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The Concert In Central Park from Simon and Garfunkel Repackaged As CD/DVD Deluxe Edition

The great folks at Legacy Records will reissue the Simon & Garfunkel 1981 concert set, The Concert In Central Park (1982), as a remastered, CD/DVD Deluxe Edition repackaging that combines the previously available CD and DVD. This set is scheduled for August 7. The set will be reissued on 2LP sets as well. The LPs will be pressed on 180g-weight vinyl. The CD/LP track-list is found below. The 2LP set will provide a digital download card of files that have already been released back in 2014.

The included DVD will feature the entire show.

Simon And Garfunkel The Concert In Central Park CDDVD

The Concert In Central Park – Simon and Garfunkel
01. Mrs. Robinson
02. Homeward Bound
03. America
04. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
05. Scarborough Fair
06. April Come She Will
07. Wake up Little Susie
08. Still Crazy After All These Years
09. American Tune
10. Late in the Evening
11. Slip Slidin’ Away
12. A Heart In New York
13. Kodachrome / Mabellene; Kodachrome\ Mabellene
14. Bridge over Troubled Water
15. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
16. The Boxer
17. Old Friends
18. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)
19. The Sounds of Silence

01. Main Titles / Mrs. Robinson
02. Homeward Bound
03. America / Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
04. Scarborough Fair / April Come She Will
05. Wake Up Little Suzie / Still Crazy After All These Years
06. American Tune / Late in the Evening
07. Slip Slidin’ Away
08. A Heart in New York
09. Kodachrome / Mabellene
10. Bridge over Troubled Water
11. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
12. The Boxer
13. Old Friends / Bookends / Feelin’ Groovy
14. The Sound of Silence
15. Late in the Evening / End Credits

The Doors’ Full Circle/Other Voices Albums Coming to CD and LP In September

Elektra Records will release a 2CD set featuring Full Circle, and Other Voices. The two Doors classic albums will be joined by “Treetrunk”, a non-album B-side of “Get Up And Dance” from the Full Circle sessions. This, however, has been released before. It will likely be remastered as there are also 180g-weight vinyl sets coming for both albums. If there is remastering for the LPs, they will likely be included on this CD set.

The Full Circle/Other Voices sets are scheduled for September 4.


New Reissues In The Paul McCartney Archive Series, Tug Of War, Pipes Of Peace, Planned For September

I note that two new Paul McCartney reissues are now on the calendar. The two titles, Pipes of Peace (1983), and Tug of War (1982), have already been teased in the inserts to the previous Paul McCartney Archive Series. While there are no details that I’ve come across as to what’s on the offerings, the expected date of arrival for both are September 18.

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McCartney Tug Of War


McCartney Pipes Of Peace

Three Ten Years After Titles Reissue For Late June

There’s nothing new here that savvy fans haven’t already uncovered, but, in case you haven’t seen these being mentioned:

In the UK, Universal Music is gearing up to reissue expanded editions of the first two Ten Years After releases. Eventually, I’m sure that we’ll see these being released domestically in the US for their fans here.

On June 22, watch for Ten Years After (1967), Stonehenged (1969), and their first live set, Undead. (Each Deluxe Edition will be 2CD issues with extra content. I will update this page with better information as I get it.

The first album, the self-titled Ten Years After, will have 2CDs, and contain 29 tracks:

Ten Years AfterCD1:

01. I Want To Know
02. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes
03. Adventures Of A Young Organ
04. Spoonful
05. Losing The Dogs
06. Feel It For Me
07. Love Until I Die
08. Don’t Want You Woman
09. Help Me
10. I Want To Know
11. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes
12. Adventures Of A Young Organ
13. Spoonful
14. Losing The Dogs
15. Feel It For Me
16. Love Until I Die
17. Don’t Want You Woman
18. Help Me

01. Portable People
02. Portable People
03. The Sounds
04. The Sounds
05. Rock Your Mama
06. Spider In My Web
07. Hold Me Tight
08. (At The) Woodchopper’s Ball
09. Love Until I Die
10. Don’t Want You Woman
11. The Sounds

The second album is Stonehenged. It will be a 2CD set with 26 tracks:

Ten Years After StonehengedCD1:

01. Going To Try
02. I Can’t Live Without Lydia
03. Woman Trouble
04. Skoobly – Oobly
05. Hear Me Calling
06. A Sad Song
07. Three Blind Mice
08. No Title
09. Faro
10. Speed Kills
11. Going To Try
12. I Can’t Live Without Lydia
13. Woman Trouble
14. Skoobly – Oobly
15. Hear Me Calling
16. A Sad Song
17. Three Blind Mice
18. No Title
19. Faro
20. Speed Kills

Disc: 2

01. Hear Me Calling
02. Woman Trouble
03. Boogie On
04. Rock Your Mama
05. Portable People
06. I Ain’t Seen No Whisky

The third 2CD reissue will be Undead with 22 tracks:

Ten Years After UndeadCD1:

01. Rock Your Mama
02. Spoonful
03. Standing At The Crossroads
04. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes / Extension On One Chord
05. Woman Trouble
06. (At The) Woodchopper’s Ball
07. No Title Blues
08. I’m Going Home
09. Hear Me Calling
10. Woman Trouble
11. Standing At The Crossroads


01. Rock Your Mama
02. Spoonful
03. Standing At The Crossroads
04. I Can’t Keep From Crying Sometimes / Extension On One Chord
05. Woman Trouble
06. (At The) Woodchopper’s Ball
07. No Title Blues
08. I’m Going Home
09. Hear Me Calling
10. Woman Trouble
11. Standing At The Crossroads


I Should Coco by Supergrass Gets 3CD 20th Anniversary Reissue In September

Supergrass I Should CocoThe music of Supergrass is best defined as a hard-edged, almost punkish, form of Pop/Rock style. They released their first album, I Should Coco back in 1995. The album produced successful singles like “Alright”, which reached number two on the UK charts. The others were “Caught By the Fuzz”, “Mansize Rooster”, “Lose It”, and “Lennie”. Anytime you have five singles from an album, you’re doing something right. And with I Should Coco being the band’s debut, it just meant they were warming up.

On September 4, Rhino Records, Parlophone Records will reissue I Should Coco as a 3CD Deluxe Edition filled with extras. And don’t forget new remastering.

I Should Coco (which is Cockney slang for “I should think so”) will feature the original album in this new Edition, along with extra discs filled with B-sides, live recordings, demos, and other goodies. The set will come with a 20-page booklet that will have photos (including an unpublished photo), a Melody Make review of a live show in Feb ’95 in Glasgow at King Tut’s., and the singles covers artwork that will include the special edition release on Record Store Day 2015 (“Sofa (Of My Legacy)” b/w “I Believe In Love”.

I Should Coco will also reissue as a 180g vinyl LP that will include a bonus 7″ vinyl single (“Stone Free”/”Odd?”)

I Should Coco – 20th Anniversary Edition – Supergrass

01 I’d Like to Know
02 Caught by the Fuzz
03 Mansize Rooster
04 Alright
05 Lose It
06 Lenny
07 Strange Ones
08 Sitting Up Straight
09 She’s So Loose
10 We’re Not Supposed To
11 Time
12 Sofa (Of My Lethargy)
13 Time to Go

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01 Caught by the Fuzz
02 Strange Ones
03 Mansize Rooster
04 Sitting Up Straight
05 Caught by the Fuzz (Acoustic Version)
06 Odd?
07 Wait for the Sun
08 Sex!
09 Condition
10 Je Suis Votre Papa Sucre
11 Stone Free

CD3 (Live):
Live performance – Bath’s Mole Club – 1994
Live performance – La Route du Rock Festival (France) – 1995


Three Classic Stones Titles In Limited Edition LP/Lithograph Sets

Time/Life, in conjunction with Abkco Records, will release three collectible vinyl sets of classic Rolling Stones titles. Those will include 12 x 5 (1964), a US release that combined the UK 5-track (5 x 5). adding more songs like “Time Is On My Side”, and “It’s All Over Now” to make a full LP; the classic tracks rich Let It Bleed (1969); and one of the great live albums of Rock and Roll history found in Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! (1970). These sets go beyond being just mere vinyl reissues, though.

The three titles will be offered as a Limited Edition clear vinyl LP, accompanied by a lithograph of the album cover (image measures 16″ x 16″). After the run of 2500 copies of each title, the plates are going to be destroyed, which means no possibility of future reproduction.

Stones LPs and Lithographs

In addition to being made available for purchase now (they run around $200 ea) via the Spotlight Gallery website (here), they will be sold at an on-site LA gallery location (Mr Musichead Gallery / Hollywood) on June 18, and in NYC at The ARChive of Contemporary Music (Soho) on July 9.

If you’re interested, get your order in before they’re gone.


2CD Deluxe Edition Of Argus by Wishbone Ash Planned For July (UK Report)

Argus 2CD Wishbone AshMany of you who know me, know that I’m a fan of Wishbone Ash. While I have a tendency to favor Wishbone Four (1973) – which was their highest-charting US album – , I do have great love for Argus (1972). So, you might ask? Well, it appears that the UK market will be reissuing Argus in a 2CD Deluxe Edition (why not 180g vinyl LP?) with bonus tracks (see track-list below).

The releasing company is Culture Factory, which is touting a 96k/24-bit remaster.  I believe the last time it was remastered was for the SHM-SACD (which I was unimpressed with), and before that, the Martin Turner remaster from 2002.

On July 27, Argus Deluxe Edition will be released in the UK. One of the bonus tracks is the single edit of “No Easy Road”, which is from Wishbone Four (so what’s it doing here, or all of the other editions?). Also, the famed Live In Memphis promo only set is halfway represented here with “The Pilgrim”, and “Phoenix”. The bonus CD adds in eight BBC In Concert session tracks.

Wishbone Ash Argus CD Shot

Just give me a remastered Argus 180g vinyl LP. I’ll be quite happy for it.

01. Time Was
02. Sometime World
03. Blowin’ Free
04. The King Will Come
05. Leaf and Stream
06. Warrior
07. Throw Down The Sword
08. No Easy Road (Bonus Track)
09. The Pilgrim – Live (Bonus Track)
10. Phoenix – Live (Bonus Track)

01. Time Was (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
02. Blowin’ Free (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
03. Warrior (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
04. Throw Down The Sword (1972 BBC In Concert Session)
05. The King Will Come (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
06. Phoenix (1972 BBC in Concert Session)
07. Blowin’ Free (1972 BBC Session)
08. Throw Down The Sword (1972 BBC Session)


Four Van Halen Titles Remastered For July

Van_Halen_-_Van_Halen_IIEarly in 2015, the Van Halen camp released remasters of the Van Halen debut (1978), and 1984 (1984). Those were presented in variable packages. Now, on July 10, the band will continue further into their catalog with the remastered reissues of Van Halen II (1979), Women And Children First (1980), Fair Warning (1981), and Diver Down (1982).

The new remasters are being done by Chris Bellman, who had done earlier remasters. They will be reissued via Rhino Records.

Those four titles will not only be available on CD. but will also release as DD and 180g vinyl LP.

We already knew (more or less) that these four titles were next, but we didn’t have a date. Now you do.

Final Three Led Zeppelin Reissues Out In July

The final three of the official Led Zeppelin catalog now have a date set for their day in the sun. As with the previous LedZep classics that have been remastered and expanded in definitive editions, so will it be for Presence (1976), In Through The Out Door (1979), and Coda (1982).

On July 31, Swan Song / Atlantic Records will push the remaining three out into the marketplace. Each album can be experienced – like the previous reissues – as laden Super Deluxe Editions, multi-disc Deluxe Editions, single CD, 180g-weight Deluxe Edition vinyl LPs, single 180g-weight LP, and digital downloads (including hi-resolution files).

Presence will be most represented by a 2CD/2LP Super Deluxe Edition with an 88-page hardback book, download card of all digital files, and more:

01. Achilles Last Stand
02. For Your Life
03. Royal Orleans
04. Nobody s Fault But Mine
05. Candy Store Rock
06. Hots On For Nowhere
07. Tea For One

01. Two Ones Are Won
02. For Your Life (Reference Mix)
03. 10 Ribs & All/Carrot Pod Pod (Pod)
04. Royal Orleans (Reference Mix)
05. Hots On For Nowhere (Reference Mix)

Presence SDEdition

In Through The Out Door will be best represented by their Super Deluxe Edition package with 2CD/2LP, a companion 80-page hardback book, digital files download card, and much more:

01. In The Evening
02. South Bound Saurez
03. Fool In The Rain
04. Hot Dog
05. Carouselambra
06. All My Love
07. I m Gonna Crawl

Disc: 2
01. In The Evening (Rough Mix)
02. Southbound Piano (South Bound Saurez)
03. Fool In The Rain (Rough Mix)
04. Hot Dog (Rough Mix)
05. The Epic (Carouselambra – Rough Mix)
06. The Hook (All My Love – Rough Mix)
07. Blot (I m Gonna Crawl – Rough Mix)

In Through The Out Door

Coda, the collection of Led Zeppelin outtakes released after the band’s demise, will be best represented by its Super Deluxe Edition Box with 3CD/2LP, a 72-page hardback book, 15 previously unreleased recordings from 1968-1974, and more:

Led Zeppelin CodaCD1
01. We re Gonna Groove
02. Poor Tom
03. I Can t Quit You Baby
04. Walter s Walk
05. Ozone Baby
06. Darlene
07. Bonzo s Montreux
08. Wearing And Tearing

01. We re Gonna Groove (Alternate Mix)
02. If It Keeps On Raining (When The Levee Breaks – Rough Mix)
03. Bonzo s Montreux (Mix Construction In Progress)
04. Baby Come On Home
05. Sugar Mama ( Mix)
06. Poor Tom (Instrumental Mix)
07. Travelling Riverside Blues (BBC Session)
08. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do

01. Four Hands (Four Sticks – Bombay Orchestra)
02. Friends (Bombay Orchestra)
03. St. Tristan s Sword (Rough Mix)
04. Desire (The Wanton Song – Rough Mix)
05. Bring It On Home (Rough Mix)
06. Walter s Walk (Rough Mix)
07. Everybody Makes It Through (In The Light – Rough Mix)

Led Zeppelin Coda SDEdition


Of course, there is so much more to revel in, information-wise. To get the full info, including ordering links, simply go to Led Zeppelin’s website, and click away to everything that you could want to know about any and all of them (including past reissues).


Superchunk To Reissue Remastered And Expanded Come Pick Me Up, In July

Superchunk Come Pick Me UpIn 1999, Superchunk released their seventh studio album, Come Pick Me Up. By the time this charming album was released, Superchunk had developed quite a fan following.

On July 10, Superchunk will reissue Come Pick Me Up in a remastered and expanded set via their own Merge Records. This new set will offer eight downloadable bonus tracks (they will not be included on the physical reissue). Of the expansion, three will be acoustic renderings of songs from the classic album (“Cursed Mirror”, “Low Branches”, “Pink Clouds”), and the other five will be demos (“Honey Bee”, “Good Dreams”, “Cursed Mirror”, “Smarter Hearts”, and one not in finished form on the album, “White Noise”).

Come Pick Me Up will be reissued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. The CD will be contained in a 4-panel wallet-styled case with a booklet, and a download card for the bonus content (the bonus content will NOT be contained on the CD or LP). The LP will be 180g-weight vinyl, and will not only contain the download rights to the bonus tracks, but for the whole album as well. The album will be in a jacket, and Euro-sleeve (with hole at label).

Come Pick Me Up – Superchunk

01 So Convinced
02 Hello Hawk
03 Cursed Mirror
04 1000 Pounds
05 Good Dreams
06 Low Branches
07 Pink Clouds
08 Smarter Hearts
09 Honey Bee
10 June Showers
11 Pulled Muscle
12 Tiny Bombs
13 You Can Always Count on Me (In the Worst Way)

Downloadable Bonus Tracks:
14 Cursed Mirror (Acoustic)
15 Pink Clouds (Acoustic)
16 Low Branches (Acoustic)
17 Honey Bee (Demo)
18 Good Dreams (Demo)
19 Cursed Mirror (Demo)
20 Smarter Hearts (Demo)
21 White Noise (Demo)