Memoirs Of A Madman, An Ozzy Osbourne Collection, Is Pegged For October

OzzyMemoirs Of A MadmanWhen you talk about Ozzy Osbourne, you’re rewarded with a wealth of remembrances. Generally, those warm, fuzzy feelings emanate from his years with the seminal Black Sabbath. That’s especially true if you were Black Sabbath fans early in their career. But then there are his successful years as a solo artist after his dismissal from Black Sabbath.  In many ways, those solo years carried far more success than his Black Sabbath affiliation did even if you can not dismiss his ties with the band.

During his high profile run, Ozzy released six albums (Osbourne has released eleven solo albums thus far) that generated quite a few hits including “Crazy Train”, “Flying High Again”, “Bark At The Moon”, “Shot In The Dark”, and more. With several high profile band mates that included Randy Rhoads, and Zakk Wylde, Ozzy soared like a monster in the clouds. Both Wylde, and Rhoads are highly rated guitarists. Soon, however, drugs and alcohol played their factor cards, and the whole enterprise suffered for it. Nevertheless, Ozzy Osbourne enjoyed quite the ride.

On October 14, Epic Records and Legacy Recordings join to release a collection of 17 of the best tracks from the strong Ozzy period called Memoirs Of A Madman. As a bonus to the album, a live rendition of the Black Sabbath classic track, “Paranoid” is included.

Memoirs Of A Madman will be released on standard CD, an edited PA version, and two 2LP sets that include a traditional black pressing, and a picture disc set.

Track-List of Memoirs Of A Madman

  1. Crazy Train
  2. Mr Crowley
  3. Flying High Again
  4. Over The Mountain
  5. Bark At The Moon
  6. The Ultimate Sin
  7. Miracle Man
  8. No More Tears (Edit)
  9. Mama, I’m Coming Home
  10. Road To Nowhere
  11. Perry Mason
  12. I Just Want You
  13. Get Me Through
  14. Changes (with Kelly Osbourne)
  15. I Don’t Wanna Stop
  16. I Want To Hear You Scream
  17. Paranoid (Live)