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Both Cockney Rebel Albums Reissued On CD and LP

There is a history book, as thick as it is sad – well, partially sad, anyway. In it is listed every band who were excellent as producers of music, and yet never caught the attention of enough fans to register immediately in the minds of many. One of them is Cockney Rebel, of whom Steve Harley was the primary force.

During the ’70s, this band generated a Pop-styled Rock that interested the UK market much more than they did the fickle US market. During his run, Harley created a fair share of albums and a string of UK singles with his musical charm, a charm that was quite easy to fall under the spell of.

On May 4, Chrysalis Records will reissue the only two Cockney Rebel albums to be released just as the band (everything else bore his name). Those are The Human Menagerie (1973), and The Psychomodo (1974), which contained his UK hit, “Judy Teen”. His biggest hit came with the appending of his name to the Cockney Rebel brand, and his next album, The Best Years of Our Lives (“Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)”)

Chrysalis will reissue both Cockney Rebel albums in CD format housed in 4-panel digipaks. The albums will also be reissued on 180g-weigh black vinyl LP. Sadly, neither of these titles will be remastered opting instead to use the original masters. (I’ve listened to my copies and they actually sound pretty good.)

Chrysalis Records continue to refresh their rich catalogues to provide fans with fresh copies of CDs and LPs.

My favorite Steve Harley tune is easily “The Best Years of Our Lives”

New Roger Daltrey Album, As Long As I Have You

Admittedly, the last thing I would expect in this world of Rock and Roll is a new Roger Daltrey album. And not because I think it’s unnecessary. I sill warmly remember his debut Daltrey (1973), and his followup, Ride A Rock Horse (1975), and even One of The Boys (1977). All in all, Roger Daltrey has released eight solo efforts, his last being Rocks In The Head (1992). What surprises me is his announcement that releasing albums is a wasteful effort given the current environment.  And yet:

On June 1, Polydor will release the next Roger Daltrey album, As Long As I Have You. It will provide eleven songs, many with Pete Townshend on guitar, giving us as close a Who album as can be expected.

As Long As I Have You will be released on CD, DD, and two versions of vinyl including 180g-weight black vinyl, and a limited edition 180g-weight red color vinyl LP housed in a “disco bag”.  The red vinyl set is available exclusively via The Who webstore.

As for me, this is one for the fans!

As Long As I Have YouRoger Daltrey

01 As Long As I Have You
02 How Far
03 Where Is A Man To Go?
04 Get On Out Of The Rain
05 I’ve Got Your Love
06 Into My Arms
07 You Haven’t Done Nothing
08 Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
09 Certified Rose
10 The Love You Save
11 Always Heading Home

Wire To Reissue First Three Album Classics In Special Edition Multi-CD, CD, LP

One of the richest veins in Rock history reside from 1975 through 1985. There, music proliferated in a way that the previous times have not experienced. Not to disparage the music of the ‘late 50s, the embryonic ’60s, and the ‘teen years’ of the early ’70s, but when Punk created a dissension among listeners of Rock, you were either in or out, choosing to resist the evolution or to embrace it. After the brief of powerful display of Punk, there were bands who rode he Punk wave capitalizing on it’s cultural popularity. What some called “noise”, others found a new interest that propelled them into the next period, the next phase of actionable Rock and Roll. That new springboard genre was called Post-Punk. Whatever that meant to you, there is no denying that style of Rock was important.

One of those great Post-Punk bands (or Art-Punk, as you may have preferred), is a band known as Wire. With a formation in 1976, they quickly brought a stylistic sound to the hardcore punk, thus helping to create a strong and influential Post-punk landscape.

On May 18, watch for the reissue of three Wire classic albums that will be newly remastered, imbued with bonus tracks, and repackaged for CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The three albums include Pink Flag(1977), Chairs Missing (1978), and 154 (1979).  All three sets will provide a grand book-style housing with 80 pages of goodness to attend to the music provided.

Not only will the multi-CD Special Editions be released, but also single CD remasters featuring the original album only. These will be released on June 22, as will the remastered vinyl LPs featuring the original albums. For DD, only the original album remastered will be released. To get the bonus tracks, you will have to get the Special Editions.

Wire’s previous release Silver/Lead, issued in 2017, reveals the band to be as original as ever.

Pink Flag will contain thirty-eight tracks, with the twenty-one originals, and a collection of seventeen B-sides, demos, and previously unreleased cuts:

CD1 (Original Album):
01. Reuters
02. Field Day for the Sundays
03. Three Girl Rhumba
04. Ex Lion Tamer
05. Lowdown
06. Start to Move
07. Brazil
08. It’s So Obvious
09. Surgeon’s Girl
10. Pink Flag
11. The Commercial
12. Straight Line
13. 106 Beats That
14. Mr. Suit
15. Strange
16. Fragile
17. Mannequin
18. Different to Me
19. Champs
20. Feeling Called Love
21. 12 X U

CD2 (Bonus tracks):
01. The Commercial
02. Mr. Suit
03. Pink Flag
04. Surgeon’s Girl
05. Field Day for the Sundays
06. 106 Beats That
07. Fragile
08. Reuters
09. Different to Me
10. Ex Lion Tamer
11. Mannequin
12. Champs
13. Start to Move
14. Ex Lion Tamer
15. 12XU (Mono Mix)
16. Mannequin (Mono Mix)
17. It’s So Obvious

Chairs Missing will be spread out over three CDs with forty-seven tracks. Fifteen originals, and a massive assortment of thirty-two bonus tracks of B-sides, singles, demos, and outtakes:

CD1 (Original Album):
01. Practice Makes Perfect
02. French Film Bleurred
03. Another the Letter
04. Men 2nd
05. Marooned
06. Sand in My Joints
07. Being Sucked in Again
08. Heartbeat
09. Mercy
10. Outdoor Miner
11. I Am the Fly
12. I Feel Mysterious Today
13. From the Nursery
14. Used To
15. Too Late

CD2 (Bonus Tracks: Singles, B-sides, Outtakes):
01. I Am the Fly (Single Version)
02. Dot Dash
03. Options R
04. Outdoor Miner (Single Version)
05. Practice Makes Perfect (Single Version)
06. Underwater Experiences (Advision Version)

CD3 (Demos):
01. Practice Makes Perfect
02. OhNoNotSo
03. Culture Vultures
04. It’s the Motive
05. Love Ain’t Polite
06. French Film Blurred (Version 1)
07. Sand in My Joints
08. Too Late
09. I Am the Fly
10. Heartbeat
11. Underwater Experiences
12. Stalemate
13. I Feel Mysterious Today
14. Dot Dash
15. French Film Blurred (Version 2)
16. Options R
17. Finistaire (Mercy)
18. Marooned
19. From the Nursery
20. Indirect Enquiries (Version 1)
21. Outdoor Miner
22. Chairs Missing (Used To)
23. Being Sucked in Again
24. Men 2nd
25. Another the Letter
26. No Romans

The third Wire release, 154, will be distributed in a 3CD SE that will add twenty-seven bonus tracks to the original’s thirteen tracks. 154 has long been considered the band’s masterpiece and is much darker in musical scope:

CD1 (Original Album):
01. I Should Have Known Better
02. Two People in a Room
03. The 15th
04. The Other Window
05. Single K.O.
06. A Touching Display
07. On Returning
08. A Mutual Friend
09. Blessed State
10. Once Is Enough
11. Map Ref 41°N 93°W
12. Indirect Enquiries
13. 40 Versions

CD2 (Bonus Tracks: Singles, B-sides, Outtakes):
01. A Question of Degree (Single Version)
02. Former Airline (Single Version)
03. Go Ahead (Single Version)
04. Our Swimmer (Single Version)
05. Midnight Bahnhof Café (Single Version)
06. Our Swimmer (2nd Length) [single Version]
07. Catapult 30 (Single Version)
08. Song 1
09. Get Down 1 + 2
10. Let’s Panic Later
11. Small Electric Piece

CD3 (Demos):
01. 40 Versions
02. Ignorance No Plea (I Should Have Known Better)
03. Blessed State
04. A Touching Display
05. The 15th
06. A Mutual Friend
07. Once Is Enough
08. The Other Window


UK Record Store Day To Release PiL Album Breakout Of 2LP Concert Live At The Brixton Academy 27.5.86

A few years back, Public Image Ltd released Deluxe editions of some of their classic sets including the much loved Album. Contained within the generously  supplied edition was a live set from Brixton Academy circa 1986, the period of time in which Album was released.

The live Brixton Academy recordings consists of fourteen performance tracks. It’s now good news to note that an official release of the May 27, 1986 show will be reissued alone, apart from the Deluxe Edition of Album.

The set is being called – appropriately – Concert (live at the Brixton Academy 27.5.86). Currently, this is being marketed for UK Record Store Day as a 2LP vinyl set. This gatefold edition will include a fold out poster.

Record Store Day (UK) is scheduled for April 21.

Hopefully, a CD set will follow after the RSD promotions end for the PiL faithful and deserving CD adherents.

concert live at the brixton academy 27.5.86PiL

01 Kashmir
02 FFF
03 Low Life
04 Fishing
01 Poptones
02 Pretty Vacant
03 Banging The Door
04 Flowers Of Romance
05 Bags

01 Round
02 Home
01 Public Image
02 Rise
03 Annalisa


New Def Leppard CD and LP Boxed Sets To Be Issued

Def Leppard was a surprise arrival in the Rock world back in 1977. With young Joe Elliott as vocalist, and a high intensity guitarist, Steve Clark, the band immediately entered the charts with a Rock fan satisfying collection of tracks found on their 1980 debut, On Through The Night. It delivered a series of hits, some in the UK, and some in the US. The album itself was a high placement on both the UK and US charts.

With a catalog of eleven studio sets that includes the massive Pyromania (1983), with over ten million units sold, and the even greater selling Hysteria (1987), with over twenty million copies in fans’ hands, the catalog of Def Leppard is a valuable and exciting commodity. It has been undergoing an updating of which these boxed sets are a part of.

On June 1, Mercury Records will release two separately available boxed sets, one for CD, and one for vinyl LP. Both sets will be known as The Collection, Volume One.

The CD Collection will be six CDs, while the vinyl box will contain seven LPs. There will a special booklet housed in the case with the discs. The Rarities disc is the catch here as it is expected to contain radio sessions from the band’s early years. For the CD Box, the EP might be included on the Rarities CD.

The albums included will be:

  • 01 – On Through The Night
  • 02 – High ‘n’ Dry
  • 03 – Pyromania
  • 04 – Hysteria
  • 05 – Live At The L.A. Forum 1983
  • 06 – Rarities Volume One
  • 07 – The Def Leppard EP

More details will follow in a future update.


Jeff Beck Live At The Hollywood Bowl On 2CD/3LP Sets

For over 50 years, Jeff Beck has been a strong part of our music landscape. From The Yardbirds, his own bands, and a series of solo albums, he has left behind an immeasurable imprint on the whole of Rock and Roll. And still, he produces a fiery range of talent. Just a little over a year ago, he released a solo album (Loud Hailer). And he’s been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, once with The Yardbirds, and once individually.

In the summer of 2016, Jeff Beck played at the Hollywood Bowl as one show in a celebration of his 50 years.

On April 6, Rhino will release a 2CD edition of Jeff Beck Live at The Hollywood Bowl. Previously, there has been  DVD and BD issues of the show, which featured a wealth of guest performers including Buddy Guy, Steven Tyler, Jan Hammer, Jimmy Hall, Billy Gibbons, and others.  Additionally, there were imports (into the US) of CD and LP recordings.

On May 25, Rhino will also re-release a 3LP vinyl edition of Live At The Hollywood Bowl. If you were unable to score imports of these CD and LP editions, this domestic re-release should help you out greatly.

Three (Maybe Four) Classic A Certain Ratio (ACR) Albums Reissued For CD and Limited Edition Vinyl

The well known Factory Records from decades past released an influential batch of memorable albums and music from bands like Joy Division, The Durutti Column, New Order, and Happy Mondays to name a few. One of the excellent bands of the early era of Factory Records was A Certain Ratio.

A Certain Ratio (ACR) formed in the latter ’70s as a UK postpunk band with a predilection for dance music fused with funk, jazz, and good old fashioned experimentation designed to challenge the constant of the day. Well, the experiment worked brilliantly even if they were relegated to the undercurrents of the pop scale. If you were a fan of Factory Records, then you definitely heard of them. They were completely ahead of their time.

On May 25, Mute Records will revisit three (possibly four) of the band’s releases with reissues for CD and colored vinyl LP. Previously, Mute has reissued To Each… (1981) [CD and Red vinyl LP], The Graveyard and The Ballroom (1979) [CD and color PVC sleeve for vinyl], and Force (1986) [CD]. Here’s what’s coming now:

  • I’d Like To See You Again (1982) Planned for CD and Limited Edition Neon Yellow colored vinyl LP.
  • acr:mcr (1990) Planned for CD and Limited Edition Clear vinyl 2LP cut at 45RPM.
  • Up In Downsville (1992) Planned for CD and Limited Edition Light Blue colored vinyl 2LP cut at 45RPM.
  • There is a hint of Good Together (1989) being reissued as well but I have no definite word on this one. It is also hinted at as being made available on CD and Limited Edition White Vinyl 2LP cut at 45RPM.

I failed to be alerted (and to discover) the previous reissues of ACR releases mentioned above as I would DEFINITELY have alerted you to these. Apologies!! A Certain Ratio is an underappreciated but classic band from the ’80s! They’re ripe for your discovery (if you haven’t heard of them), or presented anew if you have forgotten about them. Fans of the Post-Punk era, late ’70s, early ’80s, ACR is ABSOLUTELY worth your investigation!


Ornette Coleman Atlantic Years Preserved Within 10LP Box

Ornette Coleman is considered one of Jazz’s great saxophonists. Over the expanse of his storied career, he released well over thirty albums for a number of great labels. Ornette Coleman lived a long life before passing away at the age of 85.

On May 11, Atlantic will reissue its catalog of Ornette Coleman albums on 180g-weight black vinyl LPs, all housed in a box named The Atlantic Years. Included are a collection of outtakes. The albums here are:

  • The Shape Of Jazz To Come (1959)
  • Change Of The Century (1959)
  • This Is Our Music (1960)
  • Free Jazz (1960)
  • Ornette! (1961)
  • Ornette On Tenor (1961)
  • The Art of The Improvisors (1970)
  • Twins (1971)
  • To Whom Keeps A Record (1975)
  • The Ornette Coleman Legacy

If you’re an Ornette Coleman fan as well as a purveyor of fine vinyl releases, then this Box (although pricey) can be the great way to enjoy the music of one of free-form Jazz’s masters!

New Spock’s Beard Album, Noise Floor

Spock’s Beard has long been a favorite of Prog fans. Their last studio album was back in 2015 with The Oblivion Particle. With twelve albums since their The Light debut back in 1995, it is nice to see how the band is becoming more noticed than ever before. The Oblivion Particle was a hit in today’s numbers with good action throughout the world. But now it’s 2018, and fans are ready for more.

On May 25, Spock’s Beard will release their next album, Noise Floor. With a collection of eight original songs, plus the inclusion of a bonus  EP set of four outtakes from the recording sessions, this new album is ready to thrill fans.

Noise Floor will be available as a 2CD digipak edition, DD, and a 2LP edition.

Noise FloorSpock’s Beard

CD1 (Noise Floor):
01 – To Breathe Another Day
02 – What Becomes Of Me
03 – Somebody’s Home
04 – Have We All Gone Crazy Yet
05 – So This Is Life
06 – One So Wise
07 – Box of Spiders
08 – Beginnings

CD2 (Cutting Room Floor EP):
01 – Days We’ll Remember
02 – Bulletproof
03 – Vault
04 – Armageddon Nervous


YES To Re-Release Fly From Here As Remixed Fly From Here – Return Trip

A bit ago, I had mentioned the upcoming remixed edition of Fly From Here, the 2011 studio set recorded with vocals by Benoit David. As a change, the new YES band lineup has opted to re-record the vocals mix with new vocal tracks by Trevor Horn and then remix the original album with those new tracks. As a qualifying bonus, a previously release Japanese issued full length song (“Hour of Need”) has been added to the package, which is being called Fly From Here – Return Trip.

Fly From Here – Return Trip is being scheduled for world release after the exclusive availability for Fan Convention Day on March 25, which is to say, March 26 (right?!). The remixed reissue will be offered as DD, CD (a 16-page digibook), and 180g-weight vinyl LP in a gatefold jacket (in June), and a picture disc (also in June).

No matter your stance on this recreation of history, this is a new listen to a previously released YES issue.