Jeff Beck Live At The Hollywood Bowl On 2CD/3LP Sets

For over 50 years, Jeff Beck has been a strong part of our music landscape. From The Yardbirds, his own bands, and a series of solo albums, he has left behind an immeasurable imprint on the whole of Rock and Roll. And still, he produces a fiery range of talent. Just a little over a year ago, he released a solo album (Loud Hailer). And he’s been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, once with The Yardbirds, and once individually.

In the summer of 2016, Jeff Beck played at the Hollywood Bowl as one show in a celebration of his 50 years.

On April 6, Rhino will release a 2CD edition of Jeff Beck Live at The Hollywood Bowl. Previously, there has been  DVD and BD issues of the show, which featured a wealth of guest performers including Buddy Guy, Steven Tyler, Jan Hammer, Jimmy Hall, Billy Gibbons, and others.  Additionally, there were imports (into the US) of CD and LP recordings.

On May 25, Rhino will also re-release a 3LP vinyl edition of Live At The Hollywood Bowl. If you were unable to score imports of these CD and LP editions, this domestic re-release should help you out greatly.

Three (Maybe Four) Classic A Certain Ratio (ACR) Albums Reissued For CD and Limited Edition Vinyl

The well known Factory Records from decades past released an influential batch of memorable albums and music from bands like Joy Division, The Durutti Column, New Order, and Happy Mondays to name a few. One of the excellent bands of the early era of Factory Records was A Certain Ratio.

A Certain Ratio (ACR) formed in the latter ’70s as a UK postpunk band with a predilection for dance music fused with funk, jazz, and good old fashioned experimentation designed to challenge the constant of the day. Well, the experiment worked brilliantly even if they were relegated to the undercurrents of the pop scale. If you were a fan of Factory Records, then you definitely heard of them. They were completely ahead of their time.

On May 25, Mute Records will revisit three (possibly four) of the band’s releases with reissues for CD and colored vinyl LP. Previously, Mute has reissued To Each… (1981) [CD and Red vinyl LP], The Graveyard and The Ballroom (1979) [CD and color PVC sleeve for vinyl], and Force (1986) [CD]. Here’s what’s coming now:

  • I’d Like To See You Again (1982) Planned for CD and Limited Edition Neon Yellow colored vinyl LP.
  • acr:mcr (1990) Planned for CD and Limited Edition Clear vinyl 2LP cut at 45RPM.
  • Up In Downsville (1992) Planned for CD and Limited Edition Light Blue colored vinyl 2LP cut at 45RPM.
  • There is a hint of Good Together (1989) being reissued as well but I have no definite word on this one. It is also hinted at as being made available on CD and Limited Edition White Vinyl 2LP cut at 45RPM.

I failed to be alerted (and to discover) the previous reissues of ACR releases mentioned above as I would DEFINITELY have alerted you to these. Apologies!! A Certain Ratio is an underappreciated but classic band from the ’80s! They’re ripe for your discovery (if you haven’t heard of them), or presented anew if you have forgotten about them. Fans of the Post-Punk era, late ’70s, early ’80s, ACR is ABSOLUTELY worth your investigation!


Ten Years After 2017 Box Set Remasters To Be Issued Individually

Good news!!

In 2017, near the end of the year, the resurrected Chrysalis Records scheduled a 50th Anniversary Box of remastered albums for Ten Years After. The set, named Ten Years After 1967-1974 was, in essence, a celebration of their complete works, magnificent as they are. The box featured then new remastering (2017). The Box actually surfaced in January of 2018. Until now, if you wanted any of those albums, you had to acquire the box (which is still the ideal way given the added bonuses of a book, and a CD of previously unreleased songs. Now:

On April 20, Chrysalis will break out the CDs for individual purchase. They will reintroduce the 2017 remasters of classic albums:

  • Watt
  • Ssssh
  • Rock and Roll Music To The World
  • Positive Vibrations
  • Cricklewood Green
  • A Space In Time
  • Currently, Ten Years After, Undead, and Stonehenged have not been “officially” announced although their release along with the above listed seems assured.

All CDs will feature the 2017 remasters and other goodness, all presented in six-panel digipak packaging.


Ornette Coleman Atlantic Years Preserved Within 10LP Box

Ornette Coleman is considered one of Jazz’s great saxophonists. Over the expanse of his storied career, he released well over thirty albums for a number of great labels. Ornette Coleman lived a long life before passing away at the age of 85.

On May 11, Atlantic will reissue its catalog of Ornette Coleman albums on 180g-weight black vinyl LPs, all housed in a box named The Atlantic Years. Included are a collection of outtakes. The albums here are:

  • The Shape Of Jazz To Come (1959)
  • Change Of The Century (1959)
  • This Is Our Music (1960)
  • Free Jazz (1960)
  • Ornette! (1961)
  • Ornette On Tenor (1961)
  • The Art of The Improvisors (1970)
  • Twins (1971)
  • To Whom Keeps A Record (1975)
  • The Ornette Coleman Legacy

If you’re an Ornette Coleman fan as well as a purveyor of fine vinyl releases, then this Box (although pricey) can be the great way to enjoy the music of one of free-form Jazz’s masters!

New Spock’s Beard Album, Noise Floor

Spock’s Beard has long been a favorite of Prog fans. Their last studio album was back in 2015 with The Oblivion Particle. With twelve albums since their The Light debut back in 1995, it is nice to see how the band is becoming more noticed than ever before. The Oblivion Particle was a hit in today’s numbers with good action throughout the world. But now it’s 2018, and fans are ready for more.

On May 25, Spock’s Beard will release their next album, Noise Floor. With a collection of eight original songs, plus the inclusion of a bonus  EP set of four outtakes from the recording sessions, this new album is ready to thrill fans.

Noise Floor will be available as a 2CD digipak edition, DD, and a 2LP edition.

Noise FloorSpock’s Beard

CD1 (Noise Floor):
01 – To Breathe Another Day
02 – What Becomes Of Me
03 – Somebody’s Home
04 – Have We All Gone Crazy Yet
05 – So This Is Life
06 – One So Wise
07 – Box of Spiders
08 – Beginnings

CD2 (Cutting Room Floor EP):
01 – Days We’ll Remember
02 – Bulletproof
03 – Vault
04 – Armageddon Nervous


YES To Re-Release Fly From Here As Remixed Fly From Here – Return Trip

A bit ago, I had mentioned the upcoming remixed edition of Fly From Here, the 2011 studio set recorded with vocals by Benoit David. As a change, the new YES band lineup has opted to re-record the vocals mix with new vocal tracks by Trevor Horn and then remix the original album with those new tracks. As a qualifying bonus, a previously release Japanese issued full length song (“Hour of Need”) has been added to the package, which is being called Fly From Here – Return Trip.

Fly From Here – Return Trip is being scheduled for world release after the exclusive availability for Fan Convention Day on March 25, which is to say, March 26 (right?!). The remixed reissue will be offered as DD, CD (a 16-page digibook), and 180g-weight vinyl LP in a gatefold jacket (in June), and a picture disc (also in June).

No matter your stance on this recreation of history, this is a new listen to a previously released YES issue.


Three U2 Classics To Be Reissued On Vinyl

U2 has left behind many a classic albums. Where you stand on them is your business. Some might declare the first three sets the greatest ever. Some may herald their after works (from those three) to be their defining moments. I, myself, began tapering off with the release of Joshua Tree. Nothing since has spoken to me the way Unforgettable Fire had. But nevertheless, that is my journey. Yours is likely quite different. One of my U2 loves is the 4-track EP, Wide Awake In America. Released in 1985, it contained two The Unforgettable Fire outtakes and two live tracks. It eventually went platinum, an amazing feat for an EP.

On April 13, three classic U2 albums will be reissued on 180g-weight vinyl, some newly remastered for the vinyl experience. Those titles include Wide Awake in America, Pop, and All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Each new vinyl set will include a download card for digital download versions.

Also, all vinyl sets for this series will be housed in gatefold jackets with restored artwork. Pop (Happy birthday! March 3, you’re 21 years old!) will come with a lyric sheet, and printed inner sleeves. All That You Can’t Leave Behind will provide a 16-page booklet with photos and lyrics.

(Yes, I will be ordering the Wide Awake in America vinyl when the site becomes available to pre-order. The other two titles are currently up.)

1997 Classic Gomez Debut, Bring It On, To Reissue As 20th Anniversary 4CD Box (UK), Standalone CD (US)

Gomez, a British indie band from the late ’90s, delivered a string of popular studio works beginning with their 1997 debut, Bring It On. This album alerted the UK folks to a highly contagious BritPop band that stayed active as the band itself grew more popular outside of Britain. Over the time of their active years, they released seven albums with 2011’s Whatever’s On Your Mind, their last set.

On April 20, Virgin Records UK will revisit the now classic debut by Gomez. Bring It On will celebrate its 20th Anniversary with a definitive  expanded and remastered edition box. This edition will present thirty-five previously unreleased demos, BBC sessions tracks, and a 1998 Glastonbury performance set.

The US market will release a single CD standalone of Bring It On featuring just the 2018 remaster. This is scheduled for May 18.

Previously, Bring It On celebrated a 10th Anniversary with a remaster and sixteen bonus tracks. This new reissue will trump that set with a rich array of bonus tracks.

Bring It On (20th Anniversary) will be released on a 4CD Box set, and will be reissued on red and yellow color vinyl 2LP, as well as black vinyl sets.

CD1 (Bring It On original album remastered)
01 Get Miles
02 Whippin’ Piccadilly
03 Make No Sound
04 78 Stone Wobble
05 Tijuana Lady
06 Here Comes the Breeze
07 Love Is Better Than a Warm Trombone
08 Get Myself Arrested
09 Free to Run
10 Bubble Gum Years
11 Rie’s Wagon
12 The Comeback

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01 Who’s Gonna Go the Bar
02 Steve McCroski
03 Wham Bam
04 Flavors
05 Old School Shirt
06 The Cowboy Song
07 Pussyfootin’
08 Pick Up The Pieces
09 Whippin’ Piccadilly (Turbo Version)
10 Flats 1 & 2
11 Collapse
12 Hit On The Head
13 Slot Machine
14 Sweetest Song
15 Buena Vista
16 78 Stone Wobble
17 Sun Rim Dips
18 Walking Wounded
19 Bluest Heaven
20 Getting Rained On

CD3 (Demo tracks):
01 78 Stone Wobble
02 Whippin’ Piccadilly
03 Get Miles
04 Tijuana Lady
05 Rie’s Wagon
06 Here Come The Breeze
07 Steve McCroski
08. Emma Freud
09. Touchin’ Up
10. Bring It On
11 Free To Run
12 Unknown Legend
13 Get Miles
14 Mean Old World​

CD4 (BBC Sessions/ Live at Glastonbury (1998) Performances)
01 Brother Lead
02 78 Stone Shuffle
03 The Way You Do The Things You Do
04 Here Comes The Breeze
05 Stag O’Lee
06 Whippin’ Piccadilly
07 Get Miles
08 Get Myself Arrested
09 Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone
10 R & B
11 Here Comes The Breeze
12 Tijuana Lady
13 Buena Vista
14 Make No Sound
15 78 Stone Wobble
16 Soul Kitchen
17 Whippin’ Piccadilly