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Exhaustive 17CD/1DVD Box Expected For John Martyn (UK Report)

Layout 1John Martyn was  an incredible talent.  The unfortunate thing was that he never really caught the mainstream’s attention.  But sometimes that’s just the curse of great talent, remaining in the shadows for those that can see and hear inside the fog of obscurity.  And sometimes beyond.

John Martyn came into his own, introducing his folk style to the UK, eventually coming within the sphere of Chris Blackwell, who signed Martyn to the once influential Island Records that Blackwell founded and headed for some time.  That was 1967.  Since then, John Martyn released twenty one studio albums including the posthumous Heaven and Earth (2011).  (John Martyn died in 2009.)

During this productive period, John Martyn became a beloved musician whose creative output engaged the human soul in ways that are hard to explain.  While we are left with a sizable collection of studio work, and a rich batch of live material, a man like John Martyn never let up for a moment.  It is therefore reasonable to expect a hidden cache of material out there waiting that was waiting to be discovered.

Island Records, the original home of John Martyn for so many years is planning the UK release of a monstrous Box set that will end up becoming a definitive statement of Martyn’s musical brilliance.

On September 9, John Martyn – The Island Years will become available to fans of the man with a goldmine of material that will include not only key Island releases, but also bonuses of unreleased stuff, video, and a collectible hard-bound book.


The Island Years will come with 17 CDs, and a DVD.  The CDs’ content include twelve important “key” Island albums (the complete list has not been released as of yet), along with a batch of previously unreleased alternative outtakes (largely from Stormbringer, The Road To Ruin, Bless The Weather, Solid Air, Inside Out, Sunday’s Child, and One World, with extensive outtakes from Grace and Danger, Sapphire, and Piece By Piece), unreleased mixes of songs you have already heard, unreleased live tracks from 1972 and 1977 (The Hanging Lamp – 1972, The Town Hall (Sydney, Australia) – 1977),  the complete demos for The Apprentice (1990), and unheard songs.  It is said that the curator of the box opted away from previously released material bonuses to insure the freshness of this set.

The one DVD contains video performances from UK’s The Old  Grey Whistle Test, Sight and Sound – In Concert, A Little Night Music, and the previously VHS-only, Foundations, all in all, over three hours of Martyn-related footage.  The book is hard-bound with a new essay (John Hillarby), photos, memorabilia, and complete credit listings.  The Box is an LP-sized slip hard-case for durable long-term storage.

All of this makes for an exhaustive – and highly collectible – Box overview for John Martyn.  John Martyn – The Island Years will be a Limited Edition release; when they’re gone, they’re gone.

This very pricey but compelling Box can be pre-ordered here at the link.

BBC Vault Yields Historic 6CD Box Of Bolan Performance Tracks

MarcBolanAtTheBBC6CDBoxIf you’re a Metal Guru, or just a serious Marc Bolan/T. Rex fan, then the completist in you just might be screaming for this upcoming 6CD Box, At The BBC featuring performance tracks from the BBC vaults.

From Bolan’s formative early years with John’s Children, to his Tyrannosaurus Rex incarnation , and finally, Bolan’s archetypal GlamRock period where he performed as T. Rex, this HUGE Box of BBC, and Peel recorded classics is likely to put the smile on the face of every serious Bolan fan on this earth.

Here is what are contained within:

The first disc contains an enviable BBC session (the only session, as it’s reported) with Bolan’s John’s Children band, which was recorded for BBC Radio One – Saturday Club way back in June of 1967.  This disc also contains all of the sessions that were recorded for John Peel’s Top Gear show between November of 1967, and December of 1968.

Disc Two has four Top Gear sessions recorded in June of 1969, and the In Concert performance from January of 1970.  Also included are three interview sessions for the Night Ride show.

Disc Three rewards with a Top Gear session form October of 1970, as well as two recorded songs from the “lost” Bob Harris BBC session from November of 1970.  The CD will also be home to the Dave Lee Travis session form December of 1970, and a five songs recorded in December of 1970 for the Peel Sunday Concert.

Disc Four has eight songs recorded from Radio One Club that were played on the show in March and July of 1971.  There is a Bob Harris “Sound of The Seventies” session from August 1971, an interview with Tony Norman (1971), Keith Altham (1972), and a performance of “Telegram Sam” for the Peter Powell BBC show in January of 1972.

The remaining two CDs contain exclusively recorded mixes for the BBC between May of 1972, and January of 1974, and interviews with Johnny Moran, Nicky Horne, Anne Nightingale, and David Hamilton that featured the great and missed Marc Bolan.

MarcBolanAll six discs were complied by Clive Zone, with an essay by Mark Payress (who wrote Marc Bolan – A 20th Century Superstar), and remastered to the best quality that could be achieved at Universal Mastering, London (Keiron McGarry).  It is stated that these are old tracks, and more than a few might not be as perfect as the others, but that goes with the territory of old tracks and tapes.

Clive Zone explored the BBC vaults for six years to assemble this collector’s box designed for the serious Marc Bolan fan.

At The BBC is scheduled for UK release on August 26, and will set you back a few pennies. But if you’re a Bolan fan in every respect, you won’t mind the sacrifice.  Myself? I’d hole up in my music room until I absorbed every last note.

Enjoy the (cut ‘n pasted but completely formatted by me) track-listing of these six CDs:

Tracklisting Disc 1

DISC ONE – John’s Children and Tyrannosaurus Rex

John’s Children – BBC Radio One – Saturday Club : TX 17-6-1968

01: Jagged Time Lapse ( 2:38 )
02: Interview with John Hewlett ( 0:53 )
03: The Perfumed Garden of Gulliver Smith ( 2:46 )
04: Daddy Rolling Stone ( 2:12 )
05: Hot Rod Mama ( 3:11 )
06: Top Gear jingle – ( 0:12 )

BBC Radio One – Top Gear : Recorded 30-10-1967 

07: Highways with chat ( 1:54 )
08: Dwarfish Trumpet Blues with chat ( 2:36 )
09: Scenescof with interview ( 2:18 )
10: Child Star with chat ( 3:02 )
11: Pictures of Purple People with interview ( 2:50 )
12: Hot Rod Mama with interview ( 3:00 )

BBC Radio One – Top Gear : Transmitted 24-3-1968

13: Knight with chat ( 2:30 )
14: Frowning Atahuallpa with chat (4:41 )
15: Strange Orchestras ( 1:53 )
16: Afghan Woman with chat ( 2:04 )
17: Deborah with chat ( 3:18 )
18: Mustang Ford with chat ( 3:17 )

BBC Radio One – Top Gear : Transmitted 14-7-1968

19: Stacey Grove with chat ( 1:53 )
20: One Inch Rock with chat ( 1:43 )
21: Salamanda Palaganda with chat ( 2:11 )
22: Eastern Spell with chat ( 1:35 )
23: Wind Quartets with chat ( 2:59 )

BBC Radio One – Voice of Pop : Transmitted 21-9-1968

24: Juniper Suction – Poem ( 0:31 )
25: Juniper Suction – song with interview ( 1:46 )

BBC Radio One – Top Gear : Transmitted 10-11-1968

26: The Friends with chat ( 1:23 )
27: Conseuala with chat ( 2:24 )
28: The Seal of Seasons with chat ( 1:40 )
29: Evenings Of Damask with chat ( 2:25 )
30: The Travelling Tragition ( 1:47 )

Tracklisting Disc 2

DISC TWO –Tyrannosaurus Rex 

BBC Radio One – Top Gear : Transmitted 16-2-1969

01: Pewter Suitor with chat ( 1:21 )

BBC Radio One – Top Gear : Transmitted 11-5-1969

02: Interview with Brian Matthews ( 1:33 )
03: Chariots of Silk ( 2:32 )
04: Once Upon The Seas of Abyssinia with chat ( 2:29 )
05: Nijinsky Hind with chat ( 2:23 )
06: The Misty Coast of Albany with chat ( 2:27 )
07: Iscariot with chat ( 2:03 )

BBC Radio One – Night Ride : Recorded 11-6-1969

08: A Star of Youth – Poem with Interview ( 1:04 )
09: A Ship of Rhythm – Poem with Interview ( 1:36 )
10: The Winged Man With Eyes Downcast To The Moon – Poem with interview (0:54)

BBC Radio One – Top Gear : Transmitted 17-11-1969

11: Interview with Brian Matthews ( 0:57 )
12: Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart ( 2:37 )
13: Pavilions Of Sun ( 2:52 )
14: A Day Laye ( 2:01 )
15: By The Light Of A Magical Moon ( 2:47 )
16: Wind Cheetah ( 2:33 )

BBC Radio One – In Concert – Recorded 1-1-1970 (complete with chat)

17: Hot Rod Mama – Live ( 2:17 )
18: Deborah – Live ( 3:44 )
19: Pavilions Of Sun – Live ( 3:36 )
20: Dove – Live ( 4:27 )
21: By The Light of the Magical Moon – Live ( 3:49 )
22: Elemental Child – Live ( 7:05 )
23: The Wizard – Live ( 9:21 )

Tracklisting Disc 3


 BBC Radio One – Top Gear : Recorded 26-10-1970

01: Ride A White Swan ( 2:04 )
02: Jewel ( 3:34 )
03: Elemental Child ( 7:46 )
04: Sun Eye ( 2:01 )

BBC Radio One – Sounds of the 70s : Transmitted 16-11-1970

05: My Baby’s Like a Cloud Form ( 1:25 )
06: Funk Music – Jam ( 1:46 )

BBC Radio One – Dave Lee Travis show : Recorded 9-12-1970

07: Summertime Blues ( 3:35 )
08: Jewel ( 3:21 )
09: Hot Love ( 3:10 )

BBC Radio One – In Concert : Transmitted 20-12-1970 (complete and different )

10: Debora ( 5:36 )
11: Elemental Child ( 8:54 )
12: Woodland Bop medley with Woodland Bop / Conesuala / The King Of The Mountain Cometh / Woodland Bop ( 7:29 )
13: Ride A White Swan ( 3:10 )
14: Jewel ( 7:53 )

Tracklisting Disc 4


BBC Radio One – Radio One Club : Recorded 9-3-1971

01: Woodland Rock with chat ( 2:28 )
02: Beltane Walk ( 2:23 )
03: Seagull Woman – Backing Track ( 2:20 )
04: Hot Love ( 2:49 )
05: Interview with Keith Altham ( 3:53 ) – 16th April 1971

BBC Radio One – Radio One Club : Recorded 20-7-1971

06: Jeepster ( 3:11 )
07: Get It On ( 4:41 )
08: Electric Boogie with chat ( 1:55 )

BBC Radio One – Sounds of the 70s with Bob Harris : Recorded 3-8-1971

09: Bob’s On – jingle
10: Sailors of The Highway
11: Girl
12: Cadilac with chat
13: Jeepster
14: Life’s A Gas
15: Christmas Is A Good Time – Jingle ( 0:18 )
16: Interview with Tony Norman ( 9:44 ) – 4th December 1971
17: Telegram Sam ( 2:50 ) – Peter Powell show – 29th January 1972
18: Interview with Keith Altham ( 15:38 ) – 5th February 1972

 Tracklisting Disc 5

(all mixes done specifically for the BBC )

01: Metal Guru ( 2:08 )
02: Interview with Andrew Salkey – 13th May 1972 ( 7:01 )
03: The Slider ( 3:29 )
04: Mystic Lady ( 3:07 )
05: Rock On ( 3:18 )
06: Main Man ( 4:14 )
07: Interview with Johnny Moran – 26th August 1972 ( 14:35 )
08: Children of the Revolution – transcription September 1972 ( 2:29 )
09: Solid Gold Easy Action ( 2:06 )
10: 20th Century Boy ( 3:41 )
11: Free Angel ( 2:13 )
12: Interview with Nick Horne – 6th March 1973 ( 7:35 )
13: Rapids ( 2:47 )
14: Mad Donna ( 2:16 )
15: The Grover – David Hamilton show – June 1973 ( 3:00 )
16: Midnight ( 3:04 )

Tracklisting Disc 6


01: Interview with Anne Nightingale – June 26th 1973 ( 4:50 )
02: Black Jack – Big Carrot ( 3:21 )
03: Truck On ( Tyke ) ( 3:11 )
04: Sitting Here ( 2:19 )
05: Teenage Dream ( 5:19 )
06: Interview with Michael Wale- January 11th 1974 ( 12:23 )
07: Light of Love ( 3:29 )
08: Explosive Mouth ( 2:32 )
09: Zip Gun Boogie ( 3:21 )
10: Space Boss ( 2:57 )
11: New York City ( 3:33 )
12: Dreamy Lady – David Hamilton Show – 23rd September 1975 ( 3:09 )
13: Do You Wanna Dance – 23rd September ( 2:34 )
14: Interview with David Hamilton for Insight ( 3:34 )
15: : Interview with Anne Nightingale for Insight ( 5:49 )
16: I Love To Boogie– David Hamilton Show – 18th June 1976 ( 2:17 )
17: Celebrate Summer – David Hamilton Show – 19th August 1977 ( 2:12 )

TAPSheet: Release Notes – 01/14/2013 (UK Report)

The new David Bowie album, The Next Day, with it’s “oh so cool” cover shot (I’m serious!  Can you guess what the cover is a representation of?), is slated to be available on March 11 via RCA Records UK.  The sets available will be a Deluxe Edition, the standard CD set, and a vinyl LP edition.  Now, dig this cover.


Warner Brothers Records UK have the new Johnny Marr album scheduled for release on February 25.  The album is called The Messenger.

Bella Union UK will release Pale Green Ghosts by John Grant as a 2CD set on March 11.

V2 Coop UK will release ANNA by The Courteeners on February 4.


EMI UK plans a Deluxe Edition of Graffiti On The Train by Stereophonics on March 4.

Salvo Sound and Vision will release a 2CD/DVD Box of Live At The Isle of Wight Festival 1970 featuring The Who on March 4.  This set will deliver two bonus tracks cut from the film and present them on the remastered film included on the DVD.

EMI UK will reissue the Peter Gabriel-era Genesis classic, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974) as a remastered 2LP Edition to be made available February 18.

Esoteric UK will release Songs Of A Lifetime by Greg Lake on February 25.  The album is a new album of familiar songs from the catalogs of King Crimson, and ELP including “From The Beginning”, and “21st Century Schizoid Man”.  I like it!


Warner Music UK will release Bloodsports by Suede on March 18.

NICE!  Metro Sound and Vision will issue a CD/DVD Deluxe Edition Box of Pictures: The Essential Collection featuring music from Status Quo from their 2009 Pictures tour.  Rockin’ all over the world!

A 2CD version of Saint Julian by Julian Cope is slated for issue on February 4.

Cooking Vinyl UK will release Painting by Ocean Colour Scene on February 11.  I like the band and await the album.

Ocean Colour Scene Painting

On February 25, Esoteric UK will reissue three classic – and necessary –  Climax Blues Band albums.  Those expanded and remastered sets include A A Lot of Bottle (1970), Plays On (1969), and The Climax Chicago Blues Band (1969).

Floating World UK will release Class of 90 by ex-Clash Mick Jones’ Big Audio Dynamite.  The set is scheduled for February 25.

Esoteric UK plan remastered and expanded versions of the live set by Chicken Shack called Goodbye (1973), and studio work, Unlucky Boy (1973), for February 25.

EMI UK will release LIVE Momentum from Neal Morse on February 18 as a five disc set with 23 performance tracks.

RPM Records UK will release a remastered and expanded edition of Subtle As A Flying Mallet (1075) by Dave Edmunds on February 25.  The set will expand the album by eight tunes.


Edsel Records UK will reissue Kasim (1982) by Utopia bassist, Kasim Sulton, on February 25.

BGO UK will release a remastered two-fer set of the first two Bachman-Turner Overdrive classics (BTO/BTO II) on February 4.

BGO will also remastered and reissue Sinful (1979) by Angel, releasing the set on March 4.

Columbia UK will release a new Joe Cocker album, Fire It Up, on February 18.

Cherry Pop UK will re-release a Deluxe Edition of All That Jazz (1988) by Breathe on February 25.  Extra tracks are promised.


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 11/15/2012 (UK Report)

Attack Attack Records will release an anthology for New Model Army named Vengeance: The Whole Story 1980-84, on December 10.  The 2CD set will contain 37 remastered tracks.  In essence, this album will offer Vengeance (1984), their EPs, and singles, as well as BBC tracks.  It’s topped off with the inclusion of nine previously unreleased songs.  (Along with this album, I’m also looking forward to the Deluxe Edition of The House of Love!!)

Inakustiks Records will release a 2CD Box featuring Michael Schenker called Temple of Rock – Live In Europe.  This 24-track set is expected on December 10.

Jasmine Records will release Two Teenagers – The Singles 1957-1961, which are the music tracks from early Simon & Garfunkel.   This set is a chronological compilation of released tracks from all incarnations of pre-Simon & Garfunkel, 26 tracks in all.  It arrives on December 10.

Drastic Steps (1988), the post-Peter Haycock album from Climax Blues Band will be reissued  on December 10 with new remastering.  Via Repetoire Records.

Repertoire will also release The Best of Alvin Lee on a 2CD collection slated for December 31.

Earmusic Records plan Live In Paris 1975 featuring Deep Purple (Blackmore).  Ten performance tracks are accompanied by a 1975 interview.  It’s scheduled for December 10.

Mercury Records (UK) plan the release of a 6CD Box featuring music from James on December 9.  The set is called The Gathering Sound, and will include an 8GB USB Drive with all studio albums, non-album tracks, and videos, three CDs, a DVD, 12″ vinyl, along with a 16pp booklet, and a 44pp scrapbook.  Swag includes four cards, four buttons, and four backstage pass replicas.

Floating World plan the release of Keith Don’t Go: Live at the T & C featuring Nils Lofgren, on January 28.

Broken English by Marianne Faithfull will be reissued in a 2CD set on January 28.

Edsel Records (UK) To Reissue Classic The Slider By T. Rex As 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

Although I may be in the slim minority here, I’m very excited for the upcoming  Super Deluxe Edition Box planned for The Slider by T. Rex.  I recognize this UK 40th Anniversary show of excess may be a fan’s dream shut off at the spigot due to the hefty price tag assigned but still…there may never be a more definitive version of this album than this.

Being released by UK’s brilliant Edsel Records division (which means this set will never be released in the US), all of the stops were pulled out just like last year’s 40th Anniversary Edition pf Electric Warrior.  The Slider is being treated as the classic it is with a bevy of added extras that are just simply too good to pass up.

Here’s what’s being offered:

2CDs, one containing the new 2012 Tony Visconti remaster of The Slider, and the second disc to contain bonus music including B-sides, and a previously unreleased demo of “The Slider”.

A DVD with music clips, interviews, TV appearances, and other goodies.

180g-weight LP of the remastered album, and three 7″ vinyl singles (“Telegram Sam”, “Metal Guru”, “Chariot Choogle”)

A hardback book with photos, essays, interviews, and whole lot more.

A 40-page booklet of song sheets of every song on the classic album.

A poster.

If you’re a fan of The Slider, then this should be on your ‘must-have’ list…no matter what, and price be damned.

As for myself, I’m also anxiously awaiting the Super Deluxe 40th Anniversary set of Tanx.  I hope I get my wish.

AND…I hope that labels take notice and do these up for many albums…for fans only!


TAPSheet: Release Notes – 10/02/2012 (UK Report)

Lucky 7/Cooking Vinyl plan the release of Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da by Madness, which is expected to have the album out on October 29.

Salvo Records will release a remastered Frankie Said (The Very Best Of) featuring the songs of Frankie Goes To Hollywood.  This set is scheduled for November 5.

Rhino Records will release American Soul by Mick Hucknall, planned for October 29.

EMI UK plans a 4-disc collection featuring the music of Cockney Rebel.  The 49-track set will feature 2012 remastering.  It will be called Cavaliers: An Anthology 1973-1974.  Nice!

Decca Records will release Rod Stewart‘s next…never mind!

Rhino UK plans a 10CD Box set featuring the recorded works of Joni Mitchell for October 29.  It will be referred to as The Studio Albums: 1968-1979.

The hotly anticipated Jethro Tull classic Thick As A Brick, will get the 40th Anniversary Edition treatment, with the Special Edition being released in the UK on November 5.

Watch for the 2CD Live At Hull 1970 live set coming featuring The Who.  IT’s expected on November 19.

Mercury UK plan the release of a five-disc (including a DVD) Tenology featuring the timeless music of 10cc over 64 tracks, and 25 videos.  This must-have set is expected on November 19.

Island Records UK continue the Sandy Denny love with a 4-disc Box called The Notes and The Words: A Collection of Demos and Rarities, which is expected on October 29.

Atomhenge UK will reissue a new remaster of Palace Springs (1991 – Live) featuring the music of Hawkwind in an 2CD Expanded Edition (22 tracks) set for October 29.

Sony UK plan the release of 3CD Box set featuring the music of Manic Street Preachers called Generation Terrorists, which is expected on November 5.

Nova UK will release Live at Ebbet’s Field Denver featuring Gene Clark on October 29.

Watch for an Expanded Edition of War Of The Gods (1973) by Billy Paul (did he EVER make a bad album?) scheduled for October 29.

Edsel will release 2CD Collector’s Editions of Fine Young Cannibals (1985), and The Raw And The Cooked (1988), both by Fine Young Cannibals and both on October 29.

Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (1978), the studio release from Rainbow will get a 2CD reissue on November 5 as will On Stage (1977).

Eastworld UK will release X from Focus (remember them?) on October 29.

Cherry Red Records plan the release of Yin & Yang, a collaboration between Jah Wobble and Keith Levene with a planned date of November 12.

Island UK plan a 2CD reissue of The End… (1974) by Nico that will include a number of Peel Sessions tracks as well as a few Grey Whistle Test performances.  It’s scheduled for October 29.

Newsroom Records UK will release a Deluxe Edition of Mid Air, the solo release from Paul Buchanan, on October 29.

The new Kris Kristofferson album, Feeling Mortal, is scheduled for UK release on November 5.

Big Beat Records UK plan the reissue of The Seeds (1966) by The Seeds on October 29.

The Gift From The Jam Gets 4-Disc 30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Treatment

On November 19, the UK will release a 30th Anniversary four-disc Super Deluxe Edition of The Jam’s classic The Gift (1982).  (Thirty bloody years??!!)

The Jam’s last album, which featured the massive hit, “Town Called Malice”, and other genuine classic tracks like “Ghost”, “Carnation”, and the title track closer, “The Gift”, was an extraordinary work despite its changes.  From the opening track of “Happy Together” to the album’s hit (“Town Called Malice”), the last tune, The Gift shone with a different kind of light.

The album brought about the demise of the band, largely due to musical direction differences.  Nevermind the soulful sound of Foxton’s contribution, “Circus”.

The Gift will be celebrated with the album remastered, a collection of B-sides, rarities, and live recordings on the CDs, along with a DVD of promo clips and live performances.  The 30th Anniversary set will include a super anticipated 72-page hardback book with plenty of photos, magazine pieces, an extensive essay, an interview with Weller, memorabilia, along with a set of postcards, and a replicated 1982 tour program.

The four discs will be stored in wallets and housed in a box featuring the original striped bag style cover.  The contents of the discs are as follows:

Disc One: Remastered Album plus 10 singles and their B-sides during this period!

Disc Two: Bonus tracks with fifteen demos and alternate tracks, thirteen previously unreleased.  All tracks here have been remastered.

Disc Three: Live at Wembley, December 1982 featuring the previously unreleased, and completely remastered live set with 23 songs.

Disc Four (DVD): Features promo clips of “Town Called Malice”, “Precious”, and “The Bitterest Pill”, along with nine live performance tracks from a Birmingham show from the Trans-Global Unity Express Tour., a DAnish TV Special appearance, and “Town Called Malice”, and “”Precious” from a 1982 Top of the Pops appearance.

It’s pretty complete.

Jam fans, take notice and be ready to pounce.

Grrr! is All About The Stones

On November 13, (November 12 for the rest of the world), Universal, Abkco, and The Rolling Stones plan the release of a career-spanning ‘best of’ that will sort through five decades of some of Rock’s great tracks.

Yeah, we have seen more than a fair share of Rolling Stones collections.  One of the bad things with many of those, is that they have never been really complete.  And while Grrr! is likely to not be complete either, its scope will likely be vast.

The releases include a 3CD, 50-track set with a 24-page booklet housed in a digipak package; and a 3CD, 50-track Deluxe Edition that furthers the booklet with a 36-page hardback book and five collectible postcards encased in a DVD-sized casing.  For those that need more, there will be a 4CD, 80-track Super Deluxe Edition Box that will add in a bonus CD, a 7″ vinyl single, a hardback book, a poster, five collectible postcards, all housed in a nice box.  Vinyl fans can get a 5LP containing 50 tracks in a casebound LP Box.

In an attempt to make these sets more attractive to those that might understandably balk at this release, The Stones will bolster this with two new songs.

The track-listing hasn’t been made available as of yet but when it is, I’ll append them to this post.

Mike Oldfield Updates: Platinum and QE2 Deluxe Edition UK

Earlier, we knew that Mike Oldfield would release updated versions of Platinum (1979), and QE2 (1980) on July 23 of this year, both in Deluxe Edition formats.  We now know a little bit more (thanks again, Pat) about these upcoming releases.

Platinum, will, in addition to the classic album (and three bonus tracks), add in a second disc which will include Live at Wembley Arena 1980 heard in nine performance tracks.  The track-list, which includes the Oldfield arrangement of Philip Glass’ “North Star”, and a version of Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm”, is found below.

01) Part One – Airborn

02) Part Two – Platinum

03) Part Three – Charleston

04) Part Four – North Star / Platinum Finale

05) Woodhenge

06) Into Wonderland

07) Punkadiddle

08) I Got Rhythm

09) Platinum (Live Studio Edition) – Bonus

10) North Star – Bonus

11) Blue Peter – Bonus

Disc Two (Live At Wembley Arena, 1980):

01) Platinum

02) Punkadiddle

03) I Got Rhythm

04) Polka

05) Incantations

06)Tubular Bells Pt II

07) Guilty / Tubular Bells Pt I Finale

08) Blue Peter / Portsmouth

09) William Tell

Platinum Deluxe Edition will also release as LP (Limited Edition Blue vinyl), and DD formats, all on July 23, in Europe (always).

The other Mike Oldfield classic, QE2, will also be released in 2CD Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition White Vinyl LP, and DD, all on July 23 in Europe.  The first disc includes the classic album along with three bonus tracks, while the second disc includes nine 1981 performance tracks (Live At European Adventure, 1981).  The album will contain the following track-list over the two CDs.

Disc One:

01) Taurus I

02) Sheba

03) Conflict

04) Arrival

05) Wonderful Land

06) Mirage

07) QE2

08) Celt

09) Molly

10) Polka – Bonus

11) Wonderful Land (Single Version) – Bonus

12) Shiva – Bonus

Disc Two: (Live From The European Adventure, 1981):

01) Taurus I

02) Sheba

03) Mirage

04) Conflict

05) Ommadawn

06) Punkadiddle

07) Tubular Bells, Part I

08) QE2

09) Portsmouth

Like its close sister, QE2 will release on July 23 of 2012.

Both Deluxe Editions will arrive via Mercury Records UK.

Release Pieces: Mike Oldfield’s Platinum, and QE2 in Deluxe Editions

Mike Oldfield has steadily been re-releasing his catalogue in wonderful Deluxe Editions.  His last reissue, Incantations, was re-released in the latter part of 2011 to great acclaim.

The next set from Mike Oldfield includes not one but two Oldfield classics, 1979’s Platinum, and 1980’s QE2.

While little is known about what these two Oldfield albums will bring when they’re released on July 20 of 2012 in continuing Deluxe Edition remasters, it is very exciting just to know that we can now expect them.

These two titles will see reissuance first in Europe on the date noted, and hopefully follow shortly in the US.  Please note that this is preliminary information.  Still, mark your calendar for Platinum, and QE2 in Deluxe Edition.  Thanks again, Mike Oldfield.

[Immense thanks to TAP reader, Pat Gleeson, for alerting us to this great news.]