UK’s Esoteric Records To Reissue GTR Album

GTR low_WEBGTR, a band formed by Steve Howe, and Steve Hackett back in 1985, didn’t have much of a life other than to provide fans of Progressive Rock with a single album. The band’s 1986 self-titled debut showed promise with decent charting in both the US, and the UK. It sold to Gold status , giving the band a sense of hope and acceptance. GTR was received with various levels of appreciation. Their decided non-use of keyboards in the framework of their music was one that intrigued fans, and alienated others. Despite the attempts to keep it at the forefront of several agendas, GTR faltered, and the band dissolved.

Their only album is being revisited by UK reissue label, Esoteric Records. The label will remaster the album, and expand it with an additional CD of material that highlights the band’s live setting with a 1986 set from LA. The live CD will feature fourteen performance tracks. Further, the 2CD Deluxe Edition will offer three bonus tracks that include a special 12″ GTR Mix of “The Hunter”, the single edit of “When The Heart Rules The Mind”, and a single edit of “The Hunter”. Also, there will be a booklet that restores artwork and content, as well as providing a new essay on the band.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

Track List: GTR – GTR (1986)


01. When The Heart Rules The Mind
02. The Hunter
03. Here I Wait
04. Sketches In The Sun
05. Jekyll And Hyde
06. You Can Still Get Through
07. Reach Out (Never Say No)
08. Toe The Line
09. Hackett To Bits
10. Imagining

11. The Hunter (Special GTR Mix)
12. When The Heart Rules The Mind (Single Version)
13. The Hunter (Single Version)

GTR: Live in Los Angeles – July 1986

01. Jekyll And Hyde
02. Here I Wait
03. Prizefighters
04. Imagining
05. Hackett To Bits
06. Spectral Mornings
07. I Know What You Like (In Your Wardrobe)
08. Sketches In The Sun
09. Pennants
10. Roundabout
11. The Hunter
12. You Can Still Get Through
13. Reach Out (Never Say No)
14. When The Heart Rules The Mind