Three New Zappa Titles Coming In October

The Frank Zappa estate has recently been churning out Frank Zappa material. Recently, Zappa Records released two titles, Frank Zappa For President, and The Crux Of The Biscuit. Both titles were released on July 15 and were well-received by fans. Previous to that release was the appreciated release of Road Tapes, Venue 3, issued in May. With just a few months left in the year, we’re going to get three more titles.

On October 14, Zappa Records will release Chicago ’78 (2CD), Little Dots (1CD), and Meat Light: The Uncle Meat Project/Object (3CD). The details are missing as is the cover art. But once I have those in hand, I’ll update this.


25th Anniversary of R.E.M.’s 1991 Classic, Out Of Time in Multiple Configurations

REM Out Of TimeR.E.M.’s Out Of Time album came a few years after their Warner Bros Music debut, Green. With it, the band turned into more than the cult band they were previously loved as. To accentuate that transition, R.E.M.’s latest album produced two strong singles, two that are so well known that you’d have to have been asleep back in the early ’90s to not know them. The first was “Losing My Religion”, the second “Shiny Happy People”.  The album and its contents won the band seven Grammys with wins for Best Record (“Losing My Religion”), Best Song (“Losing My Religion”), Best Album, and Best Rock Song (“Radio Song”). Out of Time was released in 1991. That makes 2016 the 25th Anniversary of the classic album that pre-dated the incredible Automatic for The People released the following year in 1992.

On November 18, Concord Records will reissue a new remaster of Out Of Time for a 25th Anniversary Edition that will appear in several configurations. There will be a 2CD 25th Anniversary Edition featuring the original album, along with a second CD of 19 bonus tracks (see list below). There is a 3CD/1BD Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition with an extra added CD that contains the fifteen track Live At Mountain Stage, and a Blu-ray-Audio collection of the original tracks in several variations, as well as Time Piece. For the vinyl aficionados, there will be a 3LP set, and a single original album only LP. The DD versions have already been available for some time.

The included booklets, I’m sure, will be perfect inclusions.

CD1 – Out Of Time (2CD, 3CD/BD):
01 Radio Song
02 Losing My Religion
03 Low
04 Near Wild Heaven
05 Endgame
06 Shiny Happy People
07 Belong
08 Half A World Away
09 Texarkana
10 Country Feedback
11 Me In Honey

CD2 (Bonus Tracks):
01 Losing My Religion 1
02 Near Wild Heaven 1
03 Shiny Happy People 1
04 Texarkana 1
05 Untitled Demo 2
06 Radio – Acoustic (Radio Song 1)
07 Near Wild Heaven 2
08 Shiny Happy People 2
09 Slow Sad Rocker (Endgame)
10 Radio – Band (Radio Song 3)
11 Losing My Religion 2
12 Belong
13 Blackbirds (Half A World Away)
14 Texarkana
15 Country Feedback
16 Me On Keyboard (Me In Honey)
17 Low
18 40 Sec. (40 Second Song)
19 Fretless 1

CD3 – Live At Mountain Stage
1 Introduction
2 World Leader Pretend
3 Radio Song
4 Fall On Me
5 It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
6 Half A World Away
7 Belong
8 Love Is All Around
9 Losing My Religion
10 Dallas (w/Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock, Clive Gregson, Christine Collister)
11 Radio Song
12 Disturbance At The Heron House
13 Low
14 Swan Swan H
15 Pop Song 89

BD1 – Out Of Time (Hi-res, etc)
01 Radio Song
02 Losing My Religion
03 Low
04 Near Wild Heaven
05 Endgame
06 Shiny Happy People
07 Belong
08 Half A World Away
09 Texarkana
10 Country Feedback
11 Me In Honey
12 Radio Song
13 Losing My Religion
14 Low
15 Near Wild Heaven
16 Endgame
17 Shiny Happy People
18 Belong
19 Half A World Away
20 Texarkana
21 Country Feedback
22 Me In Honey
23 Radio Song
24 Losing My Religion
25 Low
26 Near Wild Heaven
27 Shiny Happy People
28 Belong
29 Half A World Away
30 Country Feedback
31 Time Piece (18:02)


Low Country Represents Unplugged High Country Tracks by The Sword

TheSwor_LowCoun_CoverAr_500DPI300RGB1000188424The Sword has forged a Heavy Metal reputation from their first album. That album, Age Of Winters, released in 2006, started the band on an upward path that is currently at its high-mark with their last album, High Country. With dedicated and strong touring, they have amassed a respectful fan-base.

The Sword released their latest album, High Country in August of 2015. As a bonus for fans, they are now releasing an interim stripped down acoustic set of some of the songs found on High Country. The new album is being called Low Country, and will be released on September 23 via Razor & Tie, in time for their joint tour with Opeth.

Low Country will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Low Country – The Sword

01 – Unicorn Farm
02 – Empty Temples
03 – High Country
04 – Mist & Shadow
05 – Seriously Mysterious
06 – Early Snow
07 – The Dreamthieves
08 – Buzzards
09 – Ghost Eye
10 – The Bees Of Spring