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Paul McCartney Archive Collection Adds Tug Of War, Pipes Of Peace

The information is now out concerning the upcoming expansion and remastering of Tug Of War, and Pipes Of Peace, both by Paul McCartney. And while I’m sure every Paul McCartney fan is well aware of the inclusions for the next two in the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, ‘ere it is again, y’know, in case you haven’t heard.

Tug Of War will feature a new 2015 remix , the real reason to get any of these reissues in the first place. In addition, this 1982 title will offer up eleven unreleased demos and outtakes, including demo and solo versions of the album’s hit, “Ebony And Ivory”. There will be several variations of Tug Of War. One is the expected 2CD Special Edition that puts the original album on the first CD, and the bonus tracks on the second CD. There will also be a 3CD/1DVD Deluxe Edition that will provide the original 1982 mix of Tug Of War. It will also provide a DVD with original music videos of the album’s hits, (“Tug Of War”v1, “Tug Of War” v2, “Take It Away”, “Ebony And Ivory”), and an 18-minute documentary, Fly TIA – Behind The Scenes on Take It Away. This Deluxe Edition will contain a 112-page book, laden with photos, essays, and all manner of good stuff, and a 64-page scrapbook. There will be a limited run of a Super Deluxe Edition, which arrives with an acrylic slipcase, and five numbered prints from the Linda McCartney Archive. [Tracklist is seen below.]

Tug Of War 2CD

Pipes Of Peace will also feature a new 2015 remaster. It will be presented as a 2CD set with the first CD the original album, and the second CD featuring nine bonus tracks. Among them are a Spike Stent remix of “Say Say Say”, demos of three album tracks, and outtakes (“Average Person”, “Keep Under Cover”, “Sweetest Little Show”, “It’s Not On”, “Simple As That”), and a previously unreleased “Christian Bop” tune. The 2CD/1DVD Deluxe Edition will add in a DVD that includes videos of the three hits (“Say Say Say”, “Pipes Of Peace”, “So Bad”), and an assortment of previously unseen film clips. As with Tug Of War, there is a 112-page Book, and a 64-page scrapbook.

Pipes Of Peace Special Edition

Both albums will additionally be marketed with 180g-weight 2LP sets with gatefold jackets. Each will provide download cards for digital files. Both albums will be represented by both, high-quality digital files and industry standard files.

Both sets are set for release on October 2.

Tug Of War – Tracklist

CD1 – Remixed Album:

Tug of War
Take It Away
Somebody Who Cares
What’s That You’re Doing?
Here Today
Ballroom Dancing
The Pound Is Sinking
Get It
Be What You See (Link)
Dress Me Up As a Robber
Ebony and Ivory

CD2 – Original Album:

Tug of War
Take It Away
Somebody Who Cares
What’s That You’re Doing?
Here Today
Ballroom Dancing
The Pound Is Sinking
Get It
Be What You See (Link)
Dress Me Up As a Robber
Ebony and Ivory

CD3 – Bonus Tracks:

Stop, You Don’t Know Where She Came From [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
Wanderlust [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
Ballroom Dancing [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
Take It Away [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
The Pound Is Sinking [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
Something That Didn’t Happen [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
Ebony and Ivory [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
Dress Me Up As a Robber/Robber Riff [Demo] (2015 Remaster)
Ebony and Ivory [Solo Version] (2015 Remaster)
Rainclouds (2015 Remaster)
I’ll Give You a Ring (2015 Remaster)


Tug of War Music Video (Version 1)
Tug of War Music Video (Version 2)
Take It Away Music Video
Ebony and Ivory Music Video
Fly TIA – Behind the Scenes on Take It Away
Taken from the original film Fly TIA

Pipes Of Peace – Tracklist


Pipes of Peace
Say Say Say
The Other Me
Keep Under Cover
So Bad
The Man
Sweetest Little Show
Average Person
Hey Hey
Tug of Peace
Through Our Love

CD2 – Bonus Tracks:

Average Person [Demo]
Keep Under Cover [Demo]
Sweetest Little Show [Demo]
It’s Not On [Demo]
Simple As That [Demo]
Say Say Say [2015 Remix]
Ode to a Koala Bear
Twice in a Lifetime
Christian Bop


Pipes of Peace Music Video
So Bad Music Video
Say Say Say Music Video
Hey Hey in Montserrat – Filmed by Paul McCartney in Montserrat, 1981
Behind the Scenes at AIR Studios -Filmed by Jeff Baynes at AIR Studios, London, 1982
The Man – Home movie footage filmed by Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney in Sussex, 1981
Interview audio taken from ‘Fresh Air’ filmed at AIR Studios, London, 1982

New Order 2015 Remasters For Later Titles Planned

NewOrderSinglesRhino Records will revisit several New Order titles for vinyl LP with brand new remasters. But this time, CD fans will get a newly remastered 2CD compilation, Singles, originally issued in 2005. Singles span the period between 1981 to 2005 with a look at 31 tracks.

As for LP, the following titles will feature new 2015 Remasters:

  • Singles (2005) – 4LP, 180g-weight vinyl
  • Waiting For The Sirens’ Call (2005) – 2LP, 180g-weight vinyl
  • Republic (1993) – LP, 180g-weight vinyl
  • Get Ready (2001) – LP, 180g-weight vinyl

These 2015 LP and CD remasters will reissue on separate dates that work out to:

  • Singles (4LP – October 16)
  • Singles (2CD – November 06)
  • Waiting For The Sirens’ Call (2LP – September 25)
  • Republic (LP – September 25)
  • Get Ready (LP – September 25)

It’s good to note that Mute Records will be releasing new New Order music with the issuance of Music Complete, scheduled for September 25. The cover is extremely reminiscent of Split Enz‘s 1980 issue, True Colours.

New Order Complete Music


First Four Peter Gabriel LPs Remastered PLUS Two German Gabriel LP Sets Reissued

There’s interesting news on the Peter Gabriel front, especially if you’re a vinyl aficionado. (And I do feel bad for the CD only crowd, although I believe these new remasters will eventually hit that medium.) Real World Productions, which handles Peter Gabriel music, has announced a series of Half-Speed remastering for new vinyl LP editions of some Peter Gabriel titles. The titles included are the first four self-titled Gabriel sets (1/Car, 2/Scratch, 3/Melt, 4/Security). In addition to those first four titles, Real World Productions will also be reissuing the OoP (industry speak for Out of Print) German vocal editions of 3/Melt/Ein Deutsches Album, and 4/Security/Deutsches Album.

Peter Gabriel 1 2 3 4 LPs

Each album has been sonically remastered at Half Speed, and cut at 45 RPM. They are being pressed on 180g-weight vinyl, housed in gatefold jackets, and will be spread across two LPs per title. The jackets will have original artwork displayed from first pressings of each album. Each new set will contain download cards for choice of digital files (24-bit/96k or 16-bit/44.1k).

Gabriel German LPs

All 2LP sets are Limited Edition sets with the first four English sets at 10,000 worldwide, and the two German Editions with only 3,000 sets worldwide.

All 2LP sets are scheduled for October 2, worldwide.

[Thanks to Dan T for the heads up!]


10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Wolfmother Debut Planned For September

Wolfmot_Wolfmot_CoverAr_250DPI72RGB1000166585The debut issue of Wolfmother by the Australian band of the same name was a huge success in Australia selling Platinum status FIVE times. While that was in 2005, that was an amazing feat. Elsewhere, Wolfmother’s first album turned Gold (sales of 500,000 copies) in the US, the UK, and Canada. Guess that album was somewhat a winner.

Since the eponymous first album, Wolfmother (with personnel changes at every stage) released Cosmic Egg (2009), and New Crown (2014). The last two albums did poorly, with Cosmic Egg achieving Platinum status in Australia, and not as well in other markets. New Crown did not chart at all. But everyone can easily say that the band’s first album was phenomenal.

On September 21, Universal Music will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the debut set with a 2CD Deluxe Edition that will provide a small collection of B-sides, remixes, demos, and live tracks (see track-list below). In addition to the planned 2CD set, Universal will reissue the album on vinyl LP, pressed on 180g-weight vinyl (first time in the US for vinyl LP). The 2LP set will come with a download card providing digital files of the Deluxe Edition. There will also be Digital Download files made separately available.

Wolfmother has completed recording on their fourth album, which is slated for release sometime in early 2016.

CD1: Wolfmother (Original Album)

01. Dimension
02. White Unicorn
03. Woman
04. Where Eagles Have Been
05. Apple Tree
06. Joker & The Thief
07. Colossal
08. Mind’s Eye
09. Pyramid
10. Witchcraft
11. Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes
12. Love Train
13. Vagabond

Bonus B-sides:
14. The Earth’s Rotation Around The Sun†
15. Vagabond (Acoustic Version)†
16. Joker & The Thief (Loving Hands Remix)†
17. Woman (Mstrkrft Remix)
18. Love Train (Chicken Lips Malfunction Remix)†

CD2: Demos, B-sides & Live

01. Dimension (Demo)*
02. White Unicorn (Demo)*
03. Woman (Early Days Demo)*
04. Apple Tree (Demo)*
05. Not Goin’ Home (Joker & The Thief – Demo)*
06. Colossal (Demo)*
07. Pyramid (Early Jam Demo)*
08. Witchcraft (Rehearsal Room Demo)*
09. Love Train (Rehearsal Room Demo)*
10. Vagabond (Rehearsal Room Demo)*
11. Woman (Live)†
12. Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes (Live)*
13. Mind’s Eye (Live)*
14. Dimension (Live)†
15. Where Eagles Have Been (Live)†

*Previously Unreleased
†Previously Unreleased in U.S.



1. Dimension
2. White Unicorn
3. Woman
4. Where Eagles Have Been


1. Apple Tree
2. Joker & The Thief
3. Colossal
4. Mind’s Eye


1. Pyramid
2. Witchcraft
3. Tales From The Forest Of Gnomes
4. Love Train
5. Vagabond

LP4 – Bonus B-sides

1. The Earth’s Rotation Around The Sun†
2. Vagabond (Acoustic Version)†
3. Joker & The Thief (Loving Hands Remix)†
4. Woman (Mstrkrft Remix)

*Previously Unreleased
†Previously Unreleased in U.S.

New Box Featuring Remastered Faces Albums Due In August

Faces You Can Make Me Dance Sing BoxThe beautiful thing about The Faces is that despite only four grand albums (First Step – 1970, Long Player – 1971, A Nod Is As Good As A Wink…To A Blind Horse – 1971, Ooh La La – 1973), they continue to pique the public’s interest. It’s been forty years (and a little more) since their demise but their genuine brand of Rock and Roll is still warmly embraced by their original fans.

In 2004, Rhino Records released a pleasing book-styled Box called Five Guys Walk Into A Bar…, with four CDs that gathered 67 tracks from their post-Small Faces iteration of the band that featured original Small Faces members Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan, and Kenney Jones, and new-comers, Ronnie Wood, and Rod Stewart. Many of the tracks are BBC tracks, while a large amount were near full representations of a few of their albums.

On August 28, Rhino will revisit the classic Faces band with a new 4CD Box, 1970-1975: You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything…, that will bring newly remastered CDs of their four studio sets along with previously unreleased bonus tracks. To further bring value to the box, the set will include a fifth CD, Stray Singles and B-Sides, with nine assorted Faces gems.

Faces 1970-1975 Box

The new Box will also release as a 5LP Box with 180g-weight vinyl.

I’m In!! Of course, I NEVER look a gift horse in the mouth (I’m so going to get this!), but I wish they would have mustered the energy to do up nice editions of their live set, Coast To Coast: Overture And Beginners, and their 1976 best of, Snakes And Ladders.

01. Wicked Messenger
02. Devotion
03. Shake, Shudder, Shiver
04. Stone
05. Around The Plynth
06. Flying
07. Pineapple And The Monkey
08. Nobody Knows
09. Looking Out The Window
10. Three Button Hand Me Down
11. Behind The Sun (Outtake) *
12. Mona – The Blues (Outtake) *
13. Shake, Shudder, Shiver (BBC Session) *
14. Flying (Take 3) *
15. Nobody Knows (Take 2)

01. Bad n Ruin
02. Tell Everyone
03. Sweet Lady Mary
04. Richmond
05. Maybe I’m Amazed
06. Had Me A Real Good Time
07. On The Beach
08. I Feel So Good
09. Jerusalem
10. Whole Lotta Woman (Outtake) *
11. Tell Everyone (Take 1) *
12. Sham-Mozzal (Instrumental – Outtake) *
13. Too Much Woman (Live) *
14. Love In Vain (Live) *

01. Miss Judy s Farm
02. You re So Rude
03. Love Lives Here
04. Last Orders Please
05. Stay With Me
06. Debris
07. Memphis
08. Too Bad
09. That s All You Need
10. Miss Judy s Farm (BBC Session) *
11. Stay With Me (BBC Session) *

01. Silicone Grown
02. Cindy Incidentally
03. Flags And Banners
04. My Fault
05. Borstal Boys
06. Fly In The Ointment
07. If I m On The Late Side
08. Glad And Sorry
09. Just Another Honky
10. Ooh La La
11. Cindy Incidentally (BBC Session) *
12. Borstal Boys (Rehearsal) *
13. Silicone Grown (Rehearsal) *
14. Glad And Sorry (Rehearsal) *
15. Jealous Guy (Live) *

01. Pool Hall Richard
02. I Wish It Would Rain (With A Trumpet)
03. Rear Wheel Skid
04. Maybe I m Amazed w
05. Oh Lord I m Browned Off
06. You Can Make Me Dance, Sing Or Anything (Even Take The Dog For A Walk, Mend A Fuse, Fold Away The Ironing Board, Or Any Other Domestic Short Comings) (UK Single Version)
07. As Long As You Tell Him
08. Skewiff (Mend The Fuse)
09. Dishevelment Blues

The Doors’ Full Circle/Other Voices Albums Coming to CD and LP In September

Elektra Records will release a 2CD set featuring Full Circle, and Other Voices. The two Doors classic albums will be joined by “Treetrunk”, a non-album B-side of “Get Up And Dance” from the Full Circle sessions. This, however, has been released before. It will likely be remastered as there are also 180g-weight vinyl sets coming for both albums. If there is remastering for the LPs, they will likely be included on this CD set.

The Full Circle/Other Voices sets are scheduled for September 4.


I Should Coco by Supergrass Gets 3CD 20th Anniversary Reissue In September

Supergrass I Should CocoThe music of Supergrass is best defined as a hard-edged, almost punkish, form of Pop/Rock style. They released their first album, I Should Coco back in 1995. The album produced successful singles like “Alright”, which reached number two on the UK charts. The others were “Caught By the Fuzz”, “Mansize Rooster”, “Lose It”, and “Lennie”. Anytime you have five singles from an album, you’re doing something right. And with I Should Coco being the band’s debut, it just meant they were warming up.

On September 4, Rhino Records, Parlophone Records will reissue I Should Coco as a 3CD Deluxe Edition filled with extras. And don’t forget new remastering.

I Should Coco (which is Cockney slang for “I should think so”) will feature the original album in this new Edition, along with extra discs filled with B-sides, live recordings, demos, and other goodies. The set will come with a 20-page booklet that will have photos (including an unpublished photo), a Melody Make review of a live show in Feb ’95 in Glasgow at King Tut’s., and the singles covers artwork that will include the special edition release on Record Store Day 2015 (“Sofa (Of My Legacy)” b/w “I Believe In Love”.

I Should Coco will also reissue as a 180g vinyl LP that will include a bonus 7″ vinyl single (“Stone Free”/”Odd?”)

I Should Coco – 20th Anniversary Edition – Supergrass

01 I’d Like to Know
02 Caught by the Fuzz
03 Mansize Rooster
04 Alright
05 Lose It
06 Lenny
07 Strange Ones
08 Sitting Up Straight
09 She’s So Loose
10 We’re Not Supposed To
11 Time
12 Sofa (Of My Lethargy)
13 Time to Go

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01 Caught by the Fuzz
02 Strange Ones
03 Mansize Rooster
04 Sitting Up Straight
05 Caught by the Fuzz (Acoustic Version)
06 Odd?
07 Wait for the Sun
08 Sex!
09 Condition
10 Je Suis Votre Papa Sucre
11 Stone Free

CD3 (Live):
Live performance – Bath’s Mole Club – 1994
Live performance – La Route du Rock Festival (France) – 1995


Three Classic Stones Titles In Limited Edition LP/Lithograph Sets

Time/Life, in conjunction with Abkco Records, will release three collectible vinyl sets of classic Rolling Stones titles. Those will include 12 x 5 (1964), a US release that combined the UK 5-track (5 x 5). adding more songs like “Time Is On My Side”, and “It’s All Over Now” to make a full LP; the classic tracks rich Let It Bleed (1969); and one of the great live albums of Rock and Roll history found in Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (1970). These sets go beyond being just mere vinyl reissues, though.

The three titles will be offered as a Limited Edition clear vinyl LP, accompanied by a lithograph of the album cover (image measures 16″ x 16″). After the run of 2500 copies of each title, the plates are going to be destroyed, which means no possibility of future reproduction.

Stones LPs and Lithographs

In addition to being made available for purchase now (they run around $200 ea) via the Spotlight Gallery website (here), they will be sold at an on-site LA gallery location (Mr Musichead Gallery / Hollywood) on June 18, and in NYC at The ARChive of Contemporary Music (Soho) on July 9.

If you’re interested, get your order in before they’re gone.


Smoke Fairies Live Set To Release On LP In July

Smoke Fairies Live At St Pancras Old ChurchSmoke Fairies have a vinyl LP set coming that will offer the final night of an October 2013 tour of small churches and halls. The band was joined by two members of Rasputina, along with a noted multi-instrumentalist, Neil Walsh. The LP will contain ten songs recorded on the tour’s final night. The show was played at St Pancras Old Church in London.

The live album is being pressed on 180g-weight vinyl. It was originally planned for June 2015 release but production delays at the plant have pushed the LP to a July 6 date. The LP is titled Live at Pancras Old Church 24/10/13 – Featuring Rasputina, and will be a limited edition LP issue. There is no word whether this will find itself on CD and/or as digital downloads.

Live at Pancras Old Church 24/10/13 – Featuring Rasputina – Track-list:

01 – Fences
02 – The Water Waits
03 – Morning Light
04 – Living With Ghosts
05 – Troubles

01 – Sunshine
02 – When You Grown Old
03 – We Had Lost Our Minds
04 – Summer Fades
05 – Blood Speaks

If you’re a Smoke Fairies fan and like collection their music, don’t hesitate because limited edition presses often sell out quickly. You can order via this UK link.