Poll: Great Debut Albums Of Rock (Or Any Other Genre)

Van Halen DebutWe haven’t had us a poll for quite some time. I think I have asked your opinion on just about everything that can be asked about. However, I’m fairly positive that I haven’t asked this one.

Over the course of recorded history, bands have been made (or broken) on the strength of their debut releases. One such powerful debut that I remember was the Van Halen 1978 Warner release. As a new band, they toured with Black Sabbath (saw this show in Chicago Amphitheatre (may it rot in venue hell), and Black Sabbath needed a full ten minutes or more to regain the audience after an explosive Van Halen set). After their initial support tour, sales of their debut sky-rocketed and is now heralded as one of the all time great albums. I concur!

But Van Halen wasn’t the only band with great beginnings. There are those that may bestow Appetite For Destruction by Guns ‘n’ Roses with that enviable award. Or Boston’s first. Or the first Beatles! The first Talking Heads album! I would also argue for Horses by Patti Smith, Marquee Moon by Television, the first New York Dolls album, even the debut from Ted Nugent.

Of course, there are many of the generally ignored or unknown ones. While it makes sense to include a debut from Carly Simon (1971), few would think of it. Or how about Angel and their stunning 1975 debut leading up to their rapid rise in fame? Of course we could go on all day. But more fun would be to hear every one else’s listings of great debut albums.

Your turn!