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Fly By Night, The 1975 Classic By Rush, To Be Released In Blu-ray-Audio Format

Rush Fly By NightWith Blu-ray Audio creeping into the audiophile’s world, it is now the time for those adopting bands that have rabid audiences to bring their music out in the new format to assure their fans the best format to enjoy them with.

One band that has always been on the forefront of keeping their fans filled with great stuff is Rush. Since their beginnings way back in the late ’60s (and it’s what, 2014 now?), Rush has kept a steady supply of not only original material flowing through their pipelines, but also up-to-date tech videos, and collections, as well as the updating of their classic titles. And we’re very much appreciative of all of their efforts.

On January 27, Mercury Records will reissue a Blu-ray Audio version of Fly By Night, their 1975 classic that introduced drummer extraordinaire, Neil Peart to an adoring fan-base. The album did fairly well on all charts, eventually gaining platinum status for many markets, especially the US and Canadian ones. But now that you will have access to a high audio resolution version of Fly By Night, well, we’re beginning to hope for the other classic titles, including Caress of Steel, and 2112 (my favorite).

In addition to the BD-Audio remaster, the sophomore album will be reissued as a vinyl LP, same date.

That’s January 27. Get your pre-order buttons ready to push. If there are bonus content, I’ll be back to update this post.

New Gong Album, I See You, Expected In November

Gong I See YouIf you were a fan of Gong, then you know that greatness went through its turnstiles. There’s Steve Hillage. There’s Bill Bruford. There was Kevin Ayers. There was Allen Holdsworth. Their original – and current – vocalist and guitarist, Daevid Allen, although currently undergoing treatment for cancer, is still involved with the band. Gong is a brand name of a band immersed in its own style of progressive Rock, begun as early as 1967, and with more than 20 albums to their credit including those by Mother Gong. The fact that they’re still involved simply underscores a good band’s potential for genuine longevity.

On November 18, the current incarnation of Gong will release the band’s next album in I See You. Being released in both the US and Canada on Madfish Records, the new 12-track album will be issued on both CD, and 2LP vinyl sets.

I See You still owns the style well known by Gong fans. Daevid Allen, who is heavily invested in this new album is 75 years old, but the music inside does not feel like that derived by a tired man. In fact, the album is lively and fresh. The music remains the usual multi-layers of instruments and concepts. much that will please fans of the ageless band. With hybrids of jazz, rock, and an unsettling but engaging blend of sound, Gong still has the talent to create unforgettable works.

Allen has pushed hard to recruit and keep competent and highly qualified musicians within the ranks of this band, insuring that the music they create will adhere to the standards expected of the band.

Welcome back, Gong. You’re as refreshing as you’ve been in decades past.


New Pink Floyd Album, The Endless River, Planned For November

Pink Floyd The Endless River TitleUnless you haven’t been paying attention, this late announcement of a new Pink Floyd album is likely old news to you. But that’s ok. Better late than never, especially if you haven’t heard.

As many of you already know, Pink Floyd minus Roger Waters created The Division Bell, releasing it in 1994. As it is with so many albums, there were ideas recorded, although they were not fully fleshed out. And as with many bands, those outtakes simply sit in a “can” until they are resurrected for Special Editions, or ignored altogether as not having been good enough for a full album. This is part of the truth for the new, upcoming album from the established name of Pink Floyd, still without Roger Waters.

A series of instrumentals were recorded by Gilmour, Wright, and Mason Some 20 years after the release of The Division Bell, Gilmour, and Mason has decided that the once planned release of this collection of songs should, after all, be brought to the public in a new album being called The Endless River.

The new album is largely ambient in nature, with much of it being instrumentals. David Gilmour, and Nick Mason have since worked on the songs adding in previously recorded pieces by Richard Wright. (Richard Wright died in 2008.)

On November 10 in the UK, and the US (November 7 in other countries), the respective labels of each country will release The Endless River in a CD/DVD 18-track Deluxe Edition, a CD/BD (Blu-ray) 18-track Deluxe Edition, and an 18-track 2LP Edition, as well as digital versions of the songs. For surround aficionados, the BD-Audio, and the DVD-Audio discs will contain 5.1 surround versions of the same songs!

It should be interesting to hear what Gilmour, Mason, and Wright kept under wraps all of these years.
Track List – The Endless River 

01. Things Left Unsaid
02. It’s What We Do
03. Ebb And Flow
04. Sum
05. Skins
06. Unsung
07. Anisina
08. The Lost Art of Conversation
09. On Noodle Street
10. Night Light
11. Allons-y (1)
12. Autumn’68
13. Allons-y (2)
14. Talkin’ Hawkin’
15. Calling
16. Eyes To Pearls
17. Surfacing
18. Louder Than Words


New Leonard Cohen Album, Popular Problems, Likely Set For September

Leonard CohenFew artists can lay claim to a string of important works like Leonard Cohen can. Not many fans of Cohen will deny that any – or all – of his albums have delighted them. Since Leonard Cohen hit the mainstream, loosely speaking, with his “Suzanne” from his 1967 debut on Columbia Records, Songs Of Leonard Cohen. That was when I was snared. Hearing his song at my then age of ten evoked a strong change in the way I began to listen to my music. That change has permeated much of everything I listen to (or see, read), and is with me today.

Songs Of Leonard Cohen not only gave us “Suzanne”, but also provided us with “So Long, Marianne”, “Sisters Of Mercy”, “Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye”, and “Stories  Of The Street”. He followed that album up with Songs From A Room in 1969 that included “Bird On A Wire”. Since then, he’s given us “Hallelujah”, “Dance Me To The End Of Love”, “Ain’t No Cure For Love”, “The Future”, and many more before “retiring”.

Cohen returned with the brilliant Ten New Songs, released in 2001, with every song an essential track. After Ten New Songs, he has released Dear Heather (2004), and Old Ideas (2012). In between, he has “gifted” the world with two massive tours, a Legacy released The Essential Leonard Cohen 2CD retrospective, and three live sets (Live In London, an historic Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970, Songs From the Road).

This year, Leonard Cohen turns 80 years of age. To celebrate that milestone, Cohen will release a new studio album with a scheduled date (which could change) of September 22 (reported but since removed from the French Amazon site). The new album is currently titled Popular Problems, and while we have no hints as to what’s in it, or how the songs will sound, I can offer this…have we been disappointed yet?

Keep your eyes glued for more news about this upcoming album.

New Interpol Album Slated for September

Interpol El PintorI can still remember getting my first Interpol album, Turn On The Bright Lights, way back in 2002. After hearing about them somewhere, I immediately made sure that the new album was in my hands on day one.  Turn On the Bright Lights is a genuine retro post-punk effort that has aged well…just like many of the albums it served to emulate. That writes well in my book. Judging by the fact that the debut album sold over 500,000 units , I’d say many of you were just as pleased with the music that Interpol created.

After their Matador Records debut, they returned with Antics (2004). Just like its predecessor, it performed well on the charts. I found the album to be of lesser musical quality than the first, however, I still enjoyed it immensely. When Our Love To Admire released as a Capitol Records debut in 2007, the band’s third , I was not as pleased with the results.

Interpol returned to Matador Records with the release of their fourth album, the self-titled Interpol issued in 2010. From the first song, I felt that Interpol were coming back. Their vocals had a ’60s Pop band sound, their music a new and genuine refresher to the late ’70s classic era of post-punk. With four albums in release, Interpol had done a lot since 2002 to build upon their catalog with decent albums.

On September 9 in the US, (September 8 elsewhere), Matador Records will release the band’s next album (their fifth). The new album is being called El Pintor, a title that serves several purposes. The first is the fact that it is a Spanish term that means The Painter. However, it is noted at Pitchfork that El Pintor also serves as an anagram of the band’s Interpol name. Regardless, the title is clever is the naming was intentional as an anagram.

El Pintor will contain ten new tracks. It will be released on LP, DD, and CD. There will also be an exclusive white vinyl set that will be initially made available to people who pre-order the album, but them made available on a wider basis individually. People who pre-order the DD via iTunes will be gifted with a bonus track on release day, and an early download of “All the Rage Back Home” at some point in mid-July.

I hope the best for this new Interpol release!

[UPDATE] Chicago To Release New Album, NOW – Chicago XXXVI, In July

ChicagoNowXXXVI[UPDATE: Date change in bold below]

Few bands hang out for the long haul.  In fact, many of our great bands from the ’60s have gone away. There are, of course, a few from the ’70s still persevering.  But then there’s Chicago.

Chicago (the band) showed up in 1969 with their 2LP debut on Columbia Records.  That album wasted no time, no time at all crawling into the consciousness of fans with three huge Top10 hits that included “Beginnings”, “Does anybody Really Know What Time It Is”, and “Questions 67 and 68”. After that, Chicago Transit Authority (later shortened to Chicago), would steadily climb charts with their subsequent albums, using a numerical naming convention for each.  Many of those albums generated their own Top10 hits.

Even after losing the important Terry Kath, the jazz-infused Pop band persevered. Today, the band has a whopping 35 albums in their magnificent catalog. (My personal favorite is Chicago V. Oh, you have one too? Discuss!)

Oh wait! Let’s make that thirty-six albums to their credit because Chicago will be releasing their new album, NOW – Chicago XXXVI, on July 4th July 8th via Frontiers Records.  The new album has eleven new excellent songs on it, which you can already preview at the link provided.  And with what I’ve heard, I am extremely excited!

NOW – Chicago XXXVI will be available in four different physical packages that include a single CD issue, with  standard MP3 download availability to go with it.  The next is also a single CD issue but instead of MP3, there will be a choice of a higher definition format that includes FLAC, WAV, AIFF, or ALAC, all in 96kHz/24-bit digital.  After that, you have other choices that include the single CD with a NOW T-shirt inclusion, and an all-inclusive Deluxe Edition that includes the single CD, a NOW t-shirt, a NOW poster, a NOW coffee mug, and your choice of the high definition digital files.


All CD sets are housed in a six-panel case, along with a 16-page booklet with lyrics, and automatic entry into a drawing that could land you a ‘Meet and Greet’ at a concert during their Summer 2014 Tour (pre-order for the contest). there will also be digital-only download availability in all formats mentioned previously.

Get all extra details at the new album’s website!

5.1 Surround Remix Of The Complete Quadrophenia Classic By The Who Is Here…Oh, and Quadrophenia – Live In London Too

TheWho_QuadroLiveInLondonIf you were hesitating to pick up the Quadrophenia – Live In London set, now might be the perfect time to re-evaluate your decision. This is especially true if you have desired the 5.1 Surround mix of Quadrophenia that was a disappointment last release.

The main thrust here was supposed to be the video playback of the Quadrophenia tour that The Who embarked on over 2012 and 2013 to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the classic album.  This particular display involves the video of the show on July 8, 2013 at Wembley Stadium. What happened is that the word got out that the Box would contain a Blu-ray Audio disc of the ENTIRE Quadrophenia classic…in 5.1 Surround! If that didn’t get you to stand up and take notice, then absolutely nothing will move you in 2014.

Quadrophenia – Live In London, the chosen vehicle to carry this album (although there will be a stand-alone Blu-ray Audio set as well) will contain the full show at Wembley on BD, and DVD, and will also include (in the expansive Deluxe Metal Box edition), a 6″ Mod Headlight sticker, a booklet with liner notes and photos, a Mod Headlight button, the 2CD soundtrack of the concert, and, of course, the 5.1 Surround of the original Quadrophenia. All of this is contain in a 10″ round metal Mod Headlight container.


If you’re still resistant to the full package, then Quadrophenia – Live In London will also be available separately as a Blu-ray Disc, a DVD, and downloadable digital.

And then, of course, the stand-alone Blu-ray Audio release of the remixed 5.1 Surround version of Quadrophenia will be made available. (No Stereo???)


The 2CD soundtrack of the concert will also be made available by itself as well as DD.

Time to really bust that piggy bank, fans!


I Am The Sea
The Real Me
Cut My Hair
The Punk And The Godfather
I’m One
The Dirty Jobs
Helpless Dancer
Is It In My Head?
I’ve Had Enough
Sea And Sand
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
The Rock
Love Reign O’er Me

Bonus Performances:
Who Are You
You Better You Bet
Pinball Wizard
Baba O’Riley
Won’t Get Fooled Again
Tea & Theatre


I Am The Sea
The Real Me
Cut My Hair
The Punk And The Godfather
I’m One
The Dirty Jobs
Helpless Dancer
Is It In My Head?
I’ve Had Enough
Sea And Sand
Bell Boy
Doctor Jimmy
The Rock
Love Reign O’er Me

The Black Keys To Release New Album In May

BlackKeysTurnBlueThe two components of The Black Keys, Dan Auerbach (guitars/vocals), and Patrick Carney (drums) have taken the band to extraordinary heights not seen by even many of the Pop stars ruling music charts. With El Camino, their late 2011 release, having sold well over five million copies, it’s easy to see why they’re so well loved as a musical unit.  With music influenced by dips into the ’60s and ’70s, they have delivered refreshing albums of strong Rock and Roll, the kind you fondly remember.

El Camino followed the path of Brothers by winning two high-profile Grammy Awards, one for Best Rock Album, and the other for Best Rock Song (“Lonely Boy”) in the 2013 Grammy Awards session.  Across the generation board, they are appreciated by the current youth culture, as well as the older crowd because they really rock the right way.

On May 13, Nonesuch Records will deliver the eighth studio album from the band, preceded by a fore-running single, “Fever (heard below).  The album, being called Turn Blue, will feature eleven new tracks, that offer a new musical direction for the band without leaving what gave them an audience in the first place.  Nonesuch will release the new album on CD. DD, and the new (old) standard, vinyl LP.

Of the new album, Patrick Carney minces no words by stating that, “We are always trying to push ourselves when we make a record—not repeat our previous work but not abandon it either.  On this record, we let the songs breathe, and explored moods, textures and sounds. We’re excited for the world to hear Turn Blue.”

Yeah, Patrick, I think we’re excited too!

Universal Canada To Reissue An Expanded And Remastered Bachman-Turner Overdrive Classic, Not Fragile

BTO40thAnniversaryNotFragileCanada’s Bachman-Turner Overdrive, three parts Bachman (Randy, Robbie, Time), and one part Turner (C.F.), launched their career with the rockin’ debut that contained eight electric songs that included “Stayed Awake All Night”, “Little Gandy Dancer”, “Gimme Your Money Please” and “Thank You For The Feelin'”.  Trust me, all eight song were excellent and could easily be played song after song.  (This album was an essential plug in to my 8-track machine as I roamed around town in my much loved yellow Pontiac LeMans!)

The band followed this up with Bachman-Turner Overdrive II just a few mere months later.  This 1973 album contained the band’s first high charting hits with “Let It Ride”, and the well-known “Takin’ Care Of Business”.  From there it was a meteoric rise to easy fame.

In eight months, the ‘hitting on all cylinders’ B.T.O. released the incredible energy of Not Fragile (1974).  That album generated a few of its own high charting hits with “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”, and “Roll On Down the Highway”.  The album itself popped the bell with it’s first Number One Billboard charting.  All along, FM Radio loved these guys giving many of the non-charting tracks from the first three albums plenty of airplay muscle.

Yesterday, Matthew Wilkening (I love that guy!) of Ultimate Classic Rock posted the news of an upcoming remastered and expanded reissue of Not Fragile. That piece of news is greatly welcomed over here at MusicTAP.  And, I’m sure, many of you will be pleased as well. The Ultimate Classic Rock article notes a humorous anecdote where Randy Bachman tells that he didn’t like the title of the YES album, Fragile, electing to name this album Not Fragile as a counterpoint to the YES album.

On March 18, Universal Canada will release a 2CD 40th Anniversary Edition of Not Fragile, as well as a 180g vinyl LP set.  The second CD of the 40th Anniversary set will include eight live performance tracks from several dates, and an extended studio cut of “Stayed Awake All Night” from the band’s first album. The booklet should be quite an inclusion all of its own. I’m reasonably sure that the US and Europe will soon follow suit with a domestic reissue of the loved title.

Bachman-Turner Overdrive (B.T.O.) – Not Fragile 40th Anniversary Edition
Track Listing

CD 1
1) Not Fragile
2) Rock Is My Life, And This Is My Song
3) Roll on Down the Highway
4) You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
5) Free Wheelin’
6) Sledgehammer
7) Blue Moanin’
8) Second Hand
9) Givin’ It All Away

CD 2:
1) RB Rock Prelude – Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum (August 1974)
2) Not Fragile – Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum (August 1974)
3) Rock is My Life – Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum (August 1974)
4) Roll on Down the Highway – Live at the Oakbrook Terrace Forum (August 1974)
5) Sledgehammer – Live at the Moon, Tallahassee, Florida (February 1986)
6) Stayed Awake All Night (Extended Studio Version – 1973)
7) You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet’ – Live at the French Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC
8) Slow Down Boogie – Live at the PNE, Vancouver, BC (1976)
9) Thank-You Domo – Live at the PNE, Vancouver, BC (1976)

“…and the music goes round and round…”