Discoveries: The Lighthouse And The Whaler (Cleveland)

I can’t let this post day slip by without telling you about a band that has been catching my attention as of late. In keeping with a tradition of passing onto you some music that I enjoy in the hopes that you might get some excitement from them as well, I alert you to the oddly named The Lighthouse And the Whaler.

The Lighthouse And The Whalers

The Lighthouse And The Whaler is a band that originated in Cleveland, Ohio. Since the late ’70s, I have enjoyed a flavor of independent Rock/Pop much like The Shoes (who also is a midwest band), and others like them. This band formed in 2008, and have, only recently, become more recognized nationally for their efficient, and quite listenable songs reflected on two studio full length albums, and three gorgeous EPs. The most recent release is a five-track remix set of their hot song, “Venice” (video below for original official version).

Their first album, self-titled, contains ten folk-oriented tracks that should follow your search for their music AFTER their last, This Is An Adventure, released in 2012. This Is An Adventure is a more refined effort, with the memorable “Venice” track. But “Venice” isn’t the only great track on the album. This Is An Adventure has ten stunningly perfect songs.  This band is one to keep an eye on.

This Is An Adventure

Your week is now not complete until you hear this band. At the very least, listen to “Venice”. I’m betting it jump starts a search for more The Lighthouse And the Whaler.