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Nirvana 2002 Compilation To Issue On Blu-ray Audio In August

Nirvana NirvanaNirvana is considered one of the great bands from the ’90s. Although its end was brief and tragic, they left behind a wealth of great songs that are still relevant today. Their brief legacy also includes two best-selling releases, Nevermind (1991), and In Utero (1993). My favorite Nirvana track is “All Apologies” from their In Utero set (that’s me).

Nirvana did release an album on Sub Pop called Bleach. It was originally issued in 1989, and, after the blow up success of the Geffen Records follow-ups, it elevated to Platinum sales worldwide.

After the unfortunate death of Kurt Cobain, Geffen issued a compilation set called, simply, Nirvana, to represent their short career. It was issued in 2002. It followed the release of Incesticide. Nirvana reached into all of the available Nirvana albums and live sets and included a “new” track (at the time), “You Know You’re Right”.

On August 28, Geffen will update the Nirvana compilation by releasing it on upgraded audio, in the Blu-ray Audio format.

Alice Cooper Classics From Warner Brothers Records Collected In 15CD Box, The Studio Albums 1969-1983

Alice Cooper The Studio Albums 1969-1983Warner Brothers and Rhino Records does an uneven Box set that will appeal only to the fans of both Alice Cooper (the band), AND Alice Cooper (the man). (I’m not one of them!). The new box is an assembly of Alice Cooper titles that include the original band’s seven studio titles, and the first eight solo performer album issues (Welcome To My Nightmare – 1975, Goes To Hell – 1976, Lace And Whisky – 1977, From the Inside – 1978, Flush The Fashion – 1980, Special Forces –  1981, Zipper Catches Skin – 1982, DaDa – 1983).

The Box, The Studio Albums 1969-1983, will be a 15CD set simply accumulating the titles that represented, albeit unevenly and possibly improperly depending on your viewpoint, the persona behind the name of Alice Cooper. Effectively, these albums represent the material recorded with Warner Brothers Records.

All of the albums are from the 2011 Japanese remasters with the exception of Pretties For You, Welcome To My Nightmare, Flush The Fashion, Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin, and DaDa, who have no remastering year listed.

This Boxed collection will be released on July 31. Cost-wise, it’s available on Amazon rounding off at $100.

3CD Iggy Pop Rarities Set, Psychophonic Medicine, Due In June

13274_BOXTOP.inddI’m pleased to be announcing that Cleopatra Records will be releasing a 3CD collection of Iggy Pop rarities and live performance tracks. This collection, Psychophonic Medicine, will offer 41 gems in all. The included booklet will have 36-pages of photos, notes, and more. Here’s the breakdown:

The first CD will present an amazing collection of outtakes, alternate mixes, rare tracks, and even unreleased stuff from The Idiot, Party. There are demo tracks with Steve Jones, a bonus True Blood collaboration with Bethany C-section (Best Coast), and a few session tracks with Ric Ocasik. There will be a total of 16 tunes:

CD1: Rarities

The Idiot Outtakes (1977)
01 – Dum Dum Boys (Alternate Mix)
02 – Baby (Alternate Mix)
03 – China Girl (Alternate Mix)
04 – Tiny Girls (Outtake)
Party Outtakes (1981)
05 – It’s My Life (Unreleased)
06 – Bang Bang (Alternate Mix)
07 – Sea of Love (Alternate Mix)
08 – Time Won’t Let Me (Alternate Mix)
Ric Ocasek Sessions (1983)
09 – Fire Engine
10 – Warrior Tribe
11 – Old Mule Skinner
Steve Jones Demos (1985)
12 – Beside You
13 – Cry For Love
14 – Purple Haze
15 – Warm Feeling (Unreleased)
Bonus Track
16 – Let’s Boot And Rally with Bethany Cosentino

The remains two CDs will cover two historic early Iggy Pop shows. The first, Paris Palace 1979, is found on CD2, and will offer 12 fiery live cuts:

CD2: Paris Palace 1979

01 – Cock In My Pocket
02 – Kill City
03 – Fortune Teller
04 – New Values
05 – Billy Is A Runaway
06 – I Wanna Be Your Dog
07 – Five Foot One
08 – Dirt
09 – Batman
10 – Louie Louie
11 – Shake Appeal
12 – I’m Bored

The last CD represents a show in San Francisco with 13 performance tracks:

CD3: San Francisco 1981

01 – I Need More
02 – Some Weird Sin
03 – Houston Is Hot Tonight
04 – TV Eye
05 – 1969
06 – Rock and Roll Party
07 – Bang, Bang
08 – Dum Dum Boys
09 – Eggs On Plate
10 – I’m a Conservative
11 – I Need More (Again)
12 – Lust for Life
13 – The Winter of My Discontent

I can’t emphasize enough the importance and greatness of Iggy Pop. Musically, we have heard many excellent songs where Iggy is concerned. Be that with The Stooges, or his solo material, Iggy just rocked it. And more amazing is that he’s still doing it!

Years ago, I encouraged anyone to watch his show at Avenue B, available on DVD. It underscores his intensity and dedication to Rock and Roll. I can only imagine that the two live CDs will emphasize my points.

If you’re an Iggy Pop fan, Psychophonic Medicine is an early Christmas gift!

The Best Of The Stony Plain Years, A 12-Track Retrospective For Jeff Healy, Expected In July

Jeff Healey Stony Plain YearsJeff Healey, who died of cancer in 2008 at the age of 41, enjoyed a strong career. In addition to his Arista releases, he appeased his love of Jazz with side projects for Stony Plain Records. During this side journey, he recorded traditional Jazz tunes (and other things) for his envisioned projects that included Among Friends (2002), Adventures In Jazzland (2004), It’s Tight Like That (2006), Mess Of Blues (2008), Songs From The Road (2009), and Last Call (2010). These were with The Jazz Wizards.

On July 17, Stony Plain Records will release a collection of his Jazz work with the label on a single CD called The Best Of The Stony Plain Years. This set will gather together twelve songs including a promo only release tune, “Sweet Georgia Brown”, recorded with Chris Barber.

Jeff Healey – The Best Of The Stony Plain Years

01. Three Little Words
02. The Wild Cat
03. Star Dust
04. Sheik of Araby
05. Guitar Duet Stomp
06. Sing You Sinners
07. I Would Do Anything For You
08. Pardon My Southern Accent
09. Some Of These Days
10. My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms
11. Hong Kong Blues
12. Sweet Georgia Brown (Promo only Release with Chris Barber)