Massive 2CD/2DVD/LP Box Set For Fish Out Of Water by Chris Squire

With the release of Fragile, YES became the premier definition of Progressive Rock. With a series of successful and, in some cases, expanded, albums after Fragile (Close To The Edge is considered one of the genre’s finest creations, while Tales From Topographical Oceans is considered its heaviest), the success of Yes allowed the band certain freedoms not usually afforded to most. Individual projects.

During a period of inactivity, each member of Yes released solo works. For Chris Squire, that was Fish Out Of Water. Fish Out Of Water was well-received by fans, charting well in charts.

On April 27, Esoteric Recordings will revisit this classic 1975 solo album with a massive Limited Edition Box of the album filled to the literal brim with a wealth of material including a 5.1 remix of the album, something that Chris Squire was interested in.

The new edition of Fish Out of Water will feature a brand new remix AND remaster of the album, both desired aspects of any reissue. But this one goes even further to make Fish Out Of Water a definitive set worth owning among fans of the work.

This Box will present 2CDs, 2DVDs, a 180g-weight vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve, two 7″ vinyl singles, a fold-out poster (in the LP sleeve), and a 36-page book with new essays, uncovered photos, and plenty of information concerning this classic album.

The Stereo remix is created by Jakko Jakszyk and is found on CD1. The Stereo remaster of the album is found on CD2 along with four bonus inclusions (single mixes of “Lucky Seven” and “Silently Falling”, and two recorded songs with Alan White, “Return With The Fox”, and “Return Of The Fox”).

The included DVDs have gems as well. DVD1 presents both 5.1 and  Hi-resolution Stereo, both at 96kHz/24-bit, and both created by Jakko Jakszyk, In addition, the Paschal Byrne remastered Stereo remaster is also presented in hi-res 96kHz/24-bit clarity. DVD2 provides a collection of visual content including interviews and a Chris Squire audio commentary. The LP is as expected, and the two 7″ singles in picture sleeves. Each of the singles include the bonus tracks found  on CD2.

Personally, I love undertakings such as these that are targeted to the serious fan. Not only do we get definitive sets likely to never be matched in such detail again, but a classic revisited is always a great thing.

Enjoy, fans!

Fish Out Of Water (Super Deluxe Set) – Chris Squire

CD1 (New Stereo Mix of Fish Out of Water by Jakko Jakszyk):

01 – Hold Out Your Hand
02 – You By My Side
03 – Silently Falling
04 – Lucky Seven
05 – Safe (Canon Song)

CD2 (Remastered Original 1975 Stereo Mix by Paschal Byrne):

01 – Hold Out Your Hand
02 – You By My Side
03 – Silently Falling
04 – Lucky Seven
05 – Safe (Canon Song)
— Bonus Tracks —
06 – Lucky Seven (Single Version)
07 – Silently Falling (Single Version)
08 – Run With The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)
09 – Return Of The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)

DVD1 :

Fish Out of Water Album in:

01 – 5.1 Surround Sound Mix  (96kHz/24-bit) (Jakko Jakszyk)
02 – New Stereo Mix (96kHz/24-bit) (Jakko Jakszyk)
03 – Remastered Original 1975 Stereo Mix (96kHz/24-bit) (Paschal Byrne)

DVD2 (NTSC – Region Free):

01 – 1975 Promo Film
02 – 2006 Squire Interview with Jon Kirkman
03 – 2006   Audio Commentary with Chris Squire

Vinyl LP (180g-weight Black in replica gatefold with poster):

Side 1:
01 – Hold Out Your Hand
02 – You By My Side
03 – Silently Falling

Side 2:

01 – Lucky Seven
02 – Safe (Canon Song)

Singles (7″ Vinyl, Picture Sleeves):

Single 1:
A-side – Lucky Seven (Single Version)
B-side – Silently Falling (Single Version)
Single 2:
A-side – Run With The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)
B-side – Return Of The Fox (Chris Squire and Alan White)