That’s The Worst!

Every once in a while, I hear something from the past and am reminded that every once in a while, someone we love makes a bad song…a very bad song.

Call it what you will.  It could be that the sessions yielded not much worthy of putting on an album, but still, an album has to come out.  Labels (and fans) demand it.  And so, unwisely, the band puts it out maybe even knowing that the stuff is bad.

I’m brutal.  I don’t hesitate to call something bad even if from a band I love.  I don’t like giving passes to a band who should be more diligent in creating good stuff, even if the stuff isn’t as good as previous music.  But bad?  No excuse.

Sometimes, a band makes a bad album and it is a beginning slide that never really stops.  Feel free to indicate those too.

For the genuine sake of this commentary, let’s only choose music from bands and artists that you like.  (We can do just plain bad stuff from anyone later.)

You can choose a single song or go for the whole album.

Post away.