More Added To November Neil Diamond Reissues Including Expanded All Time Greatest Hits

ND Beautiful Noise[UPDATE]: Four new titles have been added to the queue of Neil Diamond reissues that will now include the 1976 Robbie Roberston-produced classic, Beautiful Noise, You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, The Movie Album: As Time Goes By, and an expansion of the single disc All Time Greatest Hits, previously released in July of 2014 with 23 tracks (see below). Thus far, a lot of the ’80s and ’90s albums have not been announced. Perhaps there is a second wave coming, or they, like the two albums just noted, just haven’t been mentioned yet. I’m going with a second wave.

As to the 2CD expansion of All Time Greatest Hits, which already has a great set of tunes, I just wonder what will fill the second disc. There are left off tracks like “Stones”, “Brooklyn Roads”, “Longfellow Serenade”, “Stargazer”, “Desiree”, “Be”, and others. This might be a nice collection to get a hold of.

Track Listing – All Time Greatest Hits

01. Cracklin’ Rosie
02. Forever In Blue Jeans
03. Song Sung Blue
04. Sweet Caroline
05. Holly Holy
06. Red, Red Wine
07. Hello Again
08. Beautiful Noise
09. America
10. September Morn
11. Love On The Rocks
12. Shilo
13. You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (Original Solo Version)
14. Morningside
15. Soolaimon
16. Play Me
17. Kentucky Woman
18. Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon
19. Solitary Man
20. I’m A Believer
21. Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
22. Cherry Cherry
23. I Am…I Said

ND ALL Time Greatest Hits

Neil Diamond fans, here they come!

As predicted in the past, after the signing with Universal/Capitol Records, carrying over all Columbia Records titles, it’s been speculated that we could get Universal-branded CDs of all of Neil Diamond’s Columbia works. And that is finally happening.

Neil Diamond’s relationship with Columbia Records had been a long and fruitful one. With multiple multi-platinum releases beginning with 1973’s excellent Jonathan Livingston Seagull, followed by the Diamond’s first Columbia Records-branded Pop effort, Serenade, released in 1974 (Jonathan Livingston Seagull was a soundtrack). From there is was one platinum effort after another until Neil Diamond’s popularity began to wane, evident with the lowered sales of Primitive from 1984. After Primitive, and with the exception of his holiday sets, his works have been Gold status sellers (sales of 500,000 units). You can chalk it up to new, disinterested audiences largely immune to the Neil Diamond mystique.

On November 24, Universal will reissue:

  • 12 Songs (2005)
  • Dreams (2010)
  • Home Before Dark (2008)
  • Hot August Night/NYC (2009)
  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull (OMPS) (1973)
  • Love At The Greek (1977)
  • September Morn (1979)
  • Serenade (1974)
  • The Bang Years 1966-1968 (2011)
  • Beautiful Noise (1976)
  • All Time Greatest Hits (2CD Deluxe Edition) (2014)
  • The Jazz Singer (1980)
  • The Movie Album: As Time Goes By (1998)
  • You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (1978)

While there are no details at this time, my guess is that these will have been remastered. I say this because there is a trickle of titles, with much still not planned (as yet). They are likely not Deluxe Editions, or extras-laden. But still, new possible remasters work for me.

It should be noted that, as of July 1, these titles have been released as digital MP3 product.

I’ll update this as I retrieve more news.