TAPSheet: Release Notes – November 20, 2014 (US Report)

We are apparently in our annual industry slowdown, where the labels hang their hats on the albums already announced, and sit in boardrooms to discuss the potential upcoming year’s packages. News comes trickling down. Not a pretty sight. But we’re used to it. So, while we may be a bit truncated in available news, we do try to make up the difference in other things. Long time readers already know what I’m talking about. And so it goes…

Capitol Records will release the next The Decemberists album, What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World, on January 20 of 2015. The title will be issued in CD, LP, and DD formats.

The Decemberists What A Terrible World

Verve Music will release the new Diana Krall album, Wallflower, on CD, LP, and DD, with a 16-track Deluxe Edition planned as well. All are scheduled for February 3.

Audio Fidelity will reissue a Guess Who ‘best of’ title, The Best Of The Guess Who (1971), in SACD featuring a remix of the Quadrophonic 4-channel. The set is Hybrid and will offer 2-channel stereo as well. It is scheduled for December 30.

Sleater-Kinney will release new music with their upcoming title, No Cities To Love. The new album, which will feature Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, and Janet Weiss, will be released in several formats that include CD, LP, a limited edition white vinyl 2LP set, and DD. The vinyl sets will include download cards for the DD versions of the songs. No Cities To Love is expected on January 20 via Sub-Pop Records. The label will release the new album internationally on January 19.

Sleater - Kinney No Cities To Love

Rounder Records will release the new Blackberry Smoke album, Holding All The Roses, on February 10 on CD, LP, and DD. This is their latest since 2012’s The Whippoorwill. If you have never heard of Blackberry Smoke, well, shades of the ’70s on ya. They bear an uncanny resemblance to the style produced by ’70s era, California-based Rock and Roll, as well as the classic southern sounds. Think Eagles, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and go from there.

Blackberry Smoke Holding All The Roses

Hostess Entertainment will release new Belle And Sebastian music with their upcoming Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance, scheduling the set for January 20. It’s planned for CD, DD, and a Limited Edition vinyl LP set.

If you missed our Deep PurpleMade in Europe post from yesterday, a recap for you: Early in 2015, Universal will release a remixed Box set of Made in Europe (1976) featuring all of the shows, as well as a documentary. We’ll keep you posted with any updates on that set.

Deep Purple Made in Europe

Suzanne Vega will have her Live At The Speakeasy (1985), a radio broadcast show, made available on CD, scheduled for January 13.

While The Waterboys are essentially Mike Scott, and Steve Wickham (mainly Mike Scott), it is still an interesting event to have a new recording by the band whenever they release one. On January 19, The Waterboys will release Modern Blues, scheduled for CD, LP, and DD. Like Simple Minds, what this band produces is usually very listenable and equally enjoyable.

Waterboys Modern Blues

Leftfield Media will release a live KSAN radio broadcast of the October 4, 1970 Jefferson Airplane appearance at Winterland. The set is called Last Stand At Winterland, and will issue on LP (as an import) on December 2, and as a CD on January 13.

Jefferson Airplane Last Stand At Winterland



Review: The Rolling Stones-From The Vault-Hampton Coliseum-Live In 1981 (DVD) – Talia’s Overflow Notes

StonesHampton Coliseum - 1981It needs to be stated right off the bat. An official Rolling Stones vault release series needs to be supported. Now that the Stones organization has begun releasing physical product versions of shows they originally started releasing as download-only a few years back, it is up to long-time supporters of the band to step to the plate and help to keep this series going. They also need to play this stuff to the younger fans to show them the proof of why they are so great. There are rumors floating around that Mick & Keith plan to allow more shows to be released as physical product beyond the original download-only shows from a few years ago. This is a band who is worthy of a series from any era of the band. Be it the Jones, Taylor or Wood Era, there are moments to treasure from almost any show of theirs. The Hampton ’81 show is no exception even though you would discover that there are a lot of people who prefer different eras and tours over others.

In order to more fully understand what it is that you would be watching on the DVD release of this show, it is important to bear in mind that this show comes from a period in time when the band was transitioning from what some would consider their last “dangerous” phase (the 1978 Some Girls Tour of the United States) to becoming a corporate entity with the 1981 North American Tour and its Jovan sponsorship. Their 1981 and 1982 European Tour was also the last with Bill Graham and his organization. Their sound was also beginning to change. Things were beginning to sound cleaner while the volume grew louder. In their excellent book, Rolling Stones Gear, Andy Babiuk and Greg Prevost explain that Keith began to hike the volume of his amps with new gear that he acquired. All of this becomes a philosophical point among Stones fans who argue over this particular dividing line-among others.
This show takes place on the last stop of the tour. They are firing on all cylinders relative to the ’81 tour. The beauty of this particular show is that the band rises above the debates among the fans as well as the time period that this show took place during the final half of the show and most especially the final quarter. From Keith’s performance of “Little T & A” onwards to the end, the viewer will be transported to that other level that all of the greatest bands take their fans on a consistent basis.

The only thing which possibly hurts this show is that the Stones are playing so cleanly that the element of a train going off the tracks is not so present as it was on previous tours. It is a thoroughly professional show even though the legend of the past remains hanging over the proceedings. Make no mistake about it, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood were not complete saints by any stretch of the imagination at this point in time. What was ironic was that Keith was actually keeping an eye on Ronnie throughout this period and further into the ’80s while Keith was going along through the process of having stopped some of his excesses (but not all).

This is also a show to savor in one other regard. This was just before all the hell was going to begin breaking loose between Keith and Mick Jagger the following year in Europe when they toured over there. Keith was now seeing the business end of things just as clearly as Mick.

Sadly, this DVD is also a document of the last time American audiences would get to see of their original piano player in the form of Ian Stewart, whom along with Faces stalwart Ian McLagan, really give you a last-time feel of some of the friends who helped to make the band function so well. One of the strange things about this tour was that sax player Bobby Keys fell out of favor with Mick Jagger for this tour and they used Ernie Watts for most of the songs that required sax. But Keys gets to play on a few things thankfully so that things can harken back to an older era of the band.

One great thing about The Rolling Stones is that they never stopped dropping in some great cover songs during their shows. Eddie Cochran’s “20 Flight Rock” is one one of them. The other is a particularly great version of “Going To A Go-Go” from Smokey Robinson & The Miracles. Keith locks into the groove and practically wills the song along on his own. Some of the performances from this show made it onto the Still Life live album that came out not long after the tour.

Depending on your point of view, Jagger’s use of a crane to go and commune with the crowd can be a distraction at times, but focus always manages to reassert itself. But there were potentially dangerous moments to be had. At the beginning of the final song, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”, a fan runs up on the stage to seemingly celebrate Keith’s birthday on this night. Whether the fan was drunk, stoned or just genuinely excited, Keith took his guitar off and swung it at the guy as he got very close to him. People need to remember that this took place only a year after John Lennon was gunned down in front of the Dakota building in New York City. Major touring music acts had a very heightened sensitivity to fans rushing to them while they were onstage. Richards, at this time period, took to carrying a loaded handgun with him at all times when he wasn’t onstage. This moment, which is captured for posterity on this neat document, added to the legend that is Keith Richards.

It is up to you to decide whether this was the tour where the Stones were beginning to ride on their history as a band or not. There’s a legitimate argument to be made that they were touring off of the Tattoo You album and that there were still new chapters to add to the band’s legacy. The bottom line is that this show is worthy of being in one’s collection regardless of any caveats I may wish to want to point out. It is hoped for that Jagger and Richards will work out some deals with the Allen Klein organization to get more Brian Jones and Mick Taylor Era shows out there with the launching of this series. Plus, it is absolutely essential that an affordable version of the A Brussels Affair release from the 1973 European Tour (the final tour with Mick Taylor before Taylor left the band) gets released as part of the physical product releases. I welcome supporting this series. Will you?

Release Date: November 04, 2014
Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment
Website – Official
Availability: DVD, BD (CD, LP)

–Steve Talia


1) Under My Thumb 2) When The Whip Comes Down 3) Let’s Spend The Night Together 4) Shattered 5) Neighbours 6) Black Limousine 7) Just My Imagination 8) Twenty Flight Rock 9) Going To A Go Go 10) Let Me Go 11) Time Is On My Side 12) Beast Of Burden 13) Waiting On A Friend 14) Let It Bleed 15) You Can’t Always Get What You Want 16) Band Introductions 17) Happy Birthday Keith 18) Little T & A 19) Tumbling Dice 20) She’s So Cold 21) Hang Fire 22) Miss You 23) Honky Tonk Women 24) Brown Sugar 25) Start Me Up 26) Jumping Jack Flash 27) (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction


Made In Europe, The 1976 Deep Purple Live Set, To Be Remixed For Early 2015 Box

Deep Purple Made in EuropeEarlier this year, we got us a remixed Made In Japan, the classic live album from Deep Purple. Depending on the album’s worth to you, it either made it into your collection again, or it didn’t carry enough weight for the costly upgrade. For me, it was a bit of nostalgia as it was an album played constantly in its release as my buddies and I cruised around town.

Deep Purple didn’t stop with Made In Japan. In 1976, they followed it up with the less popular (but still excellent) Made In Europe. That album concentrated more laser-like on a few cuts rather than going on the dual album path as Made In Japan did.  Interestingly, Made in Europe chronicled the final days of Ritchie Blackmore’s tenure with the band. Recorded in April of 1975, Blackmore left the band in October of the same year, thus breaking up the band.

Made In Europe features five tracks from the Burn (1974), and Stormbringer (1974) albums, that introduced new vocalist, David Coverdale. Of course, Coverdale is far more recognizable as the vocalist from Whitesnake to many that are unfamiliar with his short tenure with Deep Purple. Nevertheless, Made In Europe followed up those two albums to provide the live thrill that Mark III lineup generated in concert.

The Deep Purple FB page briefly put up a notification that Made In Europe would be remixed for an (early) 2015 Box set that will include the complete shows, as well as a documentary on the period that the album came from.

The only thing to say now is…wait for further developments.

Smoke Fairies To Release Holiday Themed New Album, Wild Winter, In December

Layout 1With the hint of Christmas and the associated holidays with the season near nigh upon us, it’s time to bring up music that is coming soon. I like a great holiday song, and so, I’m always vested in the music. What’s better is when a band or artist you’re fond of provides an album of holiday classics to add to a burgeoning list. Even better when those artists create new holiday tracks to stay with their intended style and provide something unique.

Smoke Fairies, the female duo from London (and other locations) have planned a full-bodied seasonal set of complete originals designed around the holidays. On December 8, via Rough Trade Records, Jessica Davies, and Katherine Blamire, best known as Smoke Fairies, will release Wild Winter.

Wild Winter is a ten-track collection that will be released on CD, LP, and DD, with a concert bundle being offered for their three in-store shows in the UK (Bristol – December 9, Nottingham – December 10, London – December 12). The bundle is available only as a wrist-band lottery.

Disparagingly, the CD and LP are both limited offerings with the CD being limited to only 1500 copies, and the LP limited to only 1000 copies. Needless to say, if you want one, do not hesitate too long.

You can hear a track (“Christmas Without A Kiss”) from the embedded YouTube link below:

As always, thanks to Bob Metcalf for the heads up.


Expanded Neil Diamond Hits Package, All Time Greatest Hits, Scheduled For November

Neil Diamond All Time Greatest HitsWith the previously announced reissue of Neil Diamond‘s Columbia titles to brand them with Capitol Records, it’s only natural for any label acquiring a huge hit-maker like Neil Diamond to revisit his hits in a new Greatest Hits package. In July, Capitol released a single CD set with 23 hits. That set, All Time Greatest Hits, was released in July of 2014. It conveniently left out some legitimate hits thus ignoring classic, fan-loved albums like Serenade. Serenade had “Longfellow Serenade”, amid a strong selection of great songs.

Shortly, and previously mentioned, title-wise, Capitol Records will expertly expand that July release with 19 more songs including two from Serenade. Songs like “Longfellow Serenade”, “I’ve Been This Way Before”, “Brooklyn Roads”, “Glory Road”, “And The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind”, “Crunchy Granola Suite”, “Stones” (“STONES”!), “Something Blue” (from his latest album, Melody Road), “Pretty Amazing Grace”, “Hell Yeah”, to name a few (see track list below).

This 2CD, 42-track , all Studio recordings (no live messes included) expansion is planned next week for November 24. I know I’m in.






New Culture Club Song, More Than Silence, Heralds Coming Of Tribes In 2015

Culture Club More Than SilenceLike The Cars before them, whose last album, Move Like This, released in 2011 (Next one, please!!!), showed that the boys haven’t lost a step, Culture Club is in great shape to replicate that essence.

Culture Club  have released their first single off their as yet undated album release, Tribes, which is expected early 2015. But I have to say that the new song, “More Than Silence” is WOW! It’s a Pop offering, no doubt, but then what did Culture Club release but finely honed Pop classics. Yes, they were a brilliant set of songs beginning with the timeless “Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me?”, following with “Time (Clock Of The Heart)”, “Karma Chameleon”, and “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya”, to name a few more. But they are classic, memorable tunes that many of us replay from time to time.

After the second reunion (the first resulted in Don’t Mind If I Do, released back in 1999, with the excellent “I Just Wanna Be Loved”), the band decided to give it another trot. Their evolution as a band is immaculate, with a clear mind to great song-craft. I’m quite impressed with “More Than Silence”, which is on its perhaps (I’m not kidding), 100th spin.

And so, here I am recommending a listen to the new song, and, if you liked it as much as I have, scooting on over to their pledge site to buy the album. I’m very excited for its release just by the song itself.

Tribes will be released via the band’s own label, Different Man Music. The offerings will include a suite of good things that include not only the standard CD issue, a 2CD Deluxe Set with bonus live tracks, extended liner notes, and a card insert autographed by each member of the band, an LP with double gatefold, the expected digital tracks (MP3, 24-bit FLAC), as well as cool purchases that include Tees, signed photo-cards, a pair of drumsticks (signed), a hat worn by Boy George, and a limited treat for hand-written lyric sheet by Boy George. Check all of that out right here.

Enjoy the song!

Rainbow: The Polydor Years To Be Released On LP and CD In December

Rainbow The Polydor YearsAfter the departure of Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple, his formation of Rainbow started a new era in his music.  As always, artists are plagued by the need to do what they feel are forward movements, only to be told by the other band members that such a new direction would be devastating, and NO, you cannot record it. This explains the reason for Rainbow, and the new era, one which achieved its own level of popularity, while the band he vacated, Deep Purple, experienced a decline. So, go figure.

Rainbow started off with a bang, employing the brilliant vocals of Ronnie James Dio. And while Ronnie James Dio did not complete the circle of Rainbow albums (he recorded what are considered the best of Rainbow’s music, their first three albums), the band seemed to intrigue fans with the other sets, which ended with Stranger In Us All (1995). And so, Ritchie Blackmore and Company left us with eight recorded titles to fill their legacy.

On December 9, a week after the reissue Box of Rainbow: The Polydor Years, which contains eight vinyl LPs from Rainbow’s full catalog, Polydor will release a CD boxset of the full eight albums. Many people seem repelled by the reissue of remastered product destined primarily for LP. Many have given up their turntables and are simply unwilling to wade back into the vinyl LP arena. They’re perfectly content with CD. It would appear that this conversion to CD of the 8LP Box is for those fans.


Classic ELP Trilogy Album Remix Planned For February

ELPTrilogyIf you’re an Emerson, Lake & Palmer fan like myself, then you wait like the rest of us for the latest updating of their classic albums. Recently, we were rewarded with the Jakko Jakszyk remix of Brain Salad Surgery. Jakko picked up the restoration processes of the ELP albums after Stephen Wilson lost interest in the rest of the catalog after finishing Emerson, Lake & Palmer. and Tarkus. With Brain Salad Surgery and its various bonus features that include the 5.1 surround bonus finished, the next in line was the brilliant, extremely different Trilogy album, released in 1972.

Trilogy toned things down quite a bit after Tarkus, maintaining what the band was all about musically, but moving into a bit of territory that blended their first album with the second. Of course, with the eventual release of Brain Salad Surgery, that avenue was no longer traveled. But while they were on it, Trilogy provided a beautifully executed blend of acoustic folk (“In The Beginning”), futuristic jazz (“The Endless Enigma (Part One)”) and its progressive twin, “The Endless Enigma (Part Two)”, the classicism of “Fugue”, the grand scope jam of “Hoedown”, the expansive “Trilogy”, and so on. Needless to say, there are those who would call Trilogy their best. I’m one who does.

Trilogy was announced to follow Brain Salad Surgery in the 40th Anniversary remix and expansion, with an expectant release on several dates in 2014. Unfortunately, we now know that is not going to happen, In fact, we’re going to have to wait until 2015 to acquire the Jakko Jakszyk remix and expansion. The good news is that we won;t have to wait too long. In the UK, they already have the title on Amazon displaying the new date (for the UK) as February 2. And the great thing is that that’s at the beginning of February, thereby canceling out that month.

As with the previous ELP titles, there will be remixed Stereo, hi resolution Stereo, and a new 5.1 Surround mix planned for Trilogy. The song selections, of course, include the original tracks, as well as DVD-Audio, Blu-ray- Audio discs, and bonus tracks.

So, while the UK is touting February 2, my guess is that Razor & Tie will adhere closely to that date for the US.


Who’s excited?!


New Marilyn Manson Set, The Pale Emperor, Planned For January

Marilyn Manson Pale EmperorI can easily understand any ambivalence that may be there for Marilyn Manson, however, he has made some pretty damn good music in the past. His changeovers have muddied my path with his releases but, interestingly, I still seek out what he is currently doing to see if I like it. I guess that means that he has validity, at least to me.

I was really fond of his Antichrist Superstar album. I made sure I saw his stage show in support of the album. When he moved on to Mechanical Animals, I enjoyed it but not as much as I did his previous works. With adjustments along the way, well, it was not always the Marilyn Manson I became fond of, but the band remained striking.

These days, Marilyn Manson is on the periphery, much like other bands from the start of the Millennium.

On January 20, 2015, his latest album, The Pale Emperor, will be released. This new album will contain 10 tracks, with a Deluxe Edition adding in three bonus tracks.

A track from his new album can be heard below:

Three Nick Cave And the Bad Seeds Titles To Be Re-Released As Original Only CD

Nick Cave Boatmans Call

If you are the type of music buyer that resists double or triple CD Deluxe Editions of classic titles, preferring only the remastered original album instead, then this bit of Nick Cave news is for you.

The three titles mentioned in this quick bit are Let Love In (1994), Murder Ballads (1996), and The Boatman’s Call (1997). These three Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds titles, issued on Mute Records, were reissued back in 2011 as 2CD Deluxe Edition remasters with additional tracks. On November 24, Mute Records will re-release those remasters as single CD options, original album only.

Nick Cave Let Love In  Nick Cave Murder Ballads