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Secondhand Daylight by Magazine Reissued on 180g Vinyl

If you were a Magazine fan, then it’s good news to find that there is a new LP reissue of Secondhand Daylight (their second studio effort released in 1979) pressed on 180g-weight black vinyl. The LP will be sleeved inside a gatefold jacket and will contain a lyric insert.

This vinyl edition was released on February 8 via Music on Vinyl, a Netherlands label, and is being distributed by Universal.

Definitely good news if you’re a Magazine fan and collect vinyl!

Magazine Secondhand Daylight



U.K. To Get 16Disc Ultimate Collector’s Edition Box

UK Ultimate Collectors EditionThis is somewhat “old news” by now, but in case you haven’t seen this yet, here is cool U.K. news:

If you were a U.K. (band) fan, then you’ll be pleased to read that the short-lived supergroup will get a HUGE multi-disc Box featuring not only the band’s studio releases in remastered form, but also a wealth of live recordings and other assortted goodies and enhancements.

U.K. was formed by John Wetton, Bill Bruford, Eddie Jobson, and Allan Holdsworth. Together, that line-up crafted the stunning self-titled debut, U.K. (1978). That album performed well on charts, on critics’ lists, and with fans. After differences, Holdsworth and Bruford left leaving Wetton and Jobson to recruit Terry Bozzio on drums to form the trio that created the brilliant second album, Danger Money (1979). After the album, further differences caused the dissolution of the band, and that was the last of U.K. as far as studio albums would go. There would be a reunion for nostalgia and monetary reasons later, but U.K. as we knew them was finished.

On April 15, the 16Disc Box called UK – Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be released with 12CDs and 4BDs to create a definitive look at the band that time forgot (but you didn’t).

Ultimate Collector’s Edition will provide the original two studio albums as well as the official live set released by EG Records, Night After Night (1979). That live set will be expanded to add in 50 extra minutes. (How I wish that we’d begin to see more and more popular Live sets from other bands get the expanded treatment to include full concerts instead of just the cherry-picked ones. Live Dates (Wishbone Ash) is one I want!) In addition, those classic albums will be featured on several BD-audio discs in high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz sound. But that’s not everything.

Other CDs and BDs will provide audio for Jobson/Wetton 2011 Reunion show in Tokyo, as well three original era concerts (Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia), and their last concert from Netherlands in 1979. Some of the CDs offer interviews and unreleased materials to make this set a truly important one for fans of the band.

Finally, a big 64-page booklet will contain scores of photos, liner notes, essays, and other minutiae related to the existence of U.K.

The entire Box was oversaw by Eddie Jobson.



Desirable Johnny Thunders Set For Record Store Day 2016

Johnny Thunders Real Times 1978With a long list of desirable vinyl becoming available ONLY on the Record Store Day holiday, this year scheduled for April 16, there are sure to be one or two worth your standing in a long line for. For me, this year, it’s a Johnny Thunders album that I have to share here, in case you’re a fan. A fan with a need.

While we all wait for a remaster/remix and expansion of Johnny Thunders  1978 classic, So Alone, there are these two vinyl sets that we should pay special attention to. Hopefully, your nearest record store is COOL enough to have these two titles stocked for the event.

Here it is:

Remarquable Records will issue a 10-track 10″ blue-colored EP pressed on 180g-weight vinyl. The disc will be called Real Times. It will feature four unreleased Steve Lillywhite-mixed Thunder tracks. In addition, the set will add in a 20″ x 10″ four page poster insert, as well as a download card for the songs. The album sleeve will contain previously unpublished photos from the 1978 sessions that went into So Alone.

Johnny Thunders 1978

The songs will include the following alternate mixes of songs you know:

Pipeline (alternate mix)
Dead Or Alive (alternate mix)
Great Big Kiss (alternate mix)
Leave Me Alone (alternate version)
So Alone (alternate version)
Daddy Rollin’ Stone (alternate version)
London Boys (alternate mix)
(She’s So) Untouchable (alternate mix)
Subway Train (alternate version)
The Wizard (full length version)

You can access information both here and here.


The Replacements Get 4LP Box, The Sire Years

The Replacements Sire YearsIf you remember The Replacements, then you remember some fine Rock and Roll moments in the transitional period of the latter ’70s as it became the ’80s. After their formation, The Replacements released some great music on the historic Sire Records label. The band originated from Minneapolis, MN, and eventually began to release their music on the Twin/Tone label, also based in Minneapolis. The albums on that label include Hey Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash (1981), the classic Hootenanny (1983), and Let It Be (1984). By then, the band was well-known for many reasons (stage show, music).

By 1985, The Replacements released Tim. It was the band’s first album for a major label, Sire Records (attached to Warner Brothers, and home to many top-rated talent of the time). The band released three more titles (Pleased To Meet Me – 1987, Don’t Tell A Soul – 1989, All Shook Down – 1990) before they disbanded in 1991. Eventually, they returned to the stage but not for more than two decades later. Much has changed musically. Nevertheless, the early titles were their classics.

On March 29, Sire Records will assemble new LP versions of the titles that were originally released on that label. The new pressings will be issued in a 4LP box called, simply, The Sire Years. This will complete what was started last year when Rhino released a 4LP Box, The Twin/Tone Years. In April of 2015, Rhino had issued the 8CD Box of the entire studio output of The Replacements.

If you’re inclined to appreciate vinyl, and you’re an avid Replacements fan, then this upcoming Box will nicely augment the Twin/Tone set.


Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes) To Reissue Four From Catalog

Rich_Robinson_Black_CrowesAfter The Black Crowes dissolved, Rich Robinson began a fruitful solo career with three full-length albums, an EP, and several live sets. With a style reminiscent of his times with his original band, a listen to Rich Robinson will yield a satisfying experience. Currently, Rich Robinson is finishing up on a brand new solo album planned for May 2016. But as an interim surprise, Rich Robinson is scheduled to released several of his past sets in a different way.  He owned the 2″ masters for the albums, and they were terribly affected by Hurricane Sandy. What Robinson did for Paper (2004) was to restore the tapes with newly recorded vocals, changed the sequencing of the original album, and remixed the album. To further boost the new set, Rich Robinson included three previously unreleased tracks from those original sessions.

Also included in the upcoming schedule will be Llama Blues, the 4-track EP released in 2011. That set was a bluesy set that allowed Rich to explore the history of Blues in his way.

His second full-length set, Through A Crooked Sun, was released in 2011 as well. It helped to further boost the career trajectory of Rich Robinson, showcasing his talents in new ways.

The live set, The Woodstock Sessions was a unique experience in an intimate setting. It was special for all the participants.

On February 26, Paper, and Llama Blues will be released on several formats that include CD, DD, and colored vinyl LP. Paper is planned for red vinyl, and Llama Blues for blue vinyl.

On April 15, Through A Crooked Sun, and Woodstock Sessions will be reissued. As with the first two offerings, these two titles are also to be presented in CD, DD, and colored vinyl formats. For vinyl, Through A Crooked Sun will be reissued on white vinyl, and Woodstock Sessions will be reissued on brown vinyl.

Rich Robinson Albums


New Ray LaMontagne Album, Ouroboros, Planned For March

Ray LaMontagne arrived in 2004 with the release of his debut album, Trouble. That album provided a jukebox of songs often heard on various television shows. You know, the song you heard and liked without knowing who it was. His wise lyrics and his music to carry them with earned him a fandom that learned to thrive on the songs he created.

Ray LaMontagne OuroborosOver time, Ray LaMontagne released four more excellent studio works that include Til The Sun Turns Black (2006), Gossip In the Grain (2008), God Willin’ And the Creek Don’t Rise (2010), and his last one, Supernova (2014).

On March 4, RCA Records will release his next album, his sixth. The new album is being called Ouroboros. In literature, the term Ouroboros is a Greek entry that means tail devourer. Philosophically, it’s seen as a devouring of self to renew. It has the appearance of being never-ending, a constant in the world of change. In the hands of Ray LaMontagne, the Greek term, its potential meanings, and the concepts it will no doubt have inspired in Ray as he wrote the eight tracks for the album, will provide something that demands to be heard. And with Ray LaMontagne, that’s not a hard thing to do…at all.

Ouroboros is scheduled to arrive on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Ouroboros already has a front-running track available. The song is “Part One – Hey, No Pressure”. The music is great, as expected. I hope you enjoy this song, and its late ’60s Hendrix-styled guitar.


New James Album, Girl At The End Of The World, Coming In March

James Girl At The End Of The WorldIf you’re a James fan, whether from the ’80s or the ’90s, then you’re no doubt pleased to be able to get their new album soon.

The band has their roots firmly entrenched in the ’80s’ style of music. The band persevered a lot longer than most bands do. They did disband in the early 2000s, but resumed their music in 2008 with a new album, Hey Ma. Since that album, they’ve released two EPs (The Night Before, and The Morning After, both issued in 2010), and 2014’s La Petite Mort.

On March 18, James will release heir 14th album. The new album is called Girl At The End Of The World. It will provide twelve brand new tracks (see tracklist below).

The album will be available on CD, DD, 180g vinyl 2LP, and CS (as in Cassette!) Their web site will offered bundles with tees, art prints, posters, and other things. The vinyl LP and the CD will contain the same artwork, however the CD will have a bluish-grey background, while the LP set will provide an orangish color.

James GATEoftheW LP

James GATEotW CS


Listen to a song (“Nothing But Love”) from the new album already on YouTube. Yes, it’s pretty good.

Girl At The End Of The World – James

10 – ALVIN

I’m reminded of another band that has never left although people may be unaware of their new stuff. That band is Simple Minds. Their last album, Big Music, was released in 2014. The music is as good as anything they’ve done, just as Street Fighting Years (1989), which produced “Belfast Child”, and “This Is Your Land”; Real Life (1991), which gave us “Let There Be Love”, and “See The Light”, and Good News From The Next World (1995), which delivered “She’s A River”, and subsequent albums were wonderful. If you’ve forgotten about Simple Minds, you should probably take another listen.

New Graham Nash Album, This Path Tonight, Scheduled For April

Graham Nash This Path TonightEveryone knows the songwriting prowess of Graham Nash amidst thee older lovers of music. His band affiliations include The Hollies, Crosby, Stills & Nash (and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young), and, of course, his excellent solo works, five in all (Songs For Beginners – 1971, Wild Tales – 1974, Earth & Sky – 1980, Innocent Eyes – 1986, Songs For Survivors – 2002). Of those five, the first four charted well.

On April 15, Graham Nash will return with a brand new solo album. The new album is called This Path Tonight, and will provide a selection of ten brand new Nash compositions. If you need more Graham Nash, there is a Deluxe Edition that will provide three additional new tracks. (The original 8-day sessions created 20 recorded tracks in all.)

The new album is being released on CD, DD, and 180g vinyl LP via Blue Castle Records and is being distributed by long-time affiliate, Warner Brothers Records.  This is a nice way to start out 2016, wouldn’t you say? Cuz, I would say…YES!

This Path Tonight – Graham Nash

01 – This Path Tonight
02 – Myself At Last
03 – Cracks In The City
04 – Beneath The Waves
05 – Fire Down Below
06 – Another Broken Heart
07 – Target
08 – Golden Days
09 – Back Home
10 – Encore
11 – Mississippi Burning (Bonus Track for Deluxe Edition)
12 – Watch Out For The Wind (Bonus Track for Deluxe Edition)
13 – The Fall (Bonus Track for Deluxe Edition)


[UPDATE] Volume Four: The Polydor Singles 1966 – The Who 45 RPM 7″ Singles Box For May

The Who The Polydor SinglesCurrently, there are three vinyl 45 RPM Boxset volumes in the market for The Who. Those are The Brunswick Singles, The Reaction Singles, and The Track Singles. All of these provide 7″ 45RPM vinyl singles of The Who releases. The next volume will be The Polydor Singles. The wait is over.

On May 6, Geffen Records will release The Polydor Singles Box with fifteen 7″ 45s to complete the four volume collection. This set completes the intended coverage of the labels that The Who have been affiliated with and the singles that were released. The Polydor singles cover the later years (see vinyl single coverage below). All discs are heavy-grade vinyl 45RPM replicated from their original UK release issues.

The Box will provide a 20-page booklet filled with information about each single release.

The Polydor Years Box


Volume Four: The Polydor Singles  1975-2015 – The Who

01. Listening To You/See Me, Feel Me
b/w Overture
02. Squeeze Box
b/w ‘Success Story’
03. Who Are You
b/w Had Enough
04. Long Live Rock
b/w I’m the Face, My Wife (live)
05. 5.15
b/w I’m One
06. You Better You Bet
b/w The Quiet One
07. Don’t Let Go The Coat
b/w You
08. Athena
b/w A Man Is A Man
09. Eminence Front
b/w It’s Your Turn (This single was scheduled for release in the UK. Sleeves were printed but it was never released. It was to have been Who 7.)
10. Twist and Shout (live)
b/w I Can’t Explain (live)
11. Won’t Get Fooled Again / Bony Maronie (Live at Young Vic)
12. Join Together
b/w I Can See For Miles and Behind Blue Eyes (All three tracks live from 1989 US tour)
13. Real Good-Looking Boy
b/w Old Red Wine
14. Wire & Glass (EP) with
Sound Round, Pick Up The Peace, Endless Wire, We Got A Hit, They Made My Dream Come True, Mirror Door.
Polydor 1702801. Released 24 July 2006
15. Be Lucky
b/w I Can’t Explain (remix)



The Cars Get Complete Albums Box and ‘Best Of’ This Year

CARS The Elektra Years 1978-1987When the late ’70s arrived and bands were beginning to usher into the world a new generation of style, one of the bands that led the way was The Cars. Their first album, simply titled The Cars, produced three essential songs (“Good Times Roll”, “My Best Friend’s Girl”, “Just What I Needed”). While The Cars went on to produced a wealth of singles, it is those three that are representative of not only that band but that period.

The Cars released seven excellent albums that include their most recent, Move Like This, released in 2011. After the band’s sixth album, Door To Door, released in 1987, they disbanded.  But the band left behind a legacy of music and a representation of the times. In short, they became an integral part of history.

On March 11, Rhino and Elektra Records will team to release a 6CD Box of their first six, all with Benjamin Orr in the mix. The Box is being called The Elektra Years: 1978-1987. All of the albums will be remastered and, no doubt, a richly designed booklet included (I hope!).

The Cars Box Layout

Later in the year, an eighteen-track ‘best of’ will arrive (see track-list below). That single disc album is being called Moving In Stereo – The Best Of The Cars. It’s scheduled for May 6. Sadly, it will contain a variation of a track from the Move Like This set, which was released by Hear Music. It’s too bad Rhino didn’t acquire the rights to a song or two off The Cars’ last album, Move Like This, considering the unlikely chance of another coming from the band. Move Like This is a fine album!

Moving In Stereo The Best Of The Cars

Moving In Stereo: The Best Of The Cars – The Cars

01 – Just What I Needed
02 – Since You re Gone
03 – Let s Go
04 – You Might Think
05 – Shake It Up
06 – Drive
07 – Tonight She Comes
08 – My Best Friend s Girl
09 – Don t Tell Me No
10 – You re All I ve Got Tonight
11 – I m Not The One (Single Mix)
12 – Candy-O
13 – Heartbeat City
14 – Touch And Go
15 – Moving In Stereo
16 – Dangerous Type
17 – Sad Song (new Zdar Mix)
18 – Everything You Say (Live)

Both sets will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP versions.