The $5.98 EP Garage Days Revisited by Metallica Remastered and Re-Revisited

Metallica has an ongoing campaign to refresh their potent catalog with new remasters and expanded reissues. Their previous such work was Master of Puppets (1986), released back in November of 2017.

On April 13, Metallica will add The $5.98 EP: Garage Days Revisited to the expanding list. It will be called The $5.98 EP: Garage Days Re-Revisited. The reissue will provide the original track-list with no adds, just a remaster of a long out of print classic in surprising ways.

This EP will be reissued on CD, as well as a CD edition in a lenticular longbox (remember those?), three vinyl editions (180g-weight standard black, a limited edition red-orange 180g-weight vinyl, and an exclusive picture disc LP, with the latter two offered only via, a cassette version with the EP content on both sides, just like the original issue, and DD.


The $5.98 EP: Garage Days Re-Revisited – Metallica

01 – Helpless
Originally released by Diamond Head
02 – The Small Hours
Originally released by Holocaust
03 – The Wait
Originally released by Killing Joke
04 – Crash Course in Brain Surgery
Originally released by Budgie
05 – Last Caress / Green Hell
Originally released by The Misfits

Metallica hints at an upcoming remaster and expansion of another catalog title for 2018 on their website.

Philip Glass To Complete Bowie’s Berlin Trilogy With Lodger: Symphony No. 12

Here’s a bit of Random Notes for you that I thought some of you may be interested in. It’s not an announcement of an album on the calendar, but rather an announcement of an album that will soon be on the calendar. It’s particularly interesting news in that it announces the completion of the Bowie Berlin Trilogy as musically interpreted by the inimitable Philip Glass.

Previously, Philip Glass has released Low: Symphony No. 1 (1992), and Heroes: Symphony No. 4 (1996), both more than twenty years ago, and both based on the Bowie albums of the same name. It has always been on the mind of Philip Glass to complete the Bowie/Eno trilogy with Lodger (1979). Recently, Glass announced the premiere of the new symphony to be played at Southbank Centre in May of 2019. It will be Glass’ twelfth symphony.  It will be performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra (with organist, James McVinnie), and conducted by Hugh Brunt and Robert Ames. The complete work has been co-commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, and will have its World premiere in Los Angeles (after the London performance).


When Lodger: Symphony No. 12 is officially released on CD, LP, and DD, is anyone’s guess. But it is exciting news to tuck into your soul for the time being.

Sidenote but essential is the fact that today is the 81st birthday of Philip Glass. Happy birthday, dear magician!


Erasure To Release World Beyond As Companion Set To World Be Gone

Erasure fans who have bought their last release, World Be Gone, back in May of 2017 might be pleased to discover that Vince Clarke and Andy Bell will release a companion set this year.

On March 9, Mute Records will provide World Beyond, a new set that will take the familiar tunes of World Be Gone, and re-record them in a newly interpretive fashion with a classical music ensemble, The Echo Collective (Brussels). This experiment should be rewarding  much as the similar recent Midge Ure re-record of various classic pieces.

World Beyond is scheduled to be issued on CD, colored vinyl LP, and in DD format.

World BeyondErasure

01. Oh What A World
02. Be Careful What You Wish For
03. World Be Gone
04. A Bitter Parting
05. Still It’s Not Over
06. Take Me Out Of Myself
07. Sweet Summer Loving
08. Love You To The Sky
09. Lousy Sum Of Nothing
10. Just A Little Love