Two Flaming Lips Packages For April and May

The Flaming Lips are known for their incredible psychedelic rock song-craft. Since 1983, this quirky but lovable band has captured the attention of faithful fans. Over time, The Flaming Lips have released seventeen albums including the popular Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (2002). It would seem that, as fans, we can’t get enough of Flaming Lips music. (Their last release, Oczy Mlody (2017) was crazy good!)

On April 20, Rhino (with Ryko) will reach deep for Scratching The Door: The First Recordings Of The Flaming Lips. It will contain nineteen songs from the first lineup of the band. These songs have been remastered.

Scratching The Door: The First Recordings Of The Flaming Lips

01. Bag Full Of Thoughts
02. Out For A Walk
03. Garden Of Eyes
04. Forever Is A Long Time
05. Scratchin’ The Door
06. My Own Planet
07. Killer On The Radio
08. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
09. Batman Theme
10. Handsome Johnny
11. Flaming Lips Theme Song 1983
12. The Future Is Gone
13. Underground Pharmacist
14. Real Fast Words
15. Groove Room
16. Jesus Shootin’ Heroin
17. Trains, Brains & Rain
18. Communication Breakdown
19. Summertime Blues

Further, on May 25, Rhino will also reissue the band’s first four studio sets (Hear It Is – 1986, Oh My Gawd!!!…The Flaming Lips – 1987, Telepathic Surgery – 1989, In a Priest Driven Ambulance (With Silver Sunshine Stares) – 1990). These were released on the Restless label. This 6CD Box is being called Seeing The Unseeable: The Complete Studio Recordings of The Flaming Lips 1986-1990.

The 6CD Box will not only provide a fifth disc of rarities in fifteen tracks, and a sixth disc of The Mushroom Tapes, itself a heavily bootlegged set of Flaming Lips demos now being officially made available. ALL tracks are newly remastered. This box will also be digitally released.

CD5 (Rare Tracks):
01. Death Valley ’69
02. Thank You
03. Can’t Stop The Spring (Remix)
04. After The Gold Rush
05. Death Trippin’ At Sunrise
06. Drug Machine In Heaven  (Sub Pop 7” single)
07. Strychnine/Peace, Love And Understanding
08. Lucifer Rising
09. Ma, I Didn’t Notice
10. Let Me Be It
11. She’s Gone Mad Again
12. Golden Hearse
13. Stand In Line
14. I Want To Kill My Brother; The Cymbal Head
15. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain

CD6 (The Mushroom Tapes):
1. Take Meta Mars
2. Mountain Side
3. There You Are
4. Five Stop Mother Superior Rain
5. Rainin’ Babies
6. Unconsciously Screamin’
7. Stand In Line
8. God’s A Wheeler Dealer
9. Agonizing
10. One Shot
11. Cold Day
12. Jam


Led Zeppelin Furthers 50th Anniversary With RSD Issue of 7″ Mix Single of “Rock And Roll”

Led Zeppelin has been in the news quite a bit lately. So much so, I would NOT be surprised if they officially announced a tour, maybe even record another album. And while the album might be far-fetched, the tour thing might not be. Jason Bonham has been asked to quit using the name ‘The Led Zeppelin Experience‘. And with Jimmy Page going off on a secretive series of upcoming releases, but starting with a new version of How The West Was Won, and hinting at another valued live set. And then this:

On Record Store Day (April 21), Atlantic Records will be releasing a I’m sure to be sold out and become a collector’s item 7″ vinyl single of “Rock and Roll” in a Sunset Sound mix, backed with an Olympic Studios mix of “Friends“.

The “Rock and Roll” Sunset Sound mix was recorded during the IV period while the “Friends” Olympic Studios mix was recorded during the Led Zeppelin III sessions in 1970. The 7″ vinyl single will be pressed on yellow color vinyl.

Rory Gallagher Albums Remastered For CD and LP

One of the most criminally underrated guitarists is Rory Gallagher. With a career that started with Taste, Gallagher soon was solo after a breakup left him little choice. His first album was self-titled and released in 1971. Over the course of his short life span (he succumbed to liver organ failure a the age of 47 in 1995), he left a wonderful string of eleven solo albums and four live albums. It has been said that Gallagher was the requested replacement for Mick Taylor after Taylor left The Stones. Of course, that enviable position went to Ron Wood.

On March 16, Universal UK will reissue select Rory Gallagher studio and live albums on both CD and vinyl LP. These are not Anniversary sets nor are they Special Editions. There will be no bonus tracks. They are remastered, I’m sure, for vinyl reissue but will be made available on bare bones CD sets. These will include:

  • Rory Gallagher (1971)
  • Tattoo (1973)
  • Calling Card (1976)
  • Defender (1987)
  • Irish Tour ’74 (1974) CD only
  • Against The Grain (1975)
  • Live! in Europe (1972)
  • Photo Finish (1978)
  • BBC Sessions (1999) CD Only
  • Deuce (1971)
  • Top Priority (1979)
  • Notes From San Francisco (2011, Posthumous)
  • Stage Struck – Recorded Live (1980)

Previously, the first six Rory Gallagher albums were released as 40th Anniversary remasters in 2012.

New Belly Album, Dove, Planned For May

When Tanya Donelly left Throwing Muses (and The Breeders), she formed a band called Belly. During the ’90s, Belly did nice business but only released two albums. After her tenure with Belly, she crafted solo sets, interspersed with a reunion here and there. This year, she reunites with Belly and has a new album set for release.

On May 4, the reformed Belly with all original members will release their long-awaited third album, Dove. Dove will provide eleven new songs.

Dove is scheduled for issue on CD, DD, color and black vinyl LP sets.

As it is with many bands these days, PledgeMusic is a part of the band’s new album. 4AD artists were – and still are – some of the indie world’s great, and often underappreciated bands.

(There is no cover art as of yet.)


Neil Young To Release Roxy: Tonight’s The Night Live

There were a few essential venues for live music in the ’60s and ’70s. In effect, some venues were just as notable as the band or artist that were booked into them for performances. One of them was The Roxy  located on Los Angeles’ Sunset Strip.

On April 21, Neil Young will dive into one of Rock’s most storied archives (his own) to present a 2LP edition of his September 20-22, 1973 shows at a new Roxy. The set is planned for release on Record Store Day. This set will be exclusive in that there will be an etched final side of the last LP.

A CD package, DD, and a standard, non-exclusive 2LP set (no etching) will follow on April 24.

ROXY – Tonight’s The Night LiveNeil Young

Side 1:

01. Tonight’s The Night

2. Mellow My Mind

03. World On A String

Side 2:

01. Speakin’ Out
02. Albuquerque
03. New Mama
04. Roll Another Number (For The Road)

Side 3:

01. Tired Eyes

02. Tonight’s The Night

03. Walk On

Side 4:

Etched artwork

Public Image, Ltd (PiL) News Too Good To Ignore

This post will not take too much of your time. But to me, it’s too awesome a news piece to ignore. You’re not going to find a track list or collections of bonus tracks…yet.

This year is the 40th Anniversary of Public Image Ltd, or PiL. This band is the one that Johnny Lydon assembled after the demise of the Sex Pistols. And what a go of it he had. There will be a box collection for PiL, with a title already. It’s going to be called The Public Image Is Rotten. The band’s ten studio sets will be used.

PiL is also touring for their 40th Anniversary.

Who’s excited?!

Huge Toto Remastered Vinyl LP Box Set For Release On October 12 (Online Order Only)

If you’re a fan of Toto, the late ’70s LA Rock band who enjoyed hits with “Hold The Line”, “Make Believe”, “Africa” (my favorite of theirs), “I Won’t Hold You Back”, and “Rosanna”, then you should be pleased with this piece of news.

On October 12, Legacy Records will release a massive vinyl LP box, All In, featuring thirteen titles that include (and their LP configuration for the box):

  • Toto
  • Hydra
  • Turn Back
  • IV
  • Isolation
  • Fahrenheit
  • The Seventh One
  • Kingdom of Desire (2LP)
  • Tambu (2LP)
  • Mindfields (2LP)
  • Toto XX (2LP)
  • Live in Tokyo (Previously Unreleased EP)
  • Old Is New

Old Is New has ten tracks, seven of which are previously unreleased. It will contain “Spanish Sea”, “Alone”, and “Struck By Lightning”, all of which are found on the band’s recently released 40 Trips Around The Sun compilation.

All In will also provide a Blu-ray disc with the 1990 concert film, Live in Paris, AND the entire multi-platinum classic, Toto IV, mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound. An 80-page book will accompany the Box filled to the max with photos, essays, notes, etc.

All Boxed sets will contain an 8″ x 8″ certificate of authenticity signed by the band.

All In cannot be bought in stores and will only be made available online at this link (here). And I’m not gonna lie to you; this set is NOT cheap (as the interested will discover). Bear in mind, that you can only order until April 10 to receive the Box on October 10.

A CD Edition will be offered later in the year.


Todd Rundgren’s Utopia Years Expanded and Remastered For 7CD Box

While I love Todd Rundgren, I have a special love for Utopia. I count it among my good moments that I’ve seen them live during their prime, creative years. It pleases me that a label is assembling a Box collection for Utopia.

On April 20, Friday Music will release a 7CD Box bringing together the band’s classic Bearsville issues that include their live set, Another Live (1975). The box is titled The Road To Utopia: The Complete Recordings 1974-1982.

Every album here will be newly remastered. Each disc is in digipak gatefold jackets, with original artwork and rare inner sleeve artwork. The included book will feature notes and discussion from the classic lineup of Todd Rundgren, Roger Powell, Kasim Sulton, and Willie Wilcox. Even better are a collection of bonus tracks, fifteen in all that are included in the albums they originate from. They will be live performance tracks, B-sides, and radio edits.

Of course, after Bearsville, Utopia did not stop recording. They actually released three more studio sets (Utopia – 1982, Oblivion – 1984, P.O.V. – 1985). But those are for another time (but they should have been included here). For now, I’m pleased to have these classics!

The Road To Utopia: The Complete Recordings 1974-1982 – Rundgren/Utopia

CD1 (Todd Rundgren’s Utopia – 1974)

02-Freak Parade
03-Freedom Fighters
04-The Ikon
Bonus track:
05-Do Ya (live at St. Louis, MI 11-9-74)

CD2 (Another Live  – 1975):

01-Another Life
02-The Wheel
03-The Seven Rays
04-Intro / Mister Triscuits
05-Something’s Coming
06-Heavy Metal Kids
07-Do Ya
08-Just One Victory
Bonus Track:
09-Open My Eyes (live in Cape Cod, MA 8-23-75)

CD3 (Ra – 1977):

01-Overture (Instrumental)
02-Communion With The Sun
03-Magic Dragon Theatre
05-Eternal Love
06-Sunburst Finish
08-Singring And The Glass Guitar (An Electrified Fairytale)
Bonus Track:
09-Communion With The Sun (promo single mix)

CD4  (Oops! Wrong Planet – 1977):

03-Love In Action
04-Crazy Lady Blue
05-Back On The Street
06-The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
07-The Martyr
08-Abandon City
10-My Angel
11-Rape Of The Young
12-Love Is The Answer
Bonus Track:
13-Love Is The Answer (promo single mix)

CD5 (Adventures In Utopia – 1979):

01-The Road To Utopia
02-You Make Me Crazy
03-Second Nature
04-Set Me Free
06-The Last Of The New Wave Riders
07-Shot In The Dark
08-The Very Last Time
09-Love Alone
10-Rock Love
Bonus Tracks:
11-Umbrella Man (B-side of Set Me Free)
12- Set Me Free (promo single mix)
13-Second Nature (promo single mix)
14-The Very Last Time (promo single mix)
15-Anyhow Anyway Anywhere (live in Syracuse, NY 11-16-79)
16-96 Tears (live in Syracuse, NY 11-16-79)
17-Just One Victory (live in Syracuse, NY 11-16-79)

CD6 (Deface The Music – 1980):

01-I Just Want To Touch You
02-Crystal Ball
03-Where Does The World Go To Hide
04-Silly Boy
06-That’s Not Right
07-Take It Home
08-Hoi Poloi
09-Life Goes On
10-Feel Too Good
11-Always Late
12-All Smiles
13-Everybody Else Is Wrong
Bonus Track:
14-I Just Want To Touch You (promo single mix)

CD7 (Swing To The Right –  1982)

01-Swing To The Right
03-The Up
04-Junk Rock (Million Monkeys)
06-For The Love Of Money
07-Last Dollar On Earth
08-Fahrenheit 451
09-Only Human
10-One World
Bonus Tracks:
11-Special Interest (B-side of “One World”)
12-Lysistrata (promo single mix)
13-One World (promo single mix)


Fish Out Of Water Remix and Remaster To Be Available As 2CD Deluxe Set

Good news for those who were excited about acquiring the upcoming definitive fan package of Chris Squire’s classic Fish Out of Water but were deterred by items not needed. The UK issuer of the 2CD/2DVD/1LP/2 7″ singles Box has packaged a 2CD Deluxe Edition of the album for acquisition on the same release date, April 27.

The 2CDs found in this truncated edition will contain the new Jakko Jakszyk mix on CD 1, and the new Paschal Byrne remaster of the original 1975 mix on CD 2. CD2 will feature four bonus tracks from previously released singles.

The 2CD Edition will pack in a booklet that distills the essential materials found within the larger box while still providing a strong document of photos and notes. This 2CD set will be housed in a well-designed digipak.

Fish Out Of Water (2CD Deluxe Edition) – Chris Squire

CD1 (New Stereo Mix of Fish Out of Water by Jakko Jakszyk):

01 – Hold Out Your Hand
02 – You By My Side
03 – Silently Falling
04 – Lucky Seven
05 – Safe (Canon Song)

CD2 (Remastered Original 1975 Stereo Mix by Paschal Byrne):

01 – Hold Out Your Hand
02 – You By My Side
03 – Silently Falling
04 – Lucky Seven
05 – Safe (Canon Song)
— Bonus Tracks —
06 – Lucky Seven (Single Version)
07 – Silently Falling (Single Version)
08 – Run With The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)
09 – Return Of The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)


Todd Rundgren Roxy Show Expanded In 3CD Set, All Sides Of The Roxy

Todd Rundgren has carved out a magnificent career for himself as solo artist, band member, and as producer for some of history’s greatest albums. His long and storied career has provided a large avenue for fans to traverse as they enjoy his every involvement.

Over the period of May 17 through the 22nd of 1978, Todd Rundgren performed two shows a night at the legendary Roxy Theatre in LA. Over the years, some performance selections were used on several Rundgren sets including Back To The Bars (1978), which contained songs from the LA club, and an expanded set for the Roxy shows in a 2001 release of Another Side of The Roxy.

On March 2 (US), and February 22 (UK), Esoteric Records will revisit the Roxy shows with a remastered set that will include the previously broadcast Rundgren show at The Roxy on May 23, 1978. On that simulcast, home-based via Wolfman Jack’s high-powered XERB, it was beamed to a multitude of FM stations resulting in one of the largest concert broadcast of the time.  The new 3CD set will be called All Sides Of The Roxy.

The first two CDs will be the original simulcast, while the third CD will be the original Another Side Of The Roxy, as a reissued annex to a greater – more complete – packaged set.

The set will come in a clam shell box and will be packed with a 12-page booklet with photos, and new notes of the event.

Currently, Todd Rundgren is touring with a reunited Utopia. (I saw Utopia in Chicago at Park West in 1979.)