Paul Weller To Release New Album in 2017, A Kind Revolution (And More!)

Since the arrival of The Jam, I have been a solid Paul Weller fan. (I do have to admit to being less a Style Council fan than The Jam, and Paul Weller solo works.) With that in mind, it’s always great news to hear that Paul Weller has been busy resulting in the impending release of a new album. Recently, it was mentioned that Paul Weller has finished a new album. The new album is being called A Kind Revolution and is expected to be released by the Parlophone label in the Spring of 2017.

There is more. Four of Paul Weller’s solo albums are being re-released on heavyweight vinyl LP. Those titles have specific release dates:

Paul Weller (1992), and Wild Wood (1993) are both scheduled for release on January 20th. They will be followed by Stanley Road (1995), and Heavy Soul (1997). both scheduled for February 24th.

Additionally, Paul Weller will be on tour for ten April UK dates. While that doesn’t place him anywhere near the US, it’s certainly great news for our UK readers.

(Thanks to Paul Weller News for the alert!)