The Ambient Series: New Enigma Album, The Fall Of A Rebel Angel

Enigma the Fall Of A Rebel AngelIn the ’90s, Michael Cretu led a project notably called Enigma. During that period, there were three multi-platinum albums released (MCMXC a.D. -1990, The Cross Of Changes – 1993, Le Roi Est Mort, Viva Le Roi! -1996), followed by a string of follow-ups that included The Screen Behind The Mirror (2000), Voyageur (2003), A Posteriori (2006), Seven Lives Many Faces (2008).

In all Enigma releases, the music was challenging and innovative, never a dull moment. And so it’s a notable entry to recognize the upcoming addition to the Enigma library with the upcoming The Fall Of A Rebel Angel album planned for November 11.

This new album will be made available over several variations that include a jewel-cased CD (with a 28-page booklet and 12 painting  replicas), a Limited Edition 2CD Deluxe in high quality digipak (with a 40-page booklet) that includes a CD of the story and inspiration behind the album recounted in three languages along with original music, a Limited Edition Super Deluxe Edition presented in a signed picture frame and supplying access to exclusive online content, and a vinyl LP with gatefold jacket, and a 16-page booklet, with 12 painting replicas).