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Release Piece – Lux – Brian Eno

Brian Eno is the man!  With a varied history of musical works and affiliations, Eno’s resume is as impressive as any in the business.  Yes, he may raise an eyebrow from some person unknowing of Eno’s pedigree, but that doesn’t change the fact that Eno is THE man!

And so, with great excitement, I can tell you that on November 13 in the US markets, Warp Records will release Brian Eno’s first solo album since 2005’s Another Day On Earth.  The album is named Lux and is planned for CD, DD, and 2LP (180g) gatefold.  (The 2LP set is scheduled separately for December 11.)

AS bonuses, the gatefold CD softpack, as well as the 2LP set will add four prints to the mix.  In addition, the LP set will offer digital download rights.

Lux will feature four compositions, all titled after the name of the album.  The tracks will total approximately 76-minutes in length:

  • Lux 1 (19:22)
  • Lux 2 (18:14)
  • Lux 3 (19:19)
  • Lux 4 (18:28)

If you’re as excited as I am for a continuation of Brian Eno ambient, then mark your calendars for November 13, (December 11 for the 2LP set).

The Gift From The Jam Gets 4-Disc 30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Treatment

On November 19, the UK will release a 30th Anniversary four-disc Super Deluxe Edition of The Jam’s classic The Gift (1982).  (Thirty bloody years??!!)

The Jam’s last album, which featured the massive hit, “Town Called Malice”, and other genuine classic tracks like “Ghost”, “Carnation”, and the title track closer, “The Gift”, was an extraordinary work despite its changes.  From the opening track of “Happy Together” to the album’s hit (“Town Called Malice”), the last tune, The Gift shone with a different kind of light.

The album brought about the demise of the band, largely due to musical direction differences.  Nevermind the soulful sound of Foxton’s contribution, “Circus”.

The Gift will be celebrated with the album remastered, a collection of B-sides, rarities, and live recordings on the CDs, along with a DVD of promo clips and live performances.  The 30th Anniversary set will include a super anticipated 72-page hardback book with plenty of photos, magazine pieces, an extensive essay, an interview with Weller, memorabilia, along with a set of postcards, and a replicated 1982 tour program.

The four discs will be stored in wallets and housed in a box featuring the original striped bag style cover.  The contents of the discs are as follows:

Disc One: Remastered Album plus 10 singles and their B-sides during this period!

Disc Two: Bonus tracks with fifteen demos and alternate tracks, thirteen previously unreleased.  All tracks here have been remastered.

Disc Three: Live at Wembley, December 1982 featuring the previously unreleased, and completely remastered live set with 23 songs.

Disc Four (DVD): Features promo clips of “Town Called Malice”, “Precious”, and “The Bitterest Pill”, along with nine live performance tracks from a Birmingham show from the Trans-Global Unity Express Tour., a DAnish TV Special appearance, and “Town Called Malice”, and “”Precious” from a 1982 Top of the Pops appearance.

It’s pretty complete.

Jam fans, take notice and be ready to pounce.

Billy Joel’s The Nylon Curtain on SACD

This piece of news may be a non-issue for some.  But anyone that has followed the career of Billy Joel might be well enamored of his The Nylon Curtain gem from 1982.  I can say that I find the album to be his unsung masterpiece.  With songs like “Allentown”, “Laura”, “Pressure”, and the unrelenting perfection of “Goodnight Saigon”, the album has more going for it than it was/is given credit for.

For those of us with SACD players, and some of you lucky to have PS3s with SACD capability, it is my absolute pleasure to inform you that Mobile Fidelity will be reissuing this classic in Original Master Recording series Hybrid SACD format on October 2.

What more can I say about this than I’m very excited.  As excited as I am to get a Steve Wilson remixed Trilogy (ELP) album.  And let me say…that’s quite excited.

Thanks, Mobile Fidelity.  You have just made my year!

Grrr! is All About The Stones

On November 13, (November 12 for the rest of the world), Universal, Abkco, and The Rolling Stones plan the release of a career-spanning ‘best of’ that will sort through five decades of some of Rock’s great tracks.

Yeah, we have seen more than a fair share of Rolling Stones collections.  One of the bad things with many of those, is that they have never been really complete.  And while Grrr! is likely to not be complete either, its scope will likely be vast.

The releases include a 3CD, 50-track set with a 24-page booklet housed in a digipak package; and a 3CD, 50-track Deluxe Edition that furthers the booklet with a 36-page hardback book and five collectible postcards encased in a DVD-sized casing.  For those that need more, there will be a 4CD, 80-track Super Deluxe Edition Box that will add in a bonus CD, a 7″ vinyl single, a hardback book, a poster, five collectible postcards, all housed in a nice box.  Vinyl fans can get a 5LP containing 50 tracks in a casebound LP Box.

In an attempt to make these sets more attractive to those that might understandably balk at this release, The Stones will bolster this with two new songs.

The track-listing hasn’t been made available as of yet but when it is, I’ll append them to this post.

Ian Hunter To Deliver When I’m President (New Album)

There isn’t really a whole lot of new release news out there. What there is, you have very likely already read about, a lot from here. But there is a very nice piece of release news for fans of Ian Hunter.

On September 4, Slimstyle Records will release the 11–track new album by the ex-Mott The Hoople  front- man, which will – crazily – be called When I’m President. When I’m President should be the expected brilliance from Ian Hunter, who has, over the course of 40 years, provided more than a fair share of memorable songs.

I hope that this little piece of news makes you as pleased as I am. It’s been three years since the release of Man Overboard (2009), so it’s time for some new Ian Hunter.

New ELP Reissues Update

The news is now out. Not only will there be Steven Wilson-remixed 3-disc Deluxe sets (with new 5.1 and Stereo mixes) of Emerson, Lake & Palmer (1970), and Tarkus (1971), but those will definitely be followed up with new 5.1 and Stereo remixes of Pictures At An Exhibition (1971), Trilogy (1972), Brain Salad Surgery (1973), and Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends…Ladies & Gentlemen, Emerson, Lake And Palmer (1974).

The discs will not only contain the new Wilson remixes, but will also include outtakes.

These sets will also (SURPRISE!) be released in the US via Razor & Tie Records.  The planned US release date (for Emerson, Lake & Palmer, and Tarkus) is set at September 11.  There aren’t set dates for the other four intended ELP classics.

Even more special is the fact that these albums (at least, for sure ELP, and Tarkus) will be released not only on CD/DVD Deluxe Editions, but will see reissue on LP and DD, with the digital files being remastered by Brad Blackwood for iTunes.

Pre-orders via the band’s site will offer the discs with ELP tees.  For those, go here.

Following are the track-lists for Emerson, Land Palmer, and Tarkus.  Immerse:

Emerson, Lake & Palmer Deluxe Edition Track List:

Disc One:  Original Album

  1. The Barbarian
  2. Take A Pebble
  3. Knife-Edge
  4. The Three Fates
    1. Clotho ROYAL FESTIVAL


ii.            Lachesis PIANO SOLO

iii.            Atropos PIANO SOLO

5.       Tank

6.       Lucky Man

Disc Two:  Bonus Tracks (2012) THE ALTERNATE ELP NEW 2012 STEREO MIXES (Previously Unreleased)

  1. The Barbarian

2.       Take A Pebble

3.       Knife Edge (with Extended Outro)

4.       Promenade

5.       The Three Fates: Atropos

6.       Rave Up

7.       Drum Solo

8.       Lucky Man

Bonus Tracks:

9.       Take A Pebble (Alternate Version)

10.    Knife Edge (Alternate Version)

11.    Lucky Man (First Greg Lake Solo Version)

12.    Lucky Man (Alternate Version)


Disc Three:  DVD Audio
NEW 2012 – 5.1 MIX (Previously Unreleased)

  1. The Barbarian
  2. Take A Pebble
  3. Knife-Edge
  4. The Three Fates: Atropos

5.       Rave Up

6.       Lucky Man

NEW HIGH RES 2012 STEREO MIXES (Previously Unreleased)

7.       The Barbarian

8.       Take A Pebble

9.       Knife Edge (with Extended Outro)

10.    Promenade

11.    The Three Fates: Atropos

12.    Rave Up

13.    Drum Solo

14.    Lucky Man

15.    Take A Pebble (Alternate Version)

16.    Knife Edge (Alternate Version)

17.    Lucky Man (First Greg Lake Solo Version)

18.    Lucky Man (Alternate Version)

Tarkus Deluxe Edition Track List:

Disc One:  Original Album

  1. Tarkus
    1. Eruption
    2. Stones Of Years
    3. Iconoclast
    4. Mass
    5. Manticore
    6. The Battlefield
    7. Aquatarkus
  2. Jeremy Bender
  3. Bitches Crystal
  4. The Only Way (Hymn)
  5. Infinite Space (Conclusion)
  6. A Time And A Place
  7. Are You Ready Eddy?

Disc Two:  The Alternate Tarkus 2012 Stereo Mixes

1.       Tarkus

2.       Eruption

3.       Stones Of Years

4.       Iconoclast

5.       Mass

6.       Manticore

7.       The Battlefield

8.       Aquatarkus

9.       Jeremy Bender

10.    Bitches Crystal

11.    The Only Way (Hymn)

12.    Infinite Space (Conclusion)

13.    A Time And A Place

14.    Are You Ready Eddy?

15.    Oh, My Father

16.    Unknown Ballad

17.    Mass (Alternate Take)

Disc Three:  DVD Audio New 2012 5.1 Mixes

1.       Tarkus

2.       Eruption

3.       Stones Of Years

4.       Iconoclast

5.       Mass

6.       Manticore

7.       The Battlefield

8.       Aquatarkus

9.       Jeremy Bender

10.    Bitches Crystal

11.    The Only Way (Hymn)

12.    Infinite Space (Conclusion)

13.    A Time And A Place

14.    Are You Ready Eddy?

15.    Oh My Father

2012 Stereo Mixes

16.    Tarkus

17.    Eruption

18.    Stones Of Years

19.    Iconoclast

20.    Mass

21.    Manticore

22.    The Battlefield

23.    Aquatarkus

24.    Jeremy Bender

25.    Bitches Crystal

26.    The Only Way (Hymn)

27.    Infinite Space (Conclusion)

28.    A Time And A Place

29.    Are You Ready Eddy?

30.    Oh My Father

31.    Unknown Ballad

32.    Mass

[MASSIVE thanks to Cary for the complete updates!]

New Dead Can Dance Album, Anastasis

Who else in TAPLand is as excited as myself (and  a few TAP readers) about new Dead Can Dance music?

Well, after our long, long wait, fans of DCD will finally be rewarded with a new album of brand new Dead Can Dance songs.

Many of us can still remember our first introduction to the mesmerizing band that made us solid fans for even these sixteen years since 1996’s Spiritchaser.  While we accepted that the duo had gone as far as they were willing to go, we still secretly hoped that they’d come together again.

And they have.

The new album, Anastasis, is the duo’s first album of new music in sixteen years.

Anastasis will contain eight tracks:

  1. Children of the Sun
  2. Anabasis
  3. Agape
  4. Amnesia
  5. Kiko
  6. Opium
  7. Return of the She-King
  8. All In Good Time
The best part?  The band is currently streaming the entire album, which can be enjoyed at this link.
Dead Can Dance will tour to support the new album (AWESOME!!)
Anastasis will be made available for purchase on August 14 via PIAS America.  It will be distributed on CD, 2LP, and DD formats.  The new album will also be made available in a badass Super Deluxe Box.
We’re so lucky!

Mike Oldfield Updates: Platinum and QE2 Deluxe Edition UK

Earlier, we knew that Mike Oldfield would release updated versions of Platinum (1979), and QE2 (1980) on July 23 of this year, both in Deluxe Edition formats.  We now know a little bit more (thanks again, Pat) about these upcoming releases.

Platinum, will, in addition to the classic album (and three bonus tracks), add in a second disc which will include Live at Wembley Arena 1980 heard in nine performance tracks.  The track-list, which includes the Oldfield arrangement of Philip Glass’ “North Star”, and a version of Gershwin’s “I Got Rhythm”, is found below.

01) Part One – Airborn

02) Part Two – Platinum

03) Part Three – Charleston

04) Part Four – North Star / Platinum Finale

05) Woodhenge

06) Into Wonderland

07) Punkadiddle

08) I Got Rhythm

09) Platinum (Live Studio Edition) – Bonus

10) North Star – Bonus

11) Blue Peter – Bonus

Disc Two (Live At Wembley Arena, 1980):

01) Platinum

02) Punkadiddle

03) I Got Rhythm

04) Polka

05) Incantations

06)Tubular Bells Pt II

07) Guilty / Tubular Bells Pt I Finale

08) Blue Peter / Portsmouth

09) William Tell

Platinum Deluxe Edition will also release as LP (Limited Edition Blue vinyl), and DD formats, all on July 23, in Europe (always).

The other Mike Oldfield classic, QE2, will also be released in 2CD Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition White Vinyl LP, and DD, all on July 23 in Europe.  The first disc includes the classic album along with three bonus tracks, while the second disc includes nine 1981 performance tracks (Live At European Adventure, 1981).  The album will contain the following track-list over the two CDs.

Disc One:

01) Taurus I

02) Sheba

03) Conflict

04) Arrival

05) Wonderful Land

06) Mirage

07) QE2

08) Celt

09) Molly

10) Polka – Bonus

11) Wonderful Land (Single Version) – Bonus

12) Shiva – Bonus

Disc Two: (Live From The European Adventure, 1981):

01) Taurus I

02) Sheba

03) Mirage

04) Conflict

05) Ommadawn

06) Punkadiddle

07) Tubular Bells, Part I

08) QE2

09) Portsmouth

Like its close sister, QE2 will release on July 23 of 2012.

Both Deluxe Editions will arrive via Mercury Records UK.

Zappa Updates

Our friends over at The Second Disc has done a fine, fine job of keeping readers abreast of the Zappa reissues that have been expected since we announced them some time back.  Yes, those discs kind of slipped off the radar, but as many of you already know, they’re back and ready for your purchase beginning in July.  (Read here for a complete update.)

But to give you further expectation, Hip-O Records will be releasing a few more titles on November 27 (and may just be a placeholder while the titles get sorted, unsorted, then sorted again, release-wise).  Those will be Ahead Of Their TIme (1993), Have I Offended Someone? (1997), Mystery Disc (1998), Playground Psychotics (1992), The Lost Episodes (1994), The Yellow Shark (1993), Tinsel Town Rebellion (1981), and You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 6 (1992).

As erratic as the release schedule is now, it wouldn’t surprise me to see adjustments on titles being made available on revised release date.  (I mean, why You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 6, and not the previous five volumes to join it?)

No matter how you view this, updated Frank Zappa titles are coming.  Just speed up the reissue of Zoot Allures, please!

Release Pieces: Mike Oldfield’s Platinum, and QE2 in Deluxe Editions

Mike Oldfield has steadily been re-releasing his catalogue in wonderful Deluxe Editions.  His last reissue, Incantations, was re-released in the latter part of 2011 to great acclaim.

The next set from Mike Oldfield includes not one but two Oldfield classics, 1979’s Platinum, and 1980’s QE2.

While little is known about what these two Oldfield albums will bring when they’re released on July 20 of 2012 in continuing Deluxe Edition remasters, it is very exciting just to know that we can now expect them.

These two titles will see reissuance first in Europe on the date noted, and hopefully follow shortly in the US.  Please note that this is preliminary information.  Still, mark your calendar for Platinum, and QE2 in Deluxe Edition.  Thanks again, Mike Oldfield.

[Immense thanks to TAP reader, Pat Gleeson, for alerting us to this great news.]