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The Doors Get 3CD/1LP 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Of 1967 Debut

As 2017 gets into motion, it’s nice to see news about one of the New Year’s big reissue, the remastered and expanded Anniversary edition of The Doors eponymous debut. Originally released in 1967, the album introduced the band to the world. They were already a favorite of the famed LA music scene, and this album was the result of years of playing smaller stages. The fact that it’s actually been 50 years since the release of this classic album is amazing in and of itself (I was a mere nine years old at its release).

The Doors provided not only an all around excellent listening experience, but also two big hits with “Break On Through”, and “Light My Fire”. I’m sure that this news is being met with more than a bit of enthusiasm. Of course, with this, you’re getting a huge set that may include more than you’re wanting (like vinyl LP).  Nevertheless, this 50th Anniversary Edition is pretty well stocked. Not everyone will be pleased. therefore I suggest waiting for the inevitable breakout CDs that will feature the Stereo and Mono mixes along with a minimal booklet.

The package includes the original album on two CDs as original mixes that include Stereo, and Mono. Each set of mixes come on their own CD. The third CD is an eight track live set of Live At The Matrix (San Francisco) – March 7, 1967. A vinyl LP is added of the original Mono mix. The discs are housed in a 12″ x 12″ hardcover book. The book treats with rare photos, new notes, and more.

The Doors: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition, reissued via Rhino Records, will be made available on March 31.


CD1: (Original Stereo Mix)

01 – Break On Through (To The Other Side)
02 – Soul Kitchen
03 – The Crystal Ship
04 – Twentieth Century Fox
05 – Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
06 – Light My Fire
07 – Back Door Man
08 – I Looked At You
09 – End Of The Night
10 – Take It As It Comes
11 – The End

CD2: (Original Mono Mix)

01 – Break On Through (To The Other Side)
02 – Soul Kitchen
03 – The Crystal Ship
04 – Twentieth Century Fox
05 – Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
06 – Light My Fire
07 – Back Door Man
08 – I Looked At You
09 – End Of The Night
10 – Take It As It Comes
11 – The End

CD3: Live At The Matrix, March 7, 1967

01 – Break On Through (To The Other Side)
02 – Soul Kitchen
03 – The Crystal Ship
04 – Twentieth Century Fox
05 – Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
06 – Light My Fire
07 – Back Door Man
08 – The End

LP: (Original Mono Mix)
Side 1
01 – Break On Through (To The Other Side)
02 – Soul Kitchen
03 – The Crystal Ship
04 – Twentieth Century Fox
05 – Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)
06 – Light My Fire

Side 2
07 – Back Door Man
08 – I Looked At You
09 – End Of The Night
10 – Take It As It Comes
11 – The End


Magnetic Waves Of Sound – The Best Of The Move in January

The beauty of specialized labels with plenty of funding is that can count on getting quality reissues of albums that you were aware of, but not many others. With an umbrella label like Cherry Red UK, we seem to do pretty well with getting some good stuff. Like albums from The Move. Cherry Red has been busy with newly remastered and expanded editions of music from The Move catalog. Having finished those, it’s nice to see it capped with a 2disc ‘best of’, Magnetic Waves Of Sound. This set was announced a few months ago.

Magnetic Waves Of Sound – The Best Of The Move will be released on January 27.  It will offer 21 tracks total from the band’s four albums, including their UK hit singles. The included DVD will feature 21 telly appearances on the BBC and selected German shows, as well as a promo clip, all between 1967 and 1970 before he dissolution of the band.

The set will add in a booklet with photos, an essay by Mark Paytress (MOJO magazine), and a poster. The entire set is contained within a tastefully designed digipak case.


Judas Priest to Release 3CD 30th Anniversary Edition of Turbo

Judas Priest has slowly but consistently been updating their catalog releases with new remastering and extended sets. Their last update was Defenders Of The Faith (1984), reissued as a 3CD Deluxe Edition.

On February 3. Legacy will revisit the catalog of Judas Priest with a 3CD Deluxe Edition of Turbo. Turbo was the band’s tenth studio album released in 1986 making 2016 the 30th Anniversary. This new edition of Turbo will feature not only newly remastered audio, but will add in two CDs covering the full live show from the 1986 support tour, Fuel For Life. The show represented is from the Kemper Arena date in Kansas City.

If you head over to the Judas Priest webstore, you can get your hands on any one of a number of cool bundles that include CDs, LPs, tee-shirts, patches, etc.

The 30th Anniversary Edition of Turbo will also be released on 150g-weight vinyl LP.

Turbo – Judas Priest

CD1: TURBO (original album remastered)
01 – Turbo Lover
02 – Locked In
03 – Private Property
04 – Parental Guidance
05 – Rock You All Around The World
06 – Out In The Cold
07 – Wild Nights, Hot & Crazy Days
08 – Hot For Love
09 – Reckless

01 – Out In the Cold
02 – Locked In
03 – Heading Out To The Highway
04 – Metal Gods
05 – Breaking The Law
06 – Love Bites
07 – Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
08 – The Sentinel
09 – Private Property
10 – Desert Plains
11 – Rock You All Around The World

12 – The Hellion
13 – Electric Eye
14 – Turbo Lover
15 – Freewheel Burning
16 – Victim Of Changes
17 – The Green Manalishi (With The Two -Pronged Crown)
18 – Living After Midnight
19 – You’ve Got Another Thing Coming
20 – Hell Bent For Leather


Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 On CD and TV

tony-bennett-celebrates-90There are few classic performers like Tony Bennett in the world of music. Last August, the legend celebrated his 90th birthday with several offerings that included a Radio City Music Hall performance back in September. That star-studded performance that included Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, k.d. lang, and others, Even Kevin Spacey got in on the event in a singing role. For the benefit of all, a distilled two hour special can be viewed on NBC planned for December 16. The NBC Special is being called Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet To Come.

Also on December 16, RPM Records and historic Columbia Records will be releasing an audio celebration as a companion piece to the television special called Tony Bennett Celebrates 90. The CD will contain eighteen performance tracks by various artists including Mr Bennett himself (see track list below). Added to the CD will be an informative and photo-filled 28-page booklet containing essays by Bill Clinton, Martin Scorsese, Harry Belafonte, Johnny Mandelbaum, Bill Charlap, and Everett Kinsler.

Mark your calendars.

Tony Bennett Celebrates 90 – Tony Bennett

01. The Lady Is a Tramp – Lady Gaga
02. The Good Life – Michael Bublé
03. Ave María – Andrea Bocelli
04. The Very Thought of You / If I Ruled the World; The Very Thought of You\ If I
Ruled the World – Kevin Spacey
05. I’ve Got the World on a String – Diana Krall
06. New York State of Mind – Tony Bennett and Billy Joel
07. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love – Rufus Wainwright
08. A Kiss to Build a Dream On – k.d. lang
09. Visions – Stevie Wonder
10. La Vie en Rose – Lady Gaga
11. Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Elton John
12. Autumn Leaves – Leslie Odom, Jr.
13. Who Cares? – Tony Bennett
14. The Best Is Yet to Come – Tony Bennett
15. I Left My Heart in San Francisco – Tony Bennett
16. I Got Rhythm – Tony Bennett
17. How Do You Keep the Music Playing? – Tony Bennett
18. Happy Birthday – Stevie Wonder


2CD 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Of The Grateful Dead Arrives In January

grateful-dead-50th-2cdThe Grateful Dead has left behind a legacy of awe and respect. The band enjoyed three distinct periods of popularity: their emergence and their Warner Brothers years and their UA-distributed Grateful Dead Records years, their Arista Records years, and the years that followed their official recordings (their last was Built To Last back in 1989). But their fan-base is still as rabid as ever. Plus, they continue to gain new fans.

The band formed in the middle ’60s. Their first album for Warner Records was their self-titled classic, released in 1967. And in 2017, that album will be fifty years old!

On January 13, Grateful Dead Productions will recognize that 50th Anniversary with a newly remastered Deluxe Edition of The Grateful Dead. In addition to already welcomed news, the release will add in another CD that contains the previously unreleased FULL show of their July 29, 1966 set at the P.N.E. Garden Auditorium in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and as another bonus, will include four live performance tracks from the subsequent evening at the same venue.

This 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will also be released on vinyl LP as a picture disc. It will be limited to a run of only 10,000 copies.

Good news, indeed, Deadheads!
The Grateful Dead (50th Anniversary Edition – 2CD) – The Grateful Dead

CD1 – Original Album Remastered:

01 The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)
02 Beat It On Down The Line
03 Good Morning Little School Girl
04 Cold Rain And Snow
05 Sitting On Top Of The World
06 Cream Puff War
07 Morning Dew
08 New, New Minglewood Blues
09 Viola Lee Blues

CD2 – Live at P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 7/29/66:

01 Standing On The Corner
02 I Know You Rider
03 Next Time You See Me
04 Sitting On Top Of The World
05 You Don’t Have To Ask
06 Big Boss Man
07 Stealin’
08 Cardboard Cowboy
09 It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
10 Cream Puff War
11 Viola Lee Blues
12 Beat It On Down The Line
13 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
14 Cold Rain And Snow
15 One Kind Favor
16 Hey Little One
17 New, New Minglewood Blues

Iggy Pop’s Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall Arrives On Vinyl LP In February

For Iggy Pop fans, especially the ones who rejoiced at his recently released album, Post Pop Depression, and his live follow-up, Live At the Royal Albert Hall. there’s this. Of course, there’s this for vinyl fans (you CD fans already have that document firmly in hand).

On February 10, 2017, the vinyl LP edition of Post Pop Depression: Live At The Royal Albert Hall will be made available to those Iggy Pop fans who were desirous of a vinyl set commemorating the event.

A good deal, I think!




Volume 35 of Dick’s Picks Grateful Dead Live Sets Arrives In January

The latest addition to the Dick’s Picks collection of live Grateful Dead will be released on January 6th as a 4CD set. Volume 35 is being issued by Real Gone Music. The dates include San Diego, CA – 08/07/71, and Chicago, IL – 08/24/71.

The story surrounding Volume 35 is an amazing one. These 1/4″ tapes were given to Keith Godchaux by Jerry Garcia as a means to learn the band’s repertoire. The tapes were misplaced, and rediscovered some 35 years later by Keith’s brother. They had to be restored and remastered for this release. But they’re here now. This set includes the entire San Diego show, what could be recovered of the Chicago show, and, as a bonus, the end of the 08/06/71 Hollywood Bowl show.

This set is limited to an ultra rare pressing of only 300 copies.

CD1: (San Diego Set One)
01. Big Railroad Blues
02. El Paso
03. Mr. Charlie
04. Sugaree
05. Mama Tried
06. Bertha
07. Big Boss Man
08. Promised Land
09. Hard to Handle
10. Cumberland Blues
11. Casey Jones
San Diego Set Two
12. Truckin’

CD2: (San Diego Set Two (cont.))
01. China Cat Sunflower
02. I Know You Rider
03. Next Time You See Me
04. Sugar Magnolia
05. Sing Me Back Home
06. Me and My Uncle
07. Not Fade Away
08. Goin’ Down the Road
Feeling Bad
09. Jam
10. Johnny B. Goode
Chicago Show
11. Uncle John’s Band
12. Playing in the Band
13. Loser

CD3: Chicago Show (cont.)
01. It Hurts Me Too
02. Cumberland Blues
03. Empty Pages
04. Beat It On Down the Line
05. Brown-Eyed Woman
06. St. Stephen
07. Not Fade Away
08. Goin’ Down the Road Feeling Bad
09. Not Fade Away
10. Me and Bobby McGee
11. Big Boss Man
12. Brokedown Palace

CD4: (Chicago Show (cont.))
01. Good Lovin’
Bonus Tracks (Hollywood Bowl – 08/06/71)
02. The Other One
03. Me and My Uncle
04. The Other One
05. Deal
06. Sugar Magnolia
07. Morning Dew
08. Turn On Your Lovelight


Time Stand Still – Live Rush To Be Released on DVD and Blu-ray

rush-time-stand-stillOn November 3, there will be a one night only presentation of Time Stand Still. This presentation is a two hour show that features a night from the Rush 2015 4oth Anniversary tour. Hopefully, you Rush fans out there have your tickets for these large market screenings.

But for the small market folks, and those that will want to relive the experience, Rounder Records will release several iterations of Time Stand Still on the planned date of November 18. The show will issue on DVD and Blu-ray editions, both scheduled for the same date.

Time Stand Still (DVD/BD):

01 When I Was A Kid  03:05
02 It’s A Really Hard Life  10:46
03 A Huge Accomplishment  08:26
04 Building R40  04:57
05 Fan-Tastic  18:57
06 Hello Toronto 09:41
07 “Ride On” Neil  02:31
08 Your Weakest Point 06:43
09 Marathon Not A Sprint 11:04
10 At Road’s End  17:00
11 Subdivisions 05:34
12 Superconductor  05:55
13 Show Don’t Tell  06:19
14 The Pass  05:14
15 Closer To The Heart 05:05
16 Manhattan Project 05:07
17 Scars 04:49
18 War Paint  05:50
19 Tom Sawyer  05:44
20 2112: Overture / La Villa Strangiato / In The Mood  11:48
21 The Professor’s Warmup 05:34


Disturbed Releases Live Album, Live at Red Rocks, in November

disturbed-live-at-red-rocksSince Disturbed’s arrival, they have produced six studio sets, five of which have entered the charts. Their debut album, the Sickness, fell within the top 30 and sold over four million units buoyed by their hit song, “Down With The Sickness”. After the Chicago band released Asylum in 2010 (their fifth), they took a break that lasted until their regathering to record and release 2015’s Immortalized. That album generated a number one entry into the Billboard Top 200, and won praise for Best Rock Album of 2015. Since it’s release, Disturbed has regained the ears of fans, particularly with their latest entry, the million-selling viral cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound Of Silence”. With that song, they gained the ears and attention of an older audience thus broadening their fan base.

Disturbed toured the music of Immortalized over the course of 2015 with one show being recorded for a live release. That show was Red Rocks on August 15.

On November 18, Reprise Records will release that live set as Disturbed – Live at Red Rocks. This collection will contain fifteen live performance tracks that will include the recent “The Sound Of Silence” cover song (See list below).

Disturbed – Live at Red Rocks will be released on CD and in DD, with both Explicit and Edited versions being made available. There will be a vinyl 2LP set made available later in the year on December 16.

Disturbed – Live at Red Rocks

01 Introduction
02 Ten Thousand Fists
03 The Game
04 The Vengeful One
05 Prayer
06 Liberate
07 The Animal
08 Stupify
09 The Sound of Silence
10 Lost Soul
11 Inside the Fire
12 The Light
13 Stricken
14 Indestructible
15 Voices
16 Down With the Sickness