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The Asylum Years Features Chris Hillman Sets On Single CD

Chris Hillman was an essential part of the Byrds empire as much responsible for their growth as any of the others. His involvement lasted from their first album, Mr Tambourine Man (1965) through their sixth, Sweetheart Of The Rodeo (1968), and then again for their final album, Byrds (1973). Afterwards, Chris Hillman was involved in a series of projects including time with The Flying Burrito Brothers, Manassas, The Desert Rose Band, and a well-received solo career that has produced seven titles including his latest Rounder issue, Bidin’ My Time from late 2017.

On February 9, Omnivore Recordings will release a 20-track collection from Hillman’s Asylum Records years that includes Slippin’ Away (1976), and Clear Sailin’ (1977). The set will be called simply The Asylum Years. In essence, you can view this as a reissue of his two Asylum catalog titles in one CD set.

Included within the set will be a booklet  with essay. a new interview with Hillman, photos, and credits.

The Asylum Years (Slippin’ Away/Clear Sailin’) – Chris Hillman:
01. Step On Out
02. Slippin’ Away
03. Falling Again
04. Take It On The Run
05. Blue Morning
06. Witching Hour
07. Down In The Churchyard
08. Love Is The Sweetest Amnesty
09. Midnight Again
10. (Take Me In Your) Lifeboat
11. Nothing Gets Through
12. Fallen Favorite
13. Quits
14. Hot Dusty Roads
15. Heartbreaker
16. Playing The Fool
17. Lucky In Love
18. Rollin’ And Tumblin’
19. Ain’t That Peculiar
20. Clear Sailin’


Jethro Tull Classic, Heavy Horses, Gets 3CD/2DVD 40th Anniversary “New Shoes” Edition

It’s nice to see the year of 2017 end on positive notes like we’ve had with some announcements. Normally, this a quiet time but for some reason or other, 2017 has remained somewhat lively, And with this new piece of news, it gets even more lively.

On March 2 of 2018, the next in line of album updates for the Jethro Tull band is Heavy Horses. Originally released in 1978, Heavy Horses followed up the popular Songs From The Wood (1977), with an album every bit as beautifully assembled as its predecessor. And now the 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition remix of Heavy Horses naturally follows the 40th Anniversary DE of Songs From The Wood, which was released earlier in 2017.

Expected in this new reissue of Heavy Horses (called the New Shoes Edition) will be the Steven Wilson set of remixes of the original set of nine songs, which will be bolstered by the addition of nine bonus tracks (see list). The two additional CDs will provide a 22-performance track live set from a support show on May 28, 1978 at The Festhalle in Bern, Switzerland. The 2DVDs will provide the SW Stereo hi-res tracks in 96kHz/24-bit. two SW 5.1 Surround Sound remixes (DTS, DD), and a flat transfer of the original Stereo master. and three additional bonus tracks. DVD2 will present the complete May 28, 1978 Bern concert at The Festhalle on video. Closing the DVD off will be four extra videos, two music and two TV ads.

I’m sure the included 96-page book will add the value seen previously in past Jethro Tull Anniversary Editions.

Heavy Horses (New Shoes Edition40th Anniversary) – Jethro Tull

CD1 (Original Album/Bonus Tracks – Steven Wilson Stereo Remix):
01. ….And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
02. Acres Wild
03. No Lullaby
04. Moths
05. Journeyman
06. Rover
07. One Brown Mouse
08. Heavy Horses
09. Weathercock
Bonus Tracks:
10. Living In These Hard Times (version 2)
11. Everything In Our Lives
12. Jack-A-Lynn
13. Quatrain (studio version)
14. Horse-Hoeing Husbandry
15. Beltane
16. Botanic Man
17. Living In These Hard Times (version 1)
18. Botanic Man Theme/A Town In England

CD2: (Live In Concert In Bern (The Festhalle, Bern Switzerland) May 28th, 1978 – Jakko Jakszyk Stereo Mix):
01. Opening Music (Quartet)
02. Introduction by Claude Nobs
03. No Lullaby
04. Sweet Dream
05. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
06. Jack-In-The-Green
07. One Brown Mouse
08. Heavy Horses
09. A New Day Yesterday
10. Flute Solo Improvisation/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Bouree
11. Living In The Past/A New Day Yesterday (Reprise)
12. Songs From The Wood

CD3:  (Live In Concert In Bern (The Festhalle, Bern Switzerland) May 28th, 1978 – Jakko Jakszyk Stereo Mix):
01. Thick As A Brick
02. Hunting Girl
03. Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die
04. Conundrum
05. Minstrel in the Gallery
06. Cross-Eyed Mary
07. Quatrain
08. Aqualung
09. Locomotive Breath
10. The Dambusters March/Aqualung (Reprise)

DVD1:  – Steven Wilson Remixes DD/DTS Stereo (96/24), Flat Transfer):
SW 5.1 Surround Mix DD and DTS – 
01. ….And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
02. Acres Wild
03. No Lullaby
04. Moths
05. Journeyman
06. Rover
07. One Brown Mouse
08. Heavy Horses
09. Weathercock
10. Living In These Hard Times (Version 2)
11. Everything In Our Lives
12. Jack-A-Lynn
13. Horse-Hoeing Husbandry
14. Beltane
15. Botanic Man
16. Living In These Hard Times (Version 1)
17. Botanic Man Theme
18. A Town In England
SW Stereo Remix 96/24 PCM
19. ….And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
20. Acres Wild
21. No Lullaby
22. Moths
23. Journeyman
24. Rover
25. One Brown Mouse
26. Heavy Horses
27. Weathercock
28. Living In These Hard Times (Version 2)
29. Everything In Our Lives
30. Jack-A-Lynn
31. Quatrain (Studio Version)
32. Horse-Hoeing Husbandry
33. Beltane (S
34. Botanic Man
35. Living In These Hard Times (Version 1)
36. Botanic Man Theme
37. A Town In England
Flat Transfer of Stereo Master
38. ….And The Mouse Police Never Sleeps
39. Acres Wild
40. No Lullaby
41. Moths
42. Journeyman
43. Rover
44. One Brown Mouse
45. Heavy Horses
46. Weathercock
47. Rover (No Strings Version)
48. Living In These Hard Times (Version 2)
49. Beltane

DVD2 – (Live In Concert In Bern (The Festhalle, Bern Switzerland) May 28th, 1978 – Jakko Jakszyk Stereo and 5.1 Surround Mixes):
JJ 5.1 Surround Mixes (DD/DTS)
01. Opening Music (Quartet)
02. Introduction by Claude Nobs (Spoken Word)
03. No Lullaby
04. Sweet Dream
05. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
06. Jack-In-The-Green
07. One Brown Mouse
08. Heavy Horses
09. A New Day Yesterday
10. Flute Solo Improvisation/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Bouree
11. Living In The Past/A New Day Yesterday (Reprise)
12. Songs From The Wood
13. Thick As A Brick
14. Hunting Girl
15. Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die
16. Conundrum
17. Minstrel In The Gallery
18. Cross-Eyed Mary
19. Quatrain
20. Aqualung
21. Locomotive Breath
22. The Dambusters March/Aqualung (Reprise)
JJ 96/24 Stereo Mix
23. Opening Music (Quartet)
24. Introduction by Claude Nobs (Spoken Word)
25. No Lullaby
26. Sweet Dream
27. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day
28. Jack-In-The-Green
29. One Brown Mouse
30. Heavy Horses
31. A New Day Yesterday
32. Flute Solo Improvisation/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/Bouree
33. Living In The Past/A New Day Yesterday (Reprise)
34. Songs From The Wood
35. Thick As A Brick
36. Hunting Girl
37. Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll: Too Young To Die
38. Conundrum
39. Minstrel In The Gallery
40. Cross-Eyed Mary
41. Quatrain
42. Aqualung
43. Locomotive Breath
44. The Dambusters March/Aqualung (Reprise)
Bonus Videos
45. Heavy Horses (Video)
46. Moths (Video)
47. Bursting Out (TV AD)
48. Bursting Out & Madison Square Garden Show (TV AD)



3CD/DVD 45th Anniversary Edition of 1972 Roxy Music Debut Planned

For quite some time, Steven Wilson has let it be known that he had completed remix work on several classic treasures. With that, it was up to the labels involved to simply release them as packages. We’ll the good news of today is that Universal has decided to release one of those albums.

On February 2, 2018, Universal will reissue the 1972 debut album classic from Roxy Music. With this good news, we also get the package in celebration of the band’s 45th Anniversary as a Super Deluxe package.

This 45th Anniversary package will present the album in both Stereo and 5.1 Surround mixes (It’s important here to realize that the Stephen Wilson remix available will be the 5.1 Surround and NOT a Stereo remix, which is strange. SW did do a Stereo remix of Roxy Music while he had the tapes in his possession. Nevertheless, the Stereo version being released is not attributed to SW, and is an older Bob Ludwig master previously released.)

Watch for 3CDs and a DVD along with a richly contributed 136-page high gloss book. The three CDs provide the original album, a set of outtakes, demos, and a non-album single, “Virginia Plain”, which IS presented here as SW remix in Stereo.  One of the CDs will also provide several Live sets including two Peel sessions and a BBC broadcast.

The DVD provides a several videos of Old Grey Whistle Test, Full House, Royal College of Art, and Top of the Pops, and a rare club appearance. The DVD will be home to the two variations of the SW 5.1 Surround remixes (DTS 96/24, Dolby AC3).

There will be a 2CD Edition with only original album and the live sets. A vinyl LP is also in the release queue.



Two Wishbone Ash Album Sets Remastered and Expanded For 2018

Wishbone Ash had enjoyed a strong UK following all the way through their Twin Barrels Burning album, which was issued in 1982. It was followed up by 1985’s  Raw To The Bone. Both albums were released on independent labels as MCA had finished with the band after their Number The Brave album from 1981. For many, the band was still hitting on all cylinders even though they had adopted a familiar and saving ’80s metal sound to stay relevant for Raw To The Bone. Twin Barrels Burning still carried the evolved sounds from Number The Brave and is more reminiscent of the earlier band than Raw To The Bone is. Regardless, Wishbone Ash, admirably helmed by Andy Powell, eventually struggled to maintain an existence with multiple lineups that included the original four for IRS Records (Nouveau Calls – 1987, Hear To Hear – 1989).

Twin Barrels Burning, and Raw To The Bone both disappeared to relative obscurity, forgotten to time, if not for devoted fans, then to the changing times.

On the 19th of December, PledgeMusic will release in limited numbers both classic Wishbone Ash albums in newly remastered and amply expanded editions. After this, Cherry Red Records will be releasing these to the marketplace on wider release, planned for February 2 of 2018. All issues are from the UK and will need importation to the US.

Twin Barrels Burning will be issued in a 2CD package. Not only is the original music remastered, there will be inclusion of three sessions outtakes (“Cat And Dog Fight”, “Go For The Gold”, “Night Hawker”), and the desired American remixes of the original UK album in re-sequenced manner.

Raw To The Bone will also be issued in a 2CD package. The original CD will include the original ten-track album, with the add of five bonus tracks, one from the original 1985 sessions (“She’s Still Alive”), and four from a subsequent 1986 recording session (“Apocalypso”, “Valley of Tears”, “Nkomo”, “Talk To Me”). The added CD will include eight live performance tracks, four from The Friday Rock Show (“Long Live The Night”, “Cell of Fame”, “Love In Blue”, “People In Motion”), and four Live At Hammersmith broadcast from BBC radio (“Living Proof”, “Cell of Fame”, “The King Will Come”, “Blowin’ Free”).

Both titles will also be made available on picture disc vinyl, and two 2CD set bundles via Pledge Music (here).

[UPDATE] Wishbone Ash 30CD Box – The Vintage Years 1970-1991

We now know that this limited Edition 30CD The Vintage Years 1970-1991 Box set featuring a TON of classic Wishbone Ash material including bonus session tracks will be released on April 20 of 2018. The set is limited to only 2500 copies worldwide and will carry a price tag of $337 (US), and £250 (UK).  This set is currently on pre-order.

We also know a bit more about inclusions. The set will not only contain remastered albums (many from original source tapes, as I’ve long understood Wishbone Four, and There’s The Rub original tapes to be considered gone for good) from the Wishbone Ash debut through Strange Affair albums, but also a wealth of bonus material. You can expect ‘rare album outtakes, B-sides, and 12 previously unreleased studio tracks’, all slipcased within mini-LP cardboard gatefold sleeves.

The Live collection will include the first  Live Dates album, Live Dates Volume Two, and Live in Tokyo. The additional live sets include eight previously unreleased live shows, all between the golden era of 1973 through 1980:

  • Portsmouth Guildhall 1973 (2CD) from the Wishbone Four / Live Dates tour.
  • Southampton University 1973 from the Wishbone Four / Live Dates tour.
  • Edinburgh Usher Hall 1976 from the New England tour.
  • Marquee Club 1977 from the Front Page News tour.
  • Newcastle City Hall 1977 from the Front Page News tour.
  • Bournemouth Winter Gardens 1978 (2CD) from the No Smoke Without Fire tour.
  • Guildford Civic Hall 1980 (2CD) from the Just Testing tour.
  • Chelmsford Odeon 1980 from the Blowin’ Free tour.

We know that tracks from the Portsmouth Guildhall show were used in the original Live Dates set. Here, we get the entire show over 2CDs. Unfortunately, that’s all from that album. (This means that a Deluxe Edition of Live Dates is STILL a viable grail set with ALL shows remastered and presented, along with a rich booklet of remembrances, and memorabilia included. C’mon Universal, Martin, and Andy! Please?!)

The Box will also include 156-page book of photos, memories, and other goodies. A 36-poster book is added as are four fold-out posters reproductions of original posters for: Christmas at the Palace Dec 1973, Live Dates European tour – Hamburg Musikhalle 1974, Europe 1975 tour, and the Front Page News tour – Empire Pool Wembley 1977.

A facsimile promo pack from MCA is stuffed into this box along with a 7″ flexidisc of “Blind Eye”. To finish the box, signed photos of the band members will be provided.

You can pre-order here. Don’t assume they will be there when you’re ready. Just sayin’!

Expect another update when we received the exact tracklist of every CD.


The Damned, Stiff Singles 1976-1977 7″ Vinyl Box In January

When the musical climate began to shift after 1975, The Damned were one of the few bands out in front of the trend. They released Damned Damned Damned in 1976 on Stiff Records, a growing influential label that also gave stage to Elvis Costello and a host of other popular rising talents. The debut album gave us “New Rose” followed by “Neat Neat Neat”. There was no doubt that a new style was coming and these mentioned singles were a strong forerunner of the genre of punk rock! Stiff Records ran its course after about ten years, ceasing operations in 1986. However, it lit the way for Ian Dury, Lene Lovich, Nick Lowe, The Pogues, Devo, and many others before shutting its doors.

The Damned released five singles (with B-sides) for Stiff Records in the UK before leaving the label. The first was the previously mentioned gem, “New Rose”, flip-sided by a non-album track, “Help”. Their second single, “Neat Neat Neat” helped push the single trend further with a flip side of two cuts, “Stab Your Back”, and “Singalonga Scabies”. If you still have those, then you’re quite the collector. But if you don’t, BMG along with Pledge Music, will release a Boxed set of 7″ vinyl singles with the original Stiff label. The Box is being called The Damned, Stiff Singles 1976-1977.  In addition to the vinyl singles, there will be a Damned embroidered patch.

The singles included are as follows:


A – New Rose
B – Help


A – Neat Neat Neat
B – Stab Your Back
B – SingalongaScabies


A – Problem Child
B – You Take My Money


A – Don’t Cry Wolf
B – One Way Love


A – Stretcher Case Baby
B – Sick Of Being Sick

The Damned, Stiff Singles 1976-1977 Box is scheduled for January 26, 2018.

The Damned are currently recording a brand new album expected o be released in 2018 at some point!


Fleetwood Mac 1975 “White Album” To Be Expanded and Remastered

With the reissues of several Nicks/Buckingham-era classic albums, it was only a matter of time to get to the album that started that lineup. Their eponymous 1975 multi-platinum set that gave the world “Over My Head”, “Say You Love Me”, “Warm Ways”, and “Rhiannon” was ripe for the reissue pipeline. And while I personally love the pre-Buckingham/Nicks-era lineup better, I certainly do NOT hate this lineup.

On January 19, 2018, Rhino will release the next Fleetwood Mac reissue in several variations. Of course, the music here is newly remastered. But you will have choices with a single CD, (which features the primary album), a 2CD Expanded Edition that provides an additional four single edits on the first CD, and seventeen bonus pieces that show off the creative process of this album with embryonic early takes and versions, as well as a collection of live studio cuts.

There will be also be a Deluxe package that will deliver 3CDs, a DVD, and a vinyl LP of the original album. And a few things more for the avid Fleetwood Mac fan. This box provides the same two CDs as the Deluxe 2CD set, but will add in a CD of a collection of live tracks from three separate shows (Capitol Theatre – Passaic, NJ  10/17/1975; Jorgensen Auditorium – University of Connecticut Storrs, CT 10/25/1975; Campus Stadium – University of California 05/02/1976).

The included DVD for the Deluxe Box will contain high-quality Stereo (96kHz/24-bit) of the album’s original tracks as well as 5.1 Surround remixes. The 180g-weight black vinyl LP will be home to the original album tracks. All these will be housed in a 12″x 12″ embossed box (as seen below). The packed in book will provide photos, information and credits, memorabilia, new interview pieces, and new notes.

Several  early takes of popular songs from the album will be available individually as digital downloads or promo single streams (DD). Those are “Monday Morning (early take)” on 11/16/17, “Landslide (early version)” on 01/06/18, and “Say You Love Me (early version)” on 01/13/18.  Also, the CD and 2CD versions will be issued as DDs.

CD1 (Original Album, 2CD Expanded with 4 previously released bonus singles):
01. Monday Morning
02. Warm Ways
03. Blue Letter
04. Rhiannon
05. Over My Head
06. Crystal
07. Say You Love Me
08. Landslide
09. World Turning
10. Sugar Daddy
11. I’m So Afraid
12. Over My Head (Single Version)
13. Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win) [Single Version]
14. Say You Love Me (Single Version)
15. Blue Letter (Single Version)

CD2 (Bonus Selections):
01. Monday Morning (Early Take)
02. Warm Ways (Early Take)
03. Blue Letter (Early Take)
04. Rhiannon (Early Take)
05. Over My Head (Early Take)
06. Crystal (Early Version)
07. Say You Love Me (Early Version)
08. Landslide (Early Version)
09. World Turning (Early Version)
10. Sugar Daddy (Early Take)
11. I’m So Afraid (Early Version)
12. Over My Head (Live from The Burbank Studios, Burbank, CA, 1/26/76)
13. Rhiannon (Live from The Burbank Studios, Burbank, CA, 1/26/76)
14. Why (Live from The Burbank Studios, Burbank, CA, 1/26/76)
15. World Turning (Live from The Burbank Studios, Burbank, CA, 1/26/76)
16. Jam #2 (Remastered)
17. I’m So Afraid (Early Take Instrumental)

CD3 (Live Selections):
1. Get Like You Used To Be (Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, 10/17/75)
2. Station Man (Live at Jorgensen Auditorium, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 10/25/75)
3. Spare Me A Little (Live at Jorgensen Auditorium, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 10/25/75)
4. Rhiannon (Live at Jorgensen Auditorium, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 10/25/75)
5. Why (Live at Jorgensen Auditorium, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 10/25/75)
6. Landslide (Live at Jorgensen Auditorium, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 10/25/75)
7. Over My Head (Live at Campus Stadium, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 5/2/76)
8. I’m So Afraid (Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, 10/17/75)
9. Oh Well (Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, 10/17/75)
10. The Green Manalishi (With The Two Pronged Crown) [Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, 10/17/75]
11. World Turning (Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, 10/17/75)
12. Blue Letter (Live at Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, 10/17/75)
13. Don’t Let Me Down Again (Live at Jorgensen Auditorium, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 10/25/
14. Hypnotized (Live at Jorgensen Auditorium, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, 10/25/75)

DVD (96kHz/24-bit Stereo, 5.1 Surround Remixes):
01. Monday Morning (5.1 Surround Mix)
02. Monday Morning (5.1 Surround Mix)
03. Monday Morning (5.1 Surround Mix)
04. Rhiannon (5.1 Surround Mix)
05. Over My Head (5.1 Surround Mix)
06. Crystal (5.1 Surround Mix)
07. Say You Love Me (5.1 Surround Mix)
08. Landslide (5.1 Surround Mix)
09. World Turning (5.1 Surround Mix)
10. Sugar Daddy (5.1 Surround Mix)
11. I’m So Afraid (5.1 Surround Mix)
12. Monday Morning (24/96 Stereo Audio)
13. Warm Ways (24/96 Stereo Audio)
14. Blue Letter (24/96 Stereo Audio)
15. Rhiannon (24/96 Stereo Audio)
16. Over My Head (24/96 Stereo Audio)
17. Crystal (24/96 Stereo Audio)
18. Say You Love Me (24/96 Stereo Audio)
19. Landslide (24/96 Stereo Audio)
20. World Turning (24/96 Stereo Audio)
21. Sugar Daddy (24/96 Stereo Audio)
22. I’m So Afraid (24/96 Stereo Audio)
23. Over My Head (Single Version)
24. Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win) [Single Version]
25. Say You Love Me (Single Version)
26. Blue Letter (Single Version)

LP (Original Album)

30CD Wishbone Ash Box, The Vintage Years 1970-1991 Planned For 2018

Earlier this year, it was announced that Wishbone Ash has a massive Box set arriving “at some distant point”. Well, although that point is still not precisely known, we have been given the satisfactory ‘April of 2018’ date. And that works well enough for me.

The newly assembled box has a wealth of music from the band during their first sixteen albums including a lot of live music. As a fan of Live Dates, I have extreme hope that many of the unused songs collected from the shows will find themselves here. (I STILL advocate for the assembly and reissue of an EXPANDED and REMASTERED Live Dates album with ALL songs from ALL four shows, plus a rich booklet of bonuses, remembrances and memorabilia. It’s a project I’d crowdfund!)

The new Box – being released by Madfish (a division of Snapper Music) –  will be called The Vintage Years 1970-1991. It will house 30 CDs of classic Wishbone Ash including sixteen studio efforts through (I assume) Strange Affair, three live albums (both Live Dates and Live Dates II, and perhaps Live in Memphis), and 11 (!) CDs of previously unreleased live sets dating from 1973 through 1980. Also included will be a hard-bound 154 page book, a poster book, four reproduction posters, a “facsimilie MCA debut album promo pack”, a Japanese replica 7″ flexidisc, and signed photos of each band member. The BAD news is that there will ONLY be 2500 copies available for purchase worldwide.

According to Martin Turner, the pricing is yet to be announced, but the set will be available for pre-order on November 30 (2017). It won’t be cheap but then again, what definitive Boxed set is. It depends on your love for the band. For me, this is a must have. Unfortunately, there is also not an available track list of the bonus inclusions and the live sets. I assume these will materialize on November 30 along with the order link.



New 50th Anniversary 10CD Box For Ten Years After, 1967-1974

It’s always great to see one of your favorites bands getting nice treatment, especially so far away from their active years. For fans, the name of Ten Years After is one that draws great memories. From their dynamic showcase at Woodstock through a few singles and LP releases, Ten Years After certainly has earned their place in the sun. (We won’t talk about the inefficiencies of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.)

During their time, not counting the years after their first dismantling, they have released eight classic albums beginning with Ten Years After (1967), and ending with Positive Vibrations (1974). In between, the band delivered greatness with “I’d Love To Change The World”, “Rock and Roll Music To The World”, “Love Like A Man”, “I’m Going Home”, and “Choo Choo Mama” (to name just a few).  A brief but powerful tenure in the annals of Rock!

On December 22, Chrysalis Records will assemble a 10CD 50th Anniversary Box celebrating the band. The Box is being labeled as 1967-1974. This box will provide a total of 82 songs, most newly remastered for this limited edition set of only 1500 copies. Of course, every song from their Deram and Columbia catalog is represented here. (No Recorded Live! Sigh!)

This box set also includes previously unreleased music on a single CD.

1967-1974 50th Anniversary Complete Studio BoxTen Years After

CD1 (Ten Years After – 1967):
01 I Want To Know (Mono)
02 I Can’t Keep From Crying, Sometimes (Mono)
03 Adventures Of A Young Organ (Mono)
04 Spoonful (Mono)
05 Losing The Dogs (Mono)
06 Feel It For Me (Mono)
07 Love Until I Die (Mono)
08 Don’t Want You, Woman (Mono)
09 Help Me (Mono)

CD2 (Undead – 1968):
01 I May Be Wrong, But I Won’t Be Wrong Always (Stereo)
02 ( At The ) Woodchopper’s Ball [Stereo]
03 Spider In My Web (Stereo)
04 Summertime/Shantung Cabbage (Stereo)
05 I’m Going Home (Stereo)

CD3 (Stonedhenge – 1969):
01 Going To Try (Stereo)
02 I Can’t Live Without Lydia (Stereo)
03 Woman Trouble (Stereo)
04 Skoobly-Oobly-Doobob (Stereo)
05 Hear Me Calling (Stereo)
06 A Sad Song (Stereo)
07 Three Blind Mice (Stereo)
08 No Title (Stereo)
09 Faro (Stereo)
10 Speed Kills (Stereo)

CD4 (Shhhh – 1969):
01 Bad Scene
02 Two Time Mama
03 Stoned Woman
04 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
05 If You Should Love Me
06 I Don’t Know That You Don’t Know My Name
07 The Stomp
08 I Woke Up This Morning

CD5 (Cricklewood Green – 1970):
01 Sugar The Road
02 Working On The Road
03 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain
04 Year 3,000 Blues
05 Me And My Baby
06 Love Like A Man
07 Circles
08 As The Sun Still Burns Away

CD6 (Watt – 1970):
01 I’m Coming On
02 My Baby Left Me
03 Think About The Times
04 I Say Yeah
05 The Band With No Name
06 Gonna Run
07 She Lies In The Morning
08 Sweet Little Sixteen

CD7 (A Space In Time – 1971):
01 One Of These Days
02 Here They Come
03 I’d Love To Change The World
04 Over The Hill
05 Baby Won’t You Let Me Rock ‘N Roll You
06 Once There Was A Time
07 Once There Was A Time
08 Hard Monkeys
09 I’ve Been There Too
10 Uncle Jam

CD8 (Rock & Roll Music To The World – 1972):
01 You Give Me Loving
02 Convention Prevention
03 Turned Off T.V. Blues
04 Standing At The Station
05 You Can’t Win Them All
06 Religion
07 Choo Choo Mama
08 Tomorrow I’ll Be Out Of Town
09 Rock & Roll Music To The World

CD9 (Positive Vibrations – 1974):
01 Nowhere To Run
02 Positive Vibrations
03 Stone Me
04 Without You
05 Going Back To Birmingham
06 It’s Getting Harder (It’s Getting Harder)
07 You’re Driving Me Crazy
08 Look Into My Life
09 Look Me Straight Into The Eyes
10 I Wanted To Boogie

CD10 (Previously Unreleased):
01 Look At Yourself
02 Running Around
03 Holy Shit
04 There’s A Feeling
05 I Hear You Calling My Name


1985 Marillion Classic, Misplaced Childhood, Re-released As Album Only 2017 Remaster

Back in July, Parlophone and Rhino presented a Super Deluxe Edition of Misplaced Childhood, the 1985 Marillion classic. That release (read here) contained a lot for fans including a Steven Wilson 5.1 Surround mix. But as time passes, and these sets slow down in sales (or sell out), then the labels return to allow for a break out of the original album to be reissued. If that’s what you have waited for, then here it is.

On December 1, the 2017 remaster of Misplaced Childhood will be re-released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP as just the 10-track original album. Put it on your calendar. A pickup of this CD issue could also serve as a playable copy to preserve the boxed one that you’re trying to maintain.