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TAPSheet: Release Notes – April 4, 2017

With a ton of things coming out, I thought it time for a broader TAPSheet edition, a rarity these days. It was once a concept that dominated my posts and actually was the basis for my first entry into the internet station in 2001. Hard to believe that MusicTAP has been around since 2001 but there you have it. In any case, here we go:

On June 16, Nonesuch Records plan the release of new Fleet Foxes music with the CD, DD. and vinyl LP issues of Crack-Up, the band’s third. This album will contain eleven new songs, one of which can be sampled at the pre-order point. The band will tour this album.

If you’re like me, labels can sometimes provide a hefty influence simply because of the music they support. We saw a lot of that in the ’80s, and ’90s, with labels like 4AD, whose concentrations were on a special kind of music style. One such label that I follow consistently is Dead Oceans. One of their artists, Kevin Morby, will have a new album on shelves on June 16. The album is called City Music. This is Morby’s fourth album. You may remember Kevin Morby from his previous band, the folk-like Woods. Woods still creates beautifully (so investigate them)!

The Secret Sisters can be likened a bit to First Aid Kit. Their brand of music is not too far removed. Not to mention their music and songs are mesmerizing. Currently, they have two albums out. Their last is Put Your Needle Down, released in 2014. I find that album to be excellent and quite listenable. On June 9, New West will release the next album, You Don’t Own Me Anymore.

Cigarettes After Sex is a sweet blend of smoky ambient music with dark lyrics, atmospheric guitars, and sexy whispering vocals. Their first album, the eponymous Cigarettes After Sex, will be on the calendar for June 9, CD, DD, and vinyl LP. For a real trip, listen (below) to their DARK cover of REO Speedwagon’s “Keep On Lovin’ You”. Not so sweet and Pop now, is it!

Omnivore Records will release a fifteen track retrospective of Robert Lamm of Chicago fame. With a strong collection of solo albums, this retrospective has plenty of sources to draw from. Several of the cool things to be found in this set are five live remixes that include a version of Chicago’s “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”, plus a previously unissued “Sunny”. The new set is called Time Chill: A Retrospective, and is scheduled for release on June 2.

Time/Life will release two Various Artists boxes on June 2. The first is The British Invasion, an 8CD/1DVD collection, and The Sock Hop Collection, an 8CD set. That’s a nice stream of music.

Atlantic Records will provide two format versions of their collected hits, 40 – (Hits From 40 Years 1977-2017) 2LP vinyl set for Foreigner. The set is planned for May 19 for the 2CD version, and June 2 for the 2LP vinyl set.

Real Gone Music has an expanded edition of Full Moon, the 1973 collaboration between Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge. This edition will supply six bonus tracks, one a Kris & Rita tune (“Hobo’s Lullaby”), and the rest, Rita Coolidge solo songs. Our dear friend, Joe Marchese supplies the essay within. It’s on the calendar for June 2.

Two Fleetwood Mac remasters will be delivered on vinyl LP on May 26. Those are Mirage, and Tango In The Night. Their CD counterparts are in release.

Varese Sarabande will release The Very Best Of The Beau Brummels: The Complete Singles on CD, with a release date set for May 19.

Varese Sarabande will also issue The Very Best of Peter Cetera on CD scheduled for May 19.

Geffen Records have HD digital coming for After The Rain by Nelson. The 2017 remaster will be issued as 96kHz/24-bit and 192 kHz/24-bit offerings. The release date for these is April 21.

Capitol Records will reissue We’re An American Band on vinyl LP with a release date of May 19 for the Grand Funk Railroad classic. the label also has vinyl LP scheduled for Heart Like A Wheel by Linda Ronstadt, and Get The Knack by The Knack.


New Album By Steve Hackett, The Night Siren, Arrives In March

If you listened to Genesis at any point prior to …And Then There Were Three (1983), then you fondly remember the guitar-work of Steve Hackett. After a long, and sometimes frustrating journey with the band, Steve Hackett left to pursue a solo career. His first would be Voyage Of the Acolyte, released in 1975, released before his departure. It performed well for Steve Hackett, which made leaving Genesis an easier decision. His next was a post-Genesis release. That album, Please Don’t Touch was released in 1978. Since, Hackett has released more than 30 titles including live albums and classical music sets.

On March 24, his current label, InsideOut Music, will release The Night Siren. This new album will feature ten new tracks of commentary encased in Hackett’s usual blend of great music.

The Night Siren will be released on CD, a gatefold 2LP vinyl edition, DD, and a Special Ediion CD/BD (Blu-ray) edition with the album also available on 5.1 Surround tracks. The video portion of the Blu-ray disc will feature a ‘making of’ documentary.

The Night Siren – Steve Hackett

01. Behind the Smoke
02. Martian Sea
03. Fifty Miles from the North Pole
04. El Niño
05. Other Side of the Wall
06. Anything but Love
07. Inca Terra
08. In Another Life
09. In the Skeleton Gallery
10. West to East


HD Downloads Tracks Update

I have another short list of HD tracks that have released or will soon release, some of which include the increasing conversion of Neil Diamond’s albums to the format for both 192kHz and 96kHz. With that said, here are the new additions arriving soon:

Isaac Hayes
November 18

  • Chocolate Chip (1975) 96kHz/24-bit
  • The Isaac Hayes Movement (1970) 96kHz/24-bit
  • Hot Buttered Soul (1969) 96kHz/24-bit
  • Groove A Thon (1976) 96kHz/24-bit
  • …To Be Continued (1970) 96kHz/24-bit
  • Truck Turner (OMPS) (1974) 96kHz/24-bit


November 11

  • Louder Than Love (1989) (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit)
  • Down On The Upside (1996) (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit)


Neil Diamond

  • Hot August Night II (1987) (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit) – November 25
  • Sweet Caroline (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit) – November 25
  • I’m Glad You’re Here With Me Tonight (1977) (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit) – November 25
  • Love At The Greek (1977) (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit) – November 25
  • Serenade (1974) (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit) – November 25
  • Headed For The Future (1986) (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit) – November 18
  • Lovescape (1991) (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit) – November 18
  • The Best Years Of Our Lives (1988) (96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit) – November 18


Original Motion Picture Soundtracks

  • Moana (2016) (96kHz/24-bit) –  November 18
  • Barbarella (The Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra – 1968) (96kHz/24-bit) – December 2



HD Tracks For Sting, Ella Fitzgerald, Queen, and Neil Diamond

There are a few Digital HD titles coming including a broadening of the Neil Diamond catalog.

57th & 9th Sting

On November 11, A&M Records will release the new album by Sting, 57th & 9th as an HD download as 96kHz/24-bit. Others include two HD levels for the Ella Fitzgerald‘s 1958 Grammy-winning classic, Ella Swings Lightly. It will issue in 192kHz/24-bit, and 96kHz/24-bit HD. It’s planned for December 2 via Verve.


Hollywood Records will issue the upcoming Queen BBC collection, Queen On Air in HD digital on November 4.

The added Neil Diamond titles include:

  • Tennessee Moon
  • Live In America
  • The Christmas Album
  • The Christmas Album, Volume 2
  • A Cherry Cherry Christmas
  • The Classic Christmas Album
  • Up On The Roof: Songs From The Brill Building
  • All Time Greatest Hits
  • Three Chord Opera
  • The Jazz Singer

All Neil Diamond titles will be issued in 96kHz/24-bit and 192kHz/24-bit HD tracks.


HD Tracks For Neil Diamond, John Fahey, Max Richter, and Mickey Hart

As a promise, I’m stopping by with a shot list of new HD downloads that are making their way to the marketplace. A few of them are more Neil Diamond titles. But there are a few other gems as well. Here they are:

Neil Diamond

  • Gold (192kHz-24-bit)
  • Beautiful Noise (96kHz/24-bit)
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull (96kHz/24-bit)

These Neil Diamond titles are expected on October 28 with the exception of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which is expected on October 21.

Fantasy Records plan Christmas With John Fahey, Vol 2 for an October 28th release. The album will be made available in 96kHz/24-bit digital.


UMe will reissue Planet Drum by Dead alumni, Mickey Hart, in 96kHz/24-bit digital format. It’s scheduled for December 2. The 1991 classic will also be remastered for CD, DD, and vinyl LP on the same date.


And finally (for now), Deutsche Grammophon will release an HD version of the music from Black Mirror, the SF series caught in parts on Netflix in the US. Black Mirror – Nosedive by Max Richter will be issued in 96kHz/24-bit digital on October 21.