (to the Box) numbered copy of Please Be With Me: A Song For My Father by Galadrielle Allman.

Skydog: The Duane Allman Retrospective –  Bundle


  • 14 180g-weight LPs
  • Random Numbered Box
  • 8-panel accordion postcard set
  • Shipped in a custom Skydog carton

Included in each Box will be a truncated but still effective 56-page book. Each of the sleeves that house the LPs will be unique with a different photo shot of Duane Allman, a new feature exclusive to these LP vinyl Box sets. You can pre-order these sets here.


[UPDATE] Before The Dawn With Kate Bush Information

kate-bush-befor-the-dawnSince this hotly contested post (right, Pat?), the official news has been provided that Kate Bush is, indeed, putting out Before The Dawn. It would now appear that all points of purchase will be getting physical product. Since my original post, several things have happened: 1) 3CD and 4LP sets have been announced, and 2), an date change has occurred that pushes the release date closer by a week. It is now listed as November 25 in areas outside the US. The US will get all issues (3CD, DD, 4LP) on December 2.

The 3CD set and 4LP set will come with a 24-page booklet.

Back in late summer of 2014 on through to October 1, Kate Bush performed a series of shows called Before The Dawn. The shows were spectacularly received as was expected. In fact, two dates were filmed with a potential DVD release in mind. To date, that hasn’t happened (as far as I know). Which leaves a lot of disappointed fans, both attendees and fans that were unable to attend. And here we find ourselves in the latter part of 2016.


On December 2, Concord Records will release a digital album with 29 selected performance tracks that covers three acts of the show. The show ran for 22 dates at the Eventim Apollo Hammersmith. For now, there isn’t anything to indicate a DVD, BD, or even CD for the title. But this is certainly a step in the right direction, I’d say.

Before The Dawn – Kate Bush

Act One:
01 – Lily  (04:48)
02 – Hounds Of Love  (03:33)
03 – Joanni  (06:07)
04 – Top Of The City  (05:24)
05 – Never Be Mine  (05:55)
06 – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)  (05:40)
07 – King Of The Mountain  (08:05)

Act Two:
01 – Astronomer’s Call  (02:44)
02 – And Dream Of Sheep  (03:37)
03 – Under Ice (03:04)
04 – Waking The Witch  (06:38)
05 – Watching Them Without Her (01:57)
06 – Watching You Without Me  (04:23)
07 – Little Light  (02:08)
08 – Jig Of Life  (04:11)
09 – Hello Earth  (07:55)
10 – The Morning Fog  (05:23)

Act Three:
01 – Prelude  (01:55)
02 – Prologue  (10:10)
03 – An Architect’s Dream  (05:22)
04 – The Painter’s Link  (01:39)
05 – Sunset  (08:00)
06 – Aerial Tal  (01:30)
07 – Somewhere In Between (06:59)
08 – Tawny Moon  (06:08)
09 – Nocturn  (08:51)
10 – Aerial  (09:43)
11 – Among Angels  (05:48)
12 – Cloudbusting  (07:16)