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Todd Rundgren Roxy Show Expanded In 3CD Set, All Sides Of The Roxy

Todd Rundgren has carved out a magnificent career for himself as solo artist, band member, and as producer for some of history’s greatest albums. His long and storied career has provided a large avenue for fans to traverse as they enjoy his every involvement.

Over the period of May 17 through the 22nd of 1978, Todd Rundgren performed two shows a night at the legendary Roxy Theatre in LA. Over the years, some performance selections were used on several Rundgren sets including Back To The Bars (1978), which contained songs from the LA club, and an expanded set for the Roxy shows in a 2001 release of Another Side of The Roxy.

On March 2 (US), and February 22 (UK), Esoteric Records will revisit the Roxy shows with a remastered set that will include the previously broadcast Rundgren show at The Roxy on May 23, 1978. On that simulcast, home-based via Wolfman Jack’s high-powered XERB, it was beamed to a multitude of FM stations resulting in one of the largest concert broadcast of the time.  The new 3CD set will be called All Sides Of The Roxy.

The first two CDs will be the original simulcast, while the third CD will be the original Another Side Of The Roxy, as a reissued annex to a greater – more complete – packaged set.

The set will come in a clam shell box and will be packed with a 12-page booklet with photos, and new notes of the event.

Currently, Todd Rundgren is touring with a reunited Utopia. (I saw Utopia in Chicago at Park West in 1979.)

King Crimson To Release New 3CD Live Set, Live In Vienna

For Prog fans, there can never be a thing as too much King Crimson, While I would absolutely bemoan (rather loudly, of course) the quite evident and glaring lack of new and original music is glaring (their last studio was The Power To Believe from 2003), anything arriving from the internal DGM branch is welcomed indeed!

Since 2003, DGM has been consistent with excellent live sets. There have been four since 2003’s complementary EleKtrik: Live in Japan. All of them are marvels to enjoy,

On April 6, DGM will release a 3CD live set, Live In Vienna. Live in Vienna is from a December 1, 2016 show performed at Museumsquartier in Vienna, Austria. As it were, this set was previously available as a limited Japan set in 2017, and which added a Live in Tokyo 2015 bonus disc (not on the new issue). See the track-list below.

Live In Vienna will feature the Vienna concert set on the first 2CDs, while the third CD will collect a set of encore and expansion performances including a 2016 live performance of “Fracture” (in Copenhagen), a track long omitted from any set lists since 1974. So yeah…anticipated is a good word to use.

The tapes from the show were newly mixed from the original multi-track tapes. The album will be presented in a four-panel digipak, with an included and descriptive 16-page booklet complete with photos, tour notes, and credits. The digipak is protected by a slipcase.

Pre-order prices for Live In Vienna are below twenty bucks.

Live In ViennaKing Crimson

CD1 (First Set:)
01 Walk On: Soundscapes: Monk Morph Music Of The Chamber
02 Hell Hounds of Krim
03 Pictures of a City
04 Dawn Song
Suitable Grounds for The Blues
06 The Construkction of Light
07 The Court of the Crimson King
08 The Letters
09 Sailors’ Tale
10 Interlude
11 Radical Action II
12 Level V

CD2 (Second Set):
01 Fairy Dust Of The Drumsons
02 Peace: An End
03 Cirkus
04 Indiscipline
05 Epitaph
06 Easy Money
07 Devil Dogs of Tessellation Row
08 Red
09 Meltdown
10 Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Part Two
11 Starless

CD3  (Encores and Expansions):
01 Fracture (Copenhagen, Denmark – 09/23/2016 at Falconer Salen)
02 Heroes
03 21st Century Schizoid Man
04 Schoenberg Softened His Hat
05 Ahriman’s Ceaseless Corruptions
06 Spenta’s Counter Claim

Official Release Of The Who Live At The Fillmore East 1968…Finally

The Who has left behind a varied set of memorable shows by way of captured soundboards. As with many bands, this decaying decade have become fond of the memories that unreleased soundboard live shows deliver. After all, many of the fans of The Who are old enough to have been there for their beginnings and their string of great studio albums. Live At Leeds is considered one of the great live albums in the aging history of them. But we definitely know there’s more out there. In fact, some of them have history with fans.

On April 20, MCA Records, a since retired label under the Universal umbrella, will release a 2CD live set from their April 4,5 1968 show at the Fillmore East. This set has been previously available as underground bootleg sets. So it’s nice to see a revered show get a little official clean-up and release for the fans of the band. These shows will also be available on a 3LP set. It’s being labeled Live At The Fillmore East 1968.

As it goes, Kit Lambert, manager of The Who had both nights recorded with the intentions of releasing them. On the 50th Anniversary of those shows, the official release finally arrives, newly remastered.


Debut Pete Townshend Solo Album, Who Came First, To Reissue As 45th Anniversary 2CD Set

Pete Townshend was one of four individuals that energized the band we’ve all come to love asThe Who. But even as he was a part of The Who, their creativity revolved around his song craft! And even though, The Who had plenty of his work, there was enough to slip into solo territory. In 1972, Pete Townshend rekeased his first solo album calling it, respectfully, Who Came First.

Who Came First was actually a hybrid of leftover Who constructs, especially after the capsize of Lifehouse (a Who/Townshend project) and its subsequent farming of songs that became Who’s Next (1971). Half of Who Came First was a foray into cover tunes. Upon release, it fed ravenous Who fans ably enough, charting well.

On April 13, a 2CD 45th Anniversary expansion of Who Came First will be reissued with an addition of eight bonus tracks, all previously unreleased. These will include edits, alternative tracks, and live tracks.

The 2CD Who Came First will be delivered in an eight-panel digipak, and will come with a replica poster as found in the original album release. The included 24-page booklet will contain new Townshend notes, as well as rare photos of Townshend in the studio with Meher Baba.

Who  Came Next (45th Anniversary Edition) – Pete Townshend

01. Pure and Easy
02. Evolution
03. Forever’s No Time At All
04. Let’s See Action
05. Time Is Passing
06. There’s a Heartache Following Me
07. Sheraton Gibson
08. Content
09. Parvardigar

Disc: 2
01. His Hands
02. The Seeker (2017 edit)
03. Day Of Silence
04. Sleeping Dog
05. Mary Jane (Stage A Version)
06. I Always Say (2017 Edit)
07. Begin The Beguine (2017 edit)
08. Baba O’Reilly (Instrumental)
09. The Love Man (Stage C)
10. Content (Stage A)
11. Day Of Silence (Alternate Version)
12. Parvardigar (Alternate take)
13. Nothing Is Everything
14. There’s A Fortune In Those Hills
15. Meher Baba In Italy
16. Drowned (live in India)
17. Evolution (live at Ronnie Lane Memorial)

Kreator To Get Four ’90s-Era Albums In Remastered Deluxe CD, LP Sets

The early ’80s was a stage for heavy metal in its various forms. It’s when many Metal bands rose to prominence despite having been around for some years previous. Metal began to splinter into many styles, Thrash Metal being one of them. Within the ranks are Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, Testament, Anthrax, and Kreator, to name a few. With a style that began with Thrash, then merged Black Metal with Thrash, and back to Thrash again, Kreator has carved out a solid fan base with a strong menu of songs.

On March 2 and March 9, a total of four classic Kreator albums will be reissued complete with a collection of bonus tracks, brand new 2018 remastering, and special deluxe packaging for both CD and vinyl LP reissues.

March 2

Coma Of Souls (1990) – Kreator (Deluxe 2CD Mediabook, 3LP Triple Gatefold – Transparent Red Vinyl)

Bonus Tracks (Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990):
01 – When The Sun Burns Red
02 – Betrayer
03 – Terrible Certainty
04 – Extreme Aggression
05 – Coma Of Souls
06 – People Of The Lie
07 – Choir Of The Damned
08 – The Pestilence
09 – Toxic Trace
10 – Drum Solo
11 – Terror Zone
12 – Pleasure To Kill
13 – Flag Of Hate
14 – Agents Of Brutality
15 – Riot of Violence
16 – Tormentor

Renewal (1992) – Kreator (Deluxe CD Mediabook, 2LP Gatefold – Tranparent Green Vinyl)

Bonus Tracks
01 – Winter Martyrium (Rare Version)
02 – Trauma
03 – Europe After The Rain (Remix)

March 9

Cause For Conflict (1995) – Kreator (Deluxe CD Mediabook, 2LP Gatefold – Blue Vinyl)

Bonus Tracks
01 – Suicide In Swamps
02 – Limits Of Liberty
03 – State Oppression

Outcast (1997) – Kreator (Deluxe 2CD Mediabook, 2LP Gatefold – Transparent Orange Vinyl)

Bonus Tracks (Live a Dynamo Open Air 1998)
01 – Intro : Dr. Wagner, Part 3
02 – Terror Zone
03 – Lost
04 – Leave This World Behind
05 – Phobia
06 – Black Sunrise
07 – Choir Of The Damned
08 – Pleasure To Kill
09 – Whatever If May Take
10 – Extreme Aggression
11 – Renewal


Porcupine Tree Reissues Arriving Somewhere on 2CD/BD Deluxe Edition

Steve Wilson started the Porcupine Tree band back in the late ’80s to help further his vast musical mindsets.  By the ’90s, Porcupine Tree was more fully realized as a band with members helping to collectively create the music that we, as fans, have come to fervently enjoy. Signing to Lava Records, a division of Atlantic Records, Porcupine Tree released 5.1 versions of In Absentia (2002), and Deadwing (2005).

In 2005, Porcupine Tree toured the release of Deadwing to an adoring audience. It was their Park West show (October 11, 12, 2005) in Chicago that was filmed for the eventual DVD release. This became known as Arriving Somewhere. It was made available in downloadable audio formats as well but was never released outside the confines of the DVD and DD realms.

On March 23, KSCOPE will reissue a 2CD/BD edition of Arriving Somewhere. This will be the title’s first appearance on CD AND Blu-ray (BD). And it’s quite a package sure to please all fans of Porcupine Tree. In addition to the audio and film, a 24-page booklet will be included. The discs and booklet (along with a postcard until depleted) will be housed in a media book package.

The BD will provide the filmed set in 5.1 Surround, and will be the same show as previously seen on the DVD, just better quality. The adds to the Blu-ray will include live performances from Rockpalast of “Radioactive Toy” and “Futile”, projections of “Start of Something Beautiful”, “Halo”, and “Mother and Child Divided”, a video of “”Lazarus”, Gavin Harrison’s “Cymbal Song” video, and a photo gallery. Again, this is the same content as provided on the DVD package originally.

As an additional bonus to the BD, the audio will be provided as DTS-HD Master Audio, PCM Surround, and the 2006 Stereo PCM master mixed by Darcy Proper.

Arriving SomewherePorcupine Tree

CD1 (Live at Park West, Chicago, October 2005):
01. Revenant
02. Open Car
03. Blackest Eyes
04. Lazarus 05. Hatesong
06. Don’t Hate Me
07. Mother And Child Divided
08. Buying New Soul
09. So Called Friend

CD2 (Live at Park West, Chicago, October 2005):
01. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
02. Heartattack In A Layby
03. Start Of Something Beautiful
04. Halo
05. The Sound Of Muzak
06. Even Less
07. Trains
08. End Credits (Mother And Child Divided)

BD (Live at Park West, Chicago, October 2005 5.1 Surround Mix):
01. Revenant
02. Open Car
03. Blackest Eyes
04. Lazarus
05. Hatesong
06. Don’t Hate Me
07. Mother And Child Divided
08. Buying New Soul
09. So Called Friend
10. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here
11. Heartattack In A Layby
12. Start Of Something Beautiful
13. Halo
14. The Sound Of Muzak
15. Even Less
16. Trains
17. End Credits (Mother And Child Divided)

Bonus Materials (see body of text for details)


Suede Celebrates Anniversary of Debut Album With 4CD/DVD 25th Anniversary Silver Edition Box

Suede entered the Rock world with a classic offering in their self-titled debut album back in 1993.  The band stood out from many of their peers, and steadily gained a strong fan-base that exists to this day. To date, Suede has seven released titles including their most recent, Night Thoughts (2016). The best part is that the band is still largely intact.

On March 30, Edsel Records will present a 25th Anniversary multi-disc box of Suede’s first album, pegged as 25th Anniversary Silver Edition. Planned are 4CDs filled with the remastered original album, a collection of previously unreleased demos and single B-sides, a series of BBC sessions, and a live performance from 1993. A DVD (or BD) will offer TV segments, as well as a film discussing the creation of the debut set.

Suede 25th Anniversary Silver EditionSuede

CD1 (Original Album):

01 – So Young
02 – Animal Nitrate
03 – She’s Not Dead
04 – Moving
05 – Pantomime Horse
06 – The Drowners
07 – Sleeping Pills
08 – Breakdown
09 – Metal Mickey
10 – Animal Lover
11 – The Next Life

CD2 (B-sides):

01 – My Insatiable One
02 – To The Birds
03 – He’s Dead
04 – Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
05 – Painted People
06 – The Big Time
07 – High Rising
08 – Dolly
09 – My Insatiable One [piano version]
10 – Brass In Pocket

CD3 (Demos, BBC Sessions):

01 – The Drowners
02 – He’s Dead
03 – Moving
04 – To The Birds
05 – Metal Mickey
06 – Pantomime Horse
07 – High Wire (My Insatiable One)
08 – The Drowners
09 – To The Birds
10 – Sleeping Pills
11 – The Drowners
12 – To The Birds
13 – My Insatiable One
14 – Metal Mickey
15 – The Drowners
16 – Sleeping Pills
17 – Moving
18 – Diesel [instrumental] [studio outtake]
19 – Stars On 45 [rehearsal room recording]
20 – Sleeping Pills [strings]

CD4 (Live – 1993)

01 – Metal Mickey
02 – Moving
03 – My Insatiable One
04 – Animal Nitrate
05 – Pantomime Horse
06 – The Drowners
07 – Painted People
08 – So Young
09 – Animal Lover
10 – Sleeping Pills
11 – To The Birds


TV Appearances:
01 – The Drowners
02 – Metal Mickey
03 – So Young
04 – So Young
05 – The Next Life / Brett and Jools
06 – My Insatiable One

07 – Interview Documentary


Kittie Celebrates 20 Years With Career Documentary and New Live Set

Some of us at MusicTAP have been fans of the Canadian Metal band, Kittie for some years. In fact, since our start in 2001 (yes, THAT  long ago!), one of our earliest columnists, Duane Leyva, who helmed Duane’s Pit Stop, interviewed Morgan Lander of Kittie for TAP (here) back in 2002. Since, the band has undergone several changes and had endured a death within the ranks (Trish Doan in 2017). Nevertheless, both Morgan, and Mercedes Landers remain with the band, as does Tara McLeod (since 2005).

On March 30, Lightyear Entertainment will release a video documentary set celebrating the 20 year anniversary of the band. This celebratory set will be issued on a 3-disc set that features both DVD and BD (Blu-ray) of the documentary, and a CD featuring a new live album from the band. The documentary details the history of the band with archival footage and interviews. The CD contains the recent live set from the October 27, 2017 London Music Hall show in London, Ontario, Canada. The documentary spans the band’s twenty years while the Live CD is a set of career-spanning music from the current incarnation.

The set is called Origins/Evolutions.  The live show will also be made available on vinyl LP scheduled for April 13.


Marillion Classic 1994 Brave Gets Remixed 4CD/BD, 5LP Deluxe Editions

Fans of Marillion have Steven Wilson in their corner. Remixing classic album tracks not only breathe brand new life into old recordings, it also provides his penchant for 5.1 Surround mixes. To me, a remix is better than remastering. I am often jealous of those bands that have Wilson’s attention. I just hope he expands to more bands including some that I have  extraordinary love for (Wishbone Ash’s Argus, and others!)

On March 9, watch for the Marillion 1994 classic, Brave. Continuing with upgrades to the Marillion library (Misplaced Childhood reissued in 2017), Rhino/Parlophone will provide a 4CD/BD set as well as a 5LP Box.

The 4CD/BD Box will provide a CD featuring the 2018 Steven Wilson Stereo remix, a CD with the original 1994 master of the album, and two CDs with a complete April 29, 1994 live set at La Cigale in Paris. The Blu-ray Disc (BD) will provide plenty of hi-res and visual goods. A richly designed book will accompany the set.

CD1 (2018 Steven Wilson Remix of Brave):
01. Bridge
02. Living With the Big Lie
03. Runaway
04. Goodbye to All That: Wave/Mad/The Opium Den/The Slide/Standing in the Swing
05. Hard As Love
06. The Hollow Man
07. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury/Now Wash Your Hands
08. Paper Lies
09. Brave
10. The Great Escape/The Last of You/Fallin’ from the Moon
11. Made Again

CD2 (Original 1994 Brave Mix):
01. Bridge
02. Living With the Big Lie
03. Runaway
04. Goodbye to All That: Wave/Mad/The Opium Den/The Slide/Standing in the Swing
05. Hard As Love
06. The Hollow Man
07. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury/Now Wash Your Hands
08. Paper Lies
09. Brave
10. The Great Escape/The Last of You/Fallin’ from the Moon
11. Made Again

CD3 (Live at La Cigale, Paris – April 29, 1994, Remixed):
01. River
02. Bridge
03. Living With the Big Lie
04. Runaway
05. Goodbye to All That
06. Wave
07. Mad
08. The Opium Den
09. The Slide
10. Standing in the Swing
11. Hard As Love
12. Hollow Man
13. Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury
14. Now Wash Your Hands
15. Paper Lies
16. Brave
17. The Great Escape/The Last of You/Fallin’ from the Moon
18. Made Again

CD4 (Live at La Cigale, Paris – April  29, 1994  Remixed cont.):
01. Cover My Eyes (Pain and Heaven)
02. Slàinte Mhath
03. No One Can
04. Sympathy
05. Easter
06. Garden Party
07. Waiting to Happen
08. Hooks in You
09. The Space…

BD: (Original Album Stereo SW Remix, Hi-res 96kHz/24 Stereo, 5.1 Surround (DTS Master Audio, Dolby) Mixes, Documentary (It All Began With The Bright Light), Videos (“The Great Escape”, “The Hollow Man”, “Alone Again In the Lap of Luxury”,), Bonus Track (“The Great Escape” – Spiral Remake).


Led Zeppelin Reissues How The West Was Won on 3CD, 4LP, BD Sets and Deluxe Edition Box

A bit of “old” How The West Was Run Led Zeppelin Live album news already with every outlet pushing this knowledge out the airplane window (JUMP!).  I’m passing it along as a courtesy to those that might not have seen it yet.

The 2003 Led Zeppelin live set originally released via Atlantic Records as a CD set and as a DVD-Audio set is currently remastered and set for reissue on March 23. This reissue will update this classic title with vinyl LPs, BD-Audio, and a massive Super Deluxe Edition with 3CD/4LP/DVD. The Box will also include the inevitable book filled with photos, notes and writeups, credits, and more.

The shows that make up the discs are the band’s LA area sets on their Houses Of The Holy tour. The songs were selected from their LA Forum set (June 25, 1972), and their Long Beach Arena set (June 27, 1972).

For this reissue, the tapes have been remastered. They are also presented in 5.1 Surround for the Blu-ray Audio playback, which will provide DTS-Master Audio for both the 5.1 and Stereo versions, and hi-res Stereo. These are given as 96kHz/24-bit tracks.

The 4LP set feature 180g-weight vinyl.