Leon Russell’s Carney Gets Remastered 200g Vinyl LP

Recently, it was noted that vinyl had outstripped digital download as a medium of distribution. Surprisingly, that announcement is one that evokes disbelief. But there it is. Now, having said that (and with the deepest respect to Leon Russell)…

On January 27, Acoustic Sounds will re-release Carney, the 1972 classic that enjoyed a #2 ranking on Billboard’s Hot 200 albums chart AND a top charting single, “Tight Rope”, as a remastered vinyl edition.

Carney will be remastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearant Audio from the original analog tapes. The new vinyl edition will be pressed on 200g-weight black vinyl. As a benefit for long lasting jacket, the jacket for Carney is created from heavyweight stock by Stoughton Printing, a notable manufacturer of sturdy LP jackets.

I realize that not all readers of TAP are proponents of this new vinyl resurgence. I do hope that since the new remaster is completed, that it might find an outlet as a Special Edition CD.