New Deluxe Editions Of No Earthly Connection (Wakeman), and XII (Barclay James Harvest)

There are two albums being revisited in 2CD Deluxe Editions, although the details are sparse. I decided to post them as bits of news to get fans aware of the upcoming titles (Christmas lists, saving of pennies, etc).

On October 28, Esoteric Recordings will continue their definitive approach to Barclay James Harvest titles with the release of a 3CD Edition of XII from 1979, a year after their Gone To Earth album. XII also represents the last album from the original lineup of the band. Of course, this new reissue will feature brand new remastering in the way of previous BJH reissues by Esoteric. And with 3CDs, the expansion should be as impressive as the previous reissues of earlier BJH titles.


On November 11, watch for a 2CD Deluxe Edition of No Earthly Connection, the loved seven track A&M issue by Rick Wakeman from 1976. With new remastering and a live set.

Rick Wakeman No Earthly Connection

When more┬ádetails arrive, I’ll get an update out on both of these reissues.