New Springsteen Album, Chapter And Verse, As Companion To Autobiography

Brue Springsteen Chapter And VerseLong time readers already know about my pickiness when it comes to Bruce Springsteen. In essence, I call the first five albums as pure as you can get an album, with Born To Run being a big runner in the Best Rock Album Ever sweepstakes. For me, it is. When we get to The River, I begin to despair. I believe that the album would have been perfect as a one album release. From there, I have my moments where Springsteen is concerned. Many of you (you know who you are), think of me as insane. While that may be so, the fact remains, I hope for the best when it comes from Springsteen. It is my belief that money corrupts the flow. (And NO, I do not begrudge him his money and fame. I’m saddened that they ate into his creative process that makes us relate to him. but enough about this. He has a new album coming out.

On September 23, Columbia Records will release CD, DD, and vinyl LP of his next set, Chapter And Verse. Now, this is a different beast than being new music. It is meant as a companion piece to his upcoming autobiography (Born to Run – September 27). On it will be eighteen tracks, some of which you’re familiar with (see track list below). However, what can make this set a desirable one is the fact that there will be five previously unreleased tracks on it. And not just any unreleased tracks. These will be songs from before his signing with Columbia Records. Two of the songs are from his time with The Castiles, his teen band.

And so, yes, I’m VERY excited to hear this on release. I’m guessing you are too.

Chapter And Verse – Bruce Springsteen

01. Baby I – The Castiles
02. You Can’t Judge a Book by the Cover – The Castiles
03. He’s Guilty (The Judge Song) – Steel Mill
04. The Ballad of Jesse James – The Bruce Springsteen Band
05. Henry Boy
06. Growin’ Up (album version)
07. 4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)
08. Born to Run
09. Badlands (2010 remastered version)
10. The River
11. My Father’s House (album version)
12. Born in the U.S.A.
13. Brilliant Disguise (album version)
14. Living Proof (album version)
15. The Ghost of Tom Joad (album version)
16. The Rising
17. Long Time Comin’ (album version)
18. Wrecking Ball


24 Herb Alpert Classics Remastered Reissues

Herb Alpert Keep your Eye On MeIn announcing the upcoming Herb Alpert album, I mentioned that there would be reissues of 24 of his titles, some that haven’t been in print for some time. I now have that info:

On September 9, Herb Alpert Presents (Alpert’s label) will re-release newly remastered (from original analog tapes) titles from the vast Herb Alpert catalog. The expected titles include:

  • The Lonely Bull (1962)
  • Volume 2 (1963)
  • South Of The Border (1964)
  • !!!Going Places!!! (1965)
  • What Now My Love (1966)
  • S.R.O. (1966)
  • Sounds Like… (1967)
  • Herb Alpert’s Ninth (1967)
  • The Beat Of The Brass (1968)
  • Warm (1969)
  • The Brass Are Comin’ (1969)
  • Summertime (1971)
  • You Smile – The Song Begins (1974)
  • Coney Island (1975)
  • Main Event (Live) (1978)
  • Rise (1979)
  • Beyond (1980) (with Lani Hall)
  • Magic Man (1981) (with Lani Hall)
  • Fandango (1982)
  • Keep Your Eye On Me (1987)
  • North On South St (1991)
  • Midnight Sun (1992)
  • Anything Goes (Live w/ Lani Hall) (2009)
  • I Feel You (2011) (with Lani Hall)

For a bonus, some of these titles are being reissued on vinyl LP as well. All reissues will contain the original art presentation. CDs are in gatefold digipaks. The vinyl editions will be for: What Now My Love, South Of The Border, Rise, and !!!Going Places!!!. The vinyl will be pressed on 180g-weight vinyl and will contain download rights cards.

Herb Alpert The Beat Of The Brass


New Daniel Lanois Album, Goodbye To Language

Daniel Lanois - Goodbye To LanguageYou don’t always hear about Daniel Lanois, but when I do, my ears always perk up. He has a rich history of recording that not includes his work with Brian Eno, but also includes his own solo albums, some of which are essential classics. The first is his brilliant debut solo effort from 1989 called Acadie, where he adopts a more folkish traditional style, different from his electronic ambient work. His other is the collaborative work on Eno’s 1983 set, Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks. Since the issue of Acadie, Daniel Lanois has released more than fifteen solo works that include the soundtrack for Sling Blade.

Acadie has many stunning tracks. Enjoy “Still Water”, the opening track from that album in the video included below:

Of course, it goes without saying that Daniel Lanois (pronounced LaneWah) and his work with U2 on some of their most vibrant works (The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree, Achtung Baby, All That You Can’t Leave Behind). He also helped produce albums by Peter Gabriel (US, SO, Birdy), Bob Dylan (Oh Mercy, Time Out Of Mind), Willie Nelson, The Killers, and a host of other notable albums.

On September 9, Daniel Lanois returns with a new album, Goodbye To Language. It’s collaborated on with Rocco Deluca, who used to be with The Burden. Goodbye To Language is a return to ambient music, but with a twist. On the album, Lanois records using pedal steel guitar, while Deluca plays lap steel. The instruments are blended with a “sonic futurism” that helps evolve the expanding world of ambient music. It may not be the kind of album that many of his previous sets were. But it’s still classic Lanois!