Review: Culture Factory Reissues Of Wishbone Four and Argus

Wishbone Ash Wishbone Four CFSadly, the original tapes of Wishbone Four, the fourth studio set by Wishbone Ash, have been lost (or so I’ve been told). With a murky production, the album could have been better presented. Nevertheless, when Wishbone Four was released in 1973  and since then, it has seen more than a fair share of maligning reviews that have sought to demean the set. But if you were to ask me and other fans f the band, you’d be surprised to discover that Wishbone Four has its plane of supporting fans, of which I’m proudly one.

Having to follow in the footsteps of the defining Argus album, the band opted to go into another direction. In that forward step, they intended to create a series of Rock songs that could stand on their own. The hope was that those songs could identify the band in a stronger Rock manner rather than immerse them into the realm of Prog, which Argus had done. And that’s not belittling Argus, which is a great album on its own. But so is Wishbone Four.

Recently, Culture Factory has reissued several Wishbone Ash classics in their usual style. All reissues are mini-LP fashioned with CDs that replicate the vinyl appearance of an LP (with faux grooves, original label appearance, and black coating). The allure is the remastering at “High Definition – 96KHz/24-bit”. And although I’m told that the Wishbone Four tapes are lost, the attempt to revitalize the sound of the original album is an admirable one. If the label succeeded in a superior sound is largely up to the listener with whatever level of equipment it’s played back on. For me, the sound is acceptable and produces an easily enjoyable experience.

The Culture Factory edition of Wishbone Four is a delightful visual experience with its LP appearance, all the way done to the sleeve art, with lyrics provided and the poster art on one side. The music experience puts me in a good mood.

Their reissue of Argus is also a fun experience. The 2CD set really increases the experience with the add of a second CD that supplies eight live BBC Sessions tracks from 1972. Those tracks include: “Time Was”, “Blowin’ Free”, “Warrior”, “Throw Down The Sword”, “The King Will Come”, “Phoenix”, and two BBC repeats of “Blowin’ Free”, and “Throw Down The Sword”. This set replicates the Universal Deluxe Edition. If you don’t have that, then this is a good pick-up.

Wishbone Ash Argus CF


Real Gone Music To Release 2CD Collection Of Eddie Money, The Complete Hits And More!

Eddie Money - The Complete Hits And More!Can you imagine the thrill of leaving behind a job for the chase of Rock and Roll fame? And getting it? That’s the pursuit story of Eddie Money, who left behind a job with the police department of NYC for the unlikely dream of becoming a Rock star. And not just any Rock start either. Out of the gate, he achieved multi-platinum success with his debut Columbia Records. He established his career with three strong singles from that 1977 self-titled first album, (“Two Tickets To Paradise”, “Baby, Hold On”, “You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me”). That album was followed up by his equally strong 1978 release, Life For The Taking, which generated “Can’t Keep A Good Man Down”, and “Maybe I’m A Fool” as high charting singles.

Eddie Money began to lose his influence with the release of his third album, Playing For Keeps (1980) but still charted some singles. From his debut through his 1999 studio set, Ready Eddie (he released an album of covers in 2007 amusingly titled Wanna Go Back – don’t we all?!), Eddie Money kept our interest in one level or another of his long career.

On October 7, Real Gone Music will release The Complete Hits And More! It will contain 35 newly remastered tracks that explore the trail of charting songs released by Eddie Money, including the live tracks from his promo-only Livin’ It Up EP. The collection will provide new notes, and added photos in the set’s new booklet.

The Complete Hits And More! – Eddie Money

01 – Two Tickets to Paradise
02 – Baby Hold On
03 – Wanna Be a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
04 – You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me
05 – Maybe I’m a Fool
06 – Can’t Keep a Good Man Down
07 – Maureen (Livin’ It Up EP – Live)
08 – Rock and Roll the Place (Livin’ It Up EP – Live)
09 – Love The Way You Love Me (Livin’ It Up EP – Live)
10 – Gimme Some Water (Livin’ It Up EP – Live)
11 – Get a Move On (Radio Edit)
12 – Open Up Your Heart
13 – Trinidad
14 – Running Back
15 – Let’s Be Lovers Again
16 – Think I’m in Love
17 – Shakin’
18 – No Control

01 – Where’s the Party?
02 – The Big Crash
03 – Club Michelle
04 – Take Me Home Tonight
05 – I Wanna Go Back
06 – Endless Nights
07 – We Should Be Sleeping
08 – Walk on Water
09 – The Love in Your Eyes
10 – Let Me In
11 – Peace in Our Time
12 – Heaven in the Back Seat
13 – Another Nice Day in L.A.
14 – Fall In Love Again
15 – I’ll Get By
16 – She Takes My Breath Away (Acoustic)
17 – Save a Little Room in Your Heart for Me (Acoustic)