Live In San Diego By Eric Clapton And Special Guest JJ Cale In September

EC Live In San Diego.With one of the heaviest burdens to carry in Rock and Roll, Eric Clapton as one of the great guitar players has had to present a continuing persona of greatness to maintain the legend. And while many think that isn’t an end goal, you should think again, Everyone wants to be remember forever as one of the best in his/her craft. I would!

With professional activity since The Yardbirds, tenure with several high-level bands, collaborations and assists on many well-known albums, and more than twenty studio and live issues as a solo artist, Eric Clapton has provided access to many classic albums.

On September 30, Reprise Records will release a new live set from Eric Clapton with emphasis on his 2007 San Diego show with JJ Cale (March 15). The set will contain sixteen performance tracks (see tracklist below).

The new album is being called Live In San Diego (with special guest JJ Cale). It will be made available on 2CD, 3LP (180g-weight vinyl), and DD.

Live In San Diego with Special Guest JJ Cale – Eric Clapton

01 Tell the Truth
02 Key to the Highway
03 Got To Get Better in a Little While
04 Little Wing
05 Anyday
06 Anyway the Wind Blows (with JJ Cale)
07 After Midnight (with  JJ Cale)
08 Who Am I Telling You? (with  JJ Cale)
09 Don’t Cry Sister (with  JJ Cale)

01 Cocaine (with JJ Cale)
02 Motherless Children
03 Little Queen of Spades
04 Further On Up the Road
05 Wonderful Tonight
06 Layla
07 Crossroads